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Provides peace of mind: We tested the new car security camera - Walla! TECH


The car camera saved quite a few people from reports, and helped in cases where insurance had to be turned on. In fact, it has become such an essential and sought-after product. A security camera was recently launched in Israel ...

Provides peace of mind: We tested the new car security camera

The car camera saved quite a few people from reports, and helped in cases where insurance had to be turned on. In fact, it has become such an essential and sought-after product. A car security camera was recently launched in Israel, which provides much more soup to document the vehicle. Is it worth the money?

Provides peace of mind: We tested the new car security camera

Photo by Mikey Levy

Road cameras have become a must have accessory in vehicles, and they mostly provide peace of mind on the roads. Whether the vehicle is in the parking lot and the camera records a vulnerability, or during the trip itself. In fact, these cameras provide documents that are crucial in insurance or court claims when it comes to an accident or police report. Recently, a new camera was launched in Israel purporting to be a "car security camera". The Proof camera costs NIS 1,404, before a monthly subscription to a mobile sim that you can do yourself. Is it worth the money and provides peace of mind?

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The installation method is relatively simple and requires you to park the car for an hour, where the technician who comes to you will perform the entire installation. Although this is a new vehicle and every little fuss beats the heart, the installation was professional, agile and did not hurt the car at all. This is a relatively simple installation, but it requires tampering including the rear camera installation, the front camera installation and the wiring transfer invisible. Even during the installation, the camera is connected to a fixed power outlet that allows remote camera viewing. To my delight and after a thorough examination, the camera does not damage the battery, which means it is depleted. However, it can be viewed remotely thanks to a sim inside, which is actually a 24/7 security camera.

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The app is free of problems, but it provides the most basic and important things. (Screenshot)

Proof app (Photo: screenshot, screenshot)

The camera features a front and rear photo array, HD quality with night vision support, built-in GPS, wireless internet and more. The gospel of the camera This is the app, which together with the camera's connection to the mobile network, allows you to view the vehicle's position at any time, receive alerts if there is a car moving due to injury, and to watch the front and rear camera at any moment. The app requires more work and polishing, and is far from perfect, but it basically provides the necessary things like viewing a car camera, location history and current location.

The main camera is front-facing and features a replaceable sim, a 32-gigabyte memory card and a sensor capable of taking fullHD video with a wide 140-degree wide lens. Attached to it is a rear camera that falls significantly in quality from the front camera. The quality of the main camera is not one of the best I have seen, but it is enough to deliver documentation that includes license plates and day and night traffic. The rear camera, on the other hand, is significantly inferior, and even more so at night. Add a dark rear window to all the technical limitations, and you'll get a camera that does the job minimally. License plates could be picked up in the rear camera, but the quality is far from perfect, and is simply enough to be a good record.

The most significant and best part of the camera, which no other camera provides, is the ability to view the camera remotely, even when you are abroad or anywhere else. But what I particularly liked is the ability to receive alerts on any car movement, whether someone is leaning on it or hitting While it is in the parking lot, during injury or displacement, you can get a record and get to the vehicle in real time, or use the documentation for the purpose of operating the insurance. It's that it doesn't limit the driver's angle of view, and at the same time records the road well.

The rear camera is not one of the best, but it is enough to get the vehicle number. (Screenshot)

Rear camera (photo: screenshot, screenshot)

The camera provides a new solution in Israel: car security camera. It is far from perfect and the quality of the front camera does not stand in the front row, including the rear camera, but the overall solution is excellent and most importantly, it provides peace of mind. The price of the camera is NIS 1,404 and it is a camera that provides good value for the price and includes an app with a view of the car history, locating the vehicle at any given moment and viewing everything that is happening, including alerts if there is a movement. Another camera is able to provide a hotspot for car passengers.

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