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Transitional housing|The first project, Nanchang 220, ended, a family of three still did not go upstairs: the policy failed


The government has launched a transitional housing scheme in recent years, hoping to give subdivided housing tenants some breathing space before going upstairs. However, the lease of Hong Kong's first composite social housing "Nanchang 220" expired on Friday (23rd), but there are still tenants unable to

The government has launched a transitional housing scheme in recent years, hoping to give subdivided housing tenants some breathing space before going upstairs. However, the lease of Hong Kong's first composite social housing "Nanchang 220" expired on Friday (23rd), but there are still tenants Unable to "go upstairs" to live in public housing, I lost my place to live.

One of the residents, Irene (pseudonym), has a family of three. Two years ago, they moved into a small house called "Nanchang 220" from a dilapidated and dilapidated house. They had been waiting for public housing for more than seven years. ”, but the dream could not come true. The family still has no plans to go upstairs, and it has not been connected to other social housing projects in the same district. It is difficult for the son with learning disabilities to resolutely transfer schools.

She admits that she has thought about returning to subdivided housing, but the rent has risen sharply from a few years ago and it is unaffordable.

Faced with the approaching relocation deadline, Frankly said that he will stay until he is expelled.

Becoming the first modular house "white mouse", Irene bluntly stated that the policy failed: "You can't arrange the first modular house (removal after the contract), what's behind you? How useful are you?"


I went to the prefab house, in fact, we have hope, and we have hope. Well, I was looking forward to it, but it was you who told me to go back to the separate house, which is worse than I have been living in It doesn't matter if I live in a subdivided room.

Nanchang 220 Resident Irene

Irene's family of three moved from "Tang Ninth Floor" in Sham Shui Po to "Nam Cheong 220" two years ago. At that time, they had been waiting for public housing for five years. They thought they would be able to "upstairs" after the two-year rental period expired. Say goodbye to the unbearable living in subdivided rooms.

From the 160-square-foot prefab room, the "upgrade" into the nearly 300-square-foot small house, the son who suffers from "ADHD" and lack of concentration finally has the space to "move": "If I live in a subdivided room... Whether she will adapt or get used to it, she will be jumping around all day, so she needs a lot of space for her activities.”

▼"Nanchang 220" Demonstration Unit▼

Before moving to "Nanchang 220", Irene lived in a subdivided room with a lot of "addicts" and her son was frightened repeatedly. array."

Even so, she did not dare to move out easily, worried that it would be difficult to find affordable "tilts to cover her head".

It wasn't until two years ago that the tile "Chuang Thong" could no longer keep out the wind and rain. My son was soaked by water dripping from the ceiling, and it was revealed that the false ceiling was full of cracks. Irene said sadly:

Every time it rains, water drips on the top of the bed, that is, it cracks and seeps water, and we have no way to move it.

Nanchang 220 Resident Irene

The first "combined social housing" in Hong Kong, "Nanchang 220", which was built by Henderson Land on loan to HKCSS, will be occupied in 2020. The lease term is two years and will expire in September this year.

(provided by the Society)

The two-year rental period of Xiaowoju will expire at the end of this month, and the dream of "going upstairs" has come to nothing. 7 years and 1 month, but we can’t even see the director.” She is also one of the only two residents who still has no place to live. Seeing the neighbors move out one by one, the three-person unit in the urban transitional housing In short supply, she could not deploy other units in the urban area.

The deadline for moving out was approaching, and Irene became more and more anxious and hesitant. Tung Wah Group of Hospitals only offered to arrange her to Tong Xin Village in Yuen Long, but her son with special learning needs was studying in Sham Shui Po, and it was difficult to travel long distances to go to school. To re-adapt to the new environment, it will be difficult for him to go to Sham Shui Po to continue the existing training in the future, adding more obstacles to his son's treatment.

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Transitional housing|Mai refugees’ dream of going upstairs is broken, and they move to a hotel, renovate social housing, and worry about living on the street. Transitional housing|The success rate of the first project is less than 30%.

Returning to a sub-unit was the only option for Irene, but the rent of the sub-unit has soared in just two years: "𠵱 The house is 180 square feet, and it really has a bed, a refrigerator, and a washing machine, so it's no longer available. It's 6,800 mosquito rent, plus water and electricity... If we live here, it will cost 8,000 yuan, which is really exhausting for our average family with six or seven mosquitoes."

▼Subdivided room living environment▼


The time for demolition is imminent, and Irene, desperate, once joined the community organization association to express her views on the transitional housing issue when the director of the housing bureau, Ho Wing-hsien, first took office, when he took office.

She couldn't find a place to "stay", so she could only advance and retreat with her current unit, "I'm not going to move out, you're tired of the old numbers for the rest? Thirteen thousand (subdivided flats) deposits, So you can only send me away, and watch your arrangement."

You can't even arrange the first modular house. What's behind you?

How useful are you?

Everyone is asked to live for two years. I see others live for three years. If he lives for three years, how would you like it?

It's so scary, maybe it's good if it's an official land, but Qinzhou Street is an official land, but what about us, it's so miserable?

We are like white mice... Irene, a resident of Nanchang 220

Transitional housing tenants are pregnant and forced to move to Nanchang 220. The lease term will be full. The tenants worry about the upstairs: about 10% of the tenants of the transitional housing Nanchang 220 will go upstairs to help other tenants apply for the lease term of other transitional housing transitional housing “Nanchang 220”. About 60 households will not be assigned the assistance of the Public Housing Association to relocate social housing when the expiry of next year

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