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New details of the shooting near Chicago revealed: from the costume the suspect used to the details of his arrest


Police have revealed new details of the shooting near Chicago, from the costume the suspect wore to the details of his arrest.

Illinois governor calls for urgent action to curb shootings 0:56

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Police in Lake County, Illinois, revealed additional details on Tuesday about Monday's shooting in Highland Park, near the city of Chicago, which left six dead at the time.

These are the main findings cited by Christopher Covelli, a spokesman for the Lake County Sheriff's Office, regarding the attack by the suspect identified as Robert E. Crimo III during a July 4 parade.

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The suspect was wearing women's clothing.

Crimo was dressed in women's clothing during Monday's attack, and investigators believe he did so to hide his facial tattoos and identity, according to police.

Covelli said the suspect's costume helped him blend in with the other people fleeing the scene.

This was the moment when a parade was shot on the 4th of July 0:55

After the attack, the suspect climbed out through the roof, dropped his rifle and blended into the crowd as he fled, Covelli said.

According to the police, the alleged attacker then went to the house of her mother, who lived in the area, where he took her vehicle.


Covelli said he wasn't sure exactly what the woman's outfit was, but noted that the person was initially reported to have long hair, meaning the suspect could have been wearing a wig.

This is how the police caught the attacker

"We issued an alert yesterday afternoon," Covelli said of the operation, adding that officials provided the vehicle information and Crimo data.

Covelli thanked "an alert member of the community" who saw the vehicle and called 911.

"An alert North Chicago Police officer spotted the vehicle, waited for additional backup units to arrive, made a traffic stop, and were able to safely apprehend Crimo with no injuries to officers," Covelli added.

One person arrested in connection with Highland Park shooting 2:56

A second rifle, also purchased by Crimo, was found in the vehicle, Covelli added.

Currently, the suspect remains in custody and "from all indications, it appears that Crimo was acting alone," Covelli said.

The suspect planned the attack for several weeks

Crimo planned the attack over several weeks, according to police.

"Based on where we are at this point in the investigation -- and some of this is preliminary, so it's subject to change as we go along -- but we believe that Crimo pre-planned this attack during several weeks," according to Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli of the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators have spoken to witnesses and reviewed video in the last 24 hours.

Robert E. Crimo III acted alone

Covelli said the shooting suspect acted alone.

"There is no indication that anyone else was involved in this attack. From all indications, it appears that Crimo acted alone," Covelli said.

Covelli also said Crimo remains in custody as investigators and the state attorney's office continue to review information emerging from the investigation.

The attacker fired more than 70 bullets into the crowd

The gun used to shoot was purchased by the suspect, according to Covelli.

During the attack, the official said they believe Crimo fired "over 70 bullets" from this rifle into the crowd.

Covelli said the suspect used a high-powered rifle that fired high-velocity bullets, "similar to an AR-15."

Crimo was also in possession of a second rifle, which was found in his vehicle when he was pulled over by police, and he also had other firearms that were recovered from a Highwood, Illinois, residence where he lived.

"I know there were potentially guns that he owned as well," Covelli said.

There is "no indication that the weapons have been modified."

The mayor of Highland Park gives details of the shooting 1:49

Police say shooting was 'random' and 'premeditated'

Police said the attack on the 4th of July parade in Highland Park that killed at least six people appeared to be "random" and "premeditated" at the same time.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, a CNN law enforcement analyst, explained how both can be true:

"Premeditated, I'm sure, is a description of what this person had to do to execute the crime. He had to find access to the building, he had to climb the ladder, he had to carry the rifle. So those are all very intentional acts." that lead to a single end, which is to shoot from the roof," he said.

"Random speaks more to target selection. So if the people we know were shot are all different descriptions of people -- men, women, different ethnicities, different religious backgrounds, whatever -- that leads to investigators to conclude that he wasn't targeting a specific type of individual, a specific race, a specific religion; he was simply shooting anyone he could reach from the roof of that building," McCabe continued.

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