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Husqvarna Blackfillan 701 Test | Israel today


The Swartfillan 701 is a motorcycle of contrast. The latest packaging covers the root aggressiveness. Was interesting

The Swartfillan 701 is a motorcycle of contrast. The latest packaging covers the root aggressiveness. It was interesting.

Husqvarna is staring at the road and it's no secret. Those who are very familiar with the field are beginning to mark road territory, with two series in two engine volumes. Whitefillan 401 and 701 are neo-coffee racers with a design that is unlike anything else. Swartfillan 401 or 701 is set to win the Worlds of Dirt-Track and Scrambler. Again with a modern interpretation. The design result is not really true to any of the schools mentioned here, but still modern, minimalist and attractive.

What's new?

The Swartfillan that is here for the test is painted in 50 shades of black. This is not surprising, the translation to Swartfilen is a black arrow and that is how it certainly looks. You can't call it pretty in classic terms. But the asymmetrical plastic work, the big flashlight inside, the classic-sized tires all make one hand and produce something you can stare at for a long time. What's missing, the rims, which would complement the picture here. These would produce nostalgic homage to the old motorcycles that this 701 wants us to remember.

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Underneath all the beauty and character there is a fairly basic mechanical architecture. One big, strong cylinder. A narrow tube skeleton. Suspension and braking components that appear fleshy. And those are backed by rider auxiliary systems, ABS from here and pull-off control disconnected from here. We have already mentioned the 18-inch hoop up front and it is time to also mention the slightly more off-road suspension. And also the Piral tires with their relatively aggressive profile.

All this gives a relatively narrow, high-end motorcycle day, with 74 kW on 166 kg wet. Interesting combination. The investment in design and thought is paid here at NIS 66,500.

on the road

Despite the looks and allusions it is primarily a motorcycle road. Of course he feels good on a casual trail too but his main purpose is clear. Maybe if the same rims had been assembled here we would have thought differently. So after we were impressed with the design, the Huskies move and the experience changes completely. Anyone who thought it was a pleasant environmental sculpture can now think differently.

This 701 is a frenetic motorcycle. This is due to the dimensions, the reactions and the nature of the engine. The riding position is quite upright, the feeling of good control. The right handle spurs her to bend her back forward, take a serious face and fly to the horizon. This engine produces already tangible power from low rpm, requiring you to operate it, manage it and direct the torque from the engine to the rear wheel through the small motorcycle.

The repertoire here includes the rear skids, a front-wheel-mounted flywheel, and every other release that can be performed on a motorcycle. The responses are very quick, and the 701 falls for a quick and accurate turn thanks to the wide handlebars and despite the front wheel mentioned. Inside the tilt, it maintains excellent directional stability. And inside it, if you want to flip it to the other side, enough slight hint.

It's fun for another Swartfillan rider to want to have fun and attack. When the wind does not rest on it, sharp corners are revealed in this tool. With such frivolity from every direction, it is not the most pleasing tool for an inter-urban cruise. The engine does not bother to hide its power beats, small and large tremors, hard seat and wind protection symbolic to nonexistent. A trip to the Golan Heights with the lady? not here.

The Bottom Line

Husqvarna Swartfilen 701 is a deceptive motorcycle. It looks like a work of art. Manages to take old motifs and pour them up-to-date original content, even unprecedented. On the other hand, he is a crude tool, with a high dynamic ability, one that will make a big smile on the winding road or just energetic riding.

Not exactly parallel features. Are there any who are looking for such design sophistication along with high ability in bridle-to-bridle riding. Great question for sure, this 701 has both and it makes it very different in the two-wheeler landscape.

Source: israelhayom

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