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Self-help in the community|Sham Shui Po Two Catering Restaurants More Than Qizai District Councillors: It's Related to Economic Difficulties


The economy has not fully recovered due to the epidemic, and the low-income group needs to cut back on food and clothing to reduce living expenses. After the Hong Kong 01 reporter inspected the Sham Shui Po restaurant concentration area, it was discovered that two restaurants that focus on the grassroots have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. The last 3

The economy has not yet fully recovered due to the epidemic, and the low-income class needs to cut back on food and clothing to save on living expenses. After the Hong Kong 01 reporter inspected the Sham Shui Po restaurant concentration area, it was discovered that the two restaurants that focus on the grassroots have sprung up, and they have opened more and more in the past three months. , The expansion speed and number have far surpassed convenience stores, and this type of restaurant has also changed from dine-in to focusing on take-out and self-pickup, attracting diners by driving down prices. Some district councilors and the catering industry pointed out that the incident reflected the poor economy in Hong Kong and low income at the grassroots level. Two foods that are stable enough to fill the stomach will come into being.


Two restaurants have sprung up like bamboo shoots after the rain

There are many restaurants in Sham Shui Po District, especially the golden shopping mall Fuk Wing Street as the center, and the two core areas around Yu Chau Street. Si, turned out to be a two-food restaurant.

"Hong Kong 01" inspected the area around Sham Shui Po, demarcated from Qin Chow Street to Nan Cheong Street, along Yuan Chau Street, Fuk Wing Street, Fuk Wah Street, Cheung Sha Wan Road, Apliu Street, Yu Chow Street, Keelung Street, Danan Street and On a section of Lai Chi Kok Road, it was found that at least 13 two-food restaurants or net-food restaurants were found, of which 6 were opened within the last three months, and the other 2 were refurbished and transformed into two-food restaurants. The number and expansion are faster than There are more than 11 7-11 convenience stores in the same area.

In particular, among the 13 two-food restaurants, 7 specialize in take-out. The cheapest one can take out a two-food lunch box for only 25 yuan. Some restaurants have added a two-food lunch box in recent months. The meal set menu has different charges at different times. The minimum price is 10 yuan for two boxes of net meal delivery, which attracts many diners. Most of them are sold out before the stall closes at 8 pm.

Siu-mei shop is also engaged in net food takeaway, the most affordable 10 mosquitoes have deals

The staff of the Liji Roast Restaurant, which also specializes in net food delivery, said that the owner opened a big brand stall in Kowloon Bay. Japan) as an example, the dishes include Southern suckling pig knuckle, potato chicken, fried string beans, steamed egg, fried pork belly with bitter melon, stir-fried seasonal vegetables, winter melon braised tofu, Mapo tofu, etc., should be served at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. In the market, two boxes of net food are priced at 30 yuan, and the price will be reduced to 20 yuan for two boxes at 6 o'clock in the evening, and the price will be reduced to 10 yuan for two boxes one hour before the market closes, which is convenient for workers who leave work in the evening.

As for the latest opening in the district, a "cooking home" restaurant opened by friendly Christians, the person in charge, Ms. Gu, said that the owner behind the scenes is a Christian. He saw that there are still many grassroots in Hong Kong who need help, so he paid for it. In support, he and several friends successively searched for shops in Kwun Tong, Yau Tsim Mong, and Sham Shui Po, which are considered to be more impoverished. Finally, he learned that Sham Shui Po had a cake shop with food cards to sell, so he settled in Cheung Sha Wan. Road, officially opened last Thursday (25th).

Ms. Gu said that another original intention of opening a restaurant was to help her mother save time. "I work as a kitchen in a pancake shop, and I have daughters. If I return to the house to cook, it will take a lot of time. If there is a restaurant, The price is low enough. Moms can buy food directly for children and girls, which saves time and can do housework or help them with their children’s homework without any hard work."

A few steps away from the restaurant, there is a "Family Food" chain two-food restaurant competing with each other. Miss Gu said that before opening, she had paid attention to the recent opening of new two-food restaurants in the area. Fortunately, she was supported by the Catering Industry Gospel Fellowship. The more complex ingredients are cooked in the workshop, and then reheated and sold in the store. They specialize in take-out, plus 2 full-time jobs and 4 part-time jobs. Only a symbolic charge is made. , More than 20,000 manual chefs, we only pay for food at a friendly price.” In the end, the hotel reduced costs and set a price for two meals at a lower price of 25 yuan. It is hoped that the balance of payments will be achieved in the next few months and support for the long-term. After operation, consider whether to follow the example of Sham Shui Po Ming Ge to distribute rice or participate in more charitable actions.

Catering industry: when there is demand, there are people who are worried about the competition

Sham Shui Po District Councillor Li Ting-fung said that there is a relatively large population in the district who are grassroots people. They do not live in independent units, but in subdivided houses or even cubicles. There is no space for cooking. In order to achieve a balance If you can enjoy lower-priced meals, two-food restaurants with take-out services will appear in response to demand. For good food, it is enough to just ask for cheap and good food.” In addition to two restaurants, Lang Yi Shao Mei Gongfang, which advertises the cheapest siu mei rice in Hong Kong at $15, also recently opened a third branch. He pointed to the incident. Reflecting the poor economy of Hong Kong, cheap hotels are blooming everywhere in the region. It is expected that the situation will continue for some time.

Huang Jielong, chairman of the "Rice Seedling Society" of the Hong Kong Restaurant Association, said that the worst time for the catering industry has passed. This year, the overall catering business has returned to 90% of its former normal level. The underemployment of wage earners is related, but he pointed out that two restaurants are opening more and more, and there is a trend of flooding. "The catering industry will open shops when there is demand. The two restaurants seem to have returned to the Portuguese tart and bubble tea many years ago. It’s an open shop, but afterwards the market will decline due to fierce competition, and even large-scale closures. There are a few families."

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