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An Israeli company got involved with Facebook, the BBC reported. Israeli company has developed "The Spinner", a tool that tries to "brainwash the surfers" by distributing misinformation, ...

Claiming "brainwashing": Facebook blocked Israeli spinner company

An Israeli company got involved with Facebook, the BBC reported. Israeli society has developed "The Spinner", a tool that tries to "brainwash the surfers" by distributing them with incorrect information, disguised as credible content. Facebook response has blocked the company, and the founding account of all the company's networks

Claiming "brainwashing": Facebook blocked Israeli spinner company

Photo: Reuters

Facebook blocked Israeli start-up company "Spinner", after the social network raised concerns about the company's attempts to "brainwash" users through misleading advertisements. Israeli society claims to be able to "unconsciously" influence people's thoughts by bombarding them with misinformation that is disguised as routine and unbiased content, such as articles, for example. In response, Facebook has blocked the company and its founder on all existing platforms, including the social network Instagram. However, one of the company's founders and chief operating officer, Elliott Scheffler, revealed to the BBC website that this would not prevent the company from continuing its mission.

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Also, Scheffler declined to say that the company was denying the use of a Facebook platform in the future, even though the social network had blocked it from using the tools it offered. The "spinner" is a site that offers its customers the opportunity to buy a large amount of articles and articles, in the hope that they will help "brainwash" other people. For example, Israeli company offers surfers to buy a set of ten articles in exchange for $ 79, which can then be used by buyers to change their women's minds so that they have initiated more sexual relations - the company website explicitly states. Other campaigns include a set of articles designed to encourage a friend to propose marriage, to persuade parents to adopt a dog, and to get people to quit smoking or drinking.

Campaigns from the Israeli start-up company, the spinner (Photo: The Spinner)

The Spinner (Photo: The Spinner, official website)

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However, some of the campaigns offered by the company go a little further than persuading a dog to buy. One campaign focuses on a buyer's spouse to persuade them to have a polyamorous relationship, with articles like "This is how polyamoria saved my marriage." Another article titled "Four Tips to Help Settle Your Divorce Procedure Out of Court" appears as an example of another campaign designed to get a spouse to divorce. The law firm with whom Facebook employees sent a letter to Sheffler complaining about the way the Israeli company used the platform, the BBC reported. The letter states that "the spinner used fake Facebook accounts, as well as fake pages, to 'strategically bombard' certain Facebook users with publications."

It also states that "these activities violate Facebook's terms and conditions. We require you to stop this activity immediately." The social network claims that the ads have now been removed from the platform, but the company claims it has been advertising on it for over a year. Sheffler told MailOnline that "The spinner never guaranteed that the content would only appear on Facebook or any other specific ad network. Messages could be exposed on the major social networks, thousands of news sites, mail apps, games, and in fact wherever ads are available. Most of our time is exposed to messages Selected through news sites. We promote articles published only by reliable news sites. "

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