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New Coronary Pneumonia, Variant Virus | Why is the infection still diagnosed after two injections?


The novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic continues, and the variant virus has caused many governments to fall into the mud vaccine. Although vaccines are available to help prevent infection and severe illness, there is still a possibility of "breakthrough infection" (breakth infection).

The novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic continues, and the variant virus has caused many governments to fall into the mud vaccine.

Although vaccines are available to help prevent infection and severe illness, "breakthrough infection" may still occur. The situation is similar to that in the United States, Singapore, and Israel. Many newly confirmed cases are vaccinated with 2 doses.

Why on earth is this happening?

There were three new imported cases in Hong Kong on July 25, which aroused further concern.

All 3 cases involved L452R variant virus.

The 31-year-old woman, number 11977, traveled to Spain, Greece, Italy and Switzerland. The sample on the third day after arrival in Hong Kong was positive. The patient stated that she had completed two doses of Modena in the United States on April 11. )Vaccination.

It increases the risk

Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in the United States, told the US news website "Business Insider" that the new crown pneumonia mutant virus strain Delta may have reached "Fully vaccinated" (fully vaccinated) the reasons for the increased chance of getting infected.

Deepti Gurdasani, a clinical epidemiologist at Queen Mary University of London, UK, called Delta a mutation named K417N, which was accused of "more evading vaccine efficacy" and "increasing infection." "Sexual" related.

A mutant strain of Delta's "sublineage," sometimes called Delta Plus (Delta+), has a mutation called K417N.

It was first discovered in South Africa.

Delta was first discovered in Maharashtra, India in October 2020, and then spread throughout India and "exported" to other countries.

The medical and scientific communities have not yet confirmed whether the Delta mutant strain of the new coronavirus pneumonia, which is more infectious, is also more deadly.

The picture shows a nurse removed a deceased from new coronary pneumonia in a hospital in San Lorenzo, Paraguay on June 18.


Dr. Albert Ko, a professor at Yale University in the United States, said that there are still many things people do not know about the impact of Delta on people who have been vaccinated, such as whether the mutant virus strain has an impact on the transmission block ability of the vaccine.

People who have reached "complete vaccination" cannot theoretically pass the virus to others, but it is not necessarily absolute for Delta.

From the existing data, we can see that if people who have not been vaccinated are infected with Delta, there are a lot of viruses in their bodies, and this may also affect those who have reached "complete vaccination".

However, this statement needs more research to prove.

New crown pneumonia in the UK: 90% of the newly confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in the UK are infected with the Delta variant virus strain.

The picture shows a man waiting at the vaccination center outside the town hall in Bolton, England on June 9.


Does vaccination still make sense?


Before answering this question in detail, first of all, we have to know that no vaccine can prevent people from getting sick 100%.

Even though the yellow fever vaccine, the most effective active vaccine in history, has given 98% of people who have been vaccinated to have lasting immunity, on average, 2% of people will still be infected.

As mentioned above, what the vaccine can prevent is that if a "breakthrough infection" occurs, it will develop into a severe illness, cause the patient to be admitted to the hospital, or die.

According to a study by Public Health England, taking the "Pfizer vaccine" as an example, it is 96% effective in preventing hospital admissions, while the "AstraZeneca vaccine" is 92% effective.

Even if people who have reached "complete vaccination" are infected, only a very small number of people will develop severe illness.

As scientists from many countries are committed to researching and supplementing the knowledge of Delta from all walks of life, the most important thing people do is to understand and abide by the government's guidelines for people who "take two shots", pay attention to their own feelings, and in case they think I have been exposed to a virus-bearing environment and took actions recommended by the authorities.

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