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"After the Flood" Trip to the Golan Heights - Walla! vehicle


The day after the storm hit, we went up to the Golan Heights to taste another winter. Big water was flowing around us, the whitening horizon was on the horizon, and the masses of Beth Israel were not yet stuck in traffic jams

"After the Flood" trip to the Golan Heights

The day after the storm hit, we went up to the Golan Heights to taste another winter. Big water was flowing around us, the whitening horizon was on the horizon, and the masses of Beth Israel were not yet stuck in traffic jams

"After the Flood" trip to the Golan Heights

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Winter 2020 seems to be a historic turning point in our memory, where we will understand that the climate is truly crazy; For a handful of us, winter became a family tragedy, others saw their home flooded once or twice, but most of the people contented themselves with sipping hot soup, and following the rising and rising violin. Summer in Israel is brutal and we love to hike in the winter, especially after the storm - the only question is, do we go out to see floods in the south or snow in the north?

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Who is going to Europe, we have it here

To the snowy Hermon (Photo: Dorit Peled, Rami Gilboa)

Emil Zatopek, the Czech locomotive

Zatopek was one of the greatest athletes of all time, running a marathon that won five Olympic medals in the 1950s. Because of his phenomenal capabilities, Zatopek was nicknamed the "Czech locomotive", which is exactly the type of vehicle I wanted for a long jump to the north. The mission was to find a vehicle that would take us quickly and comfortably to the summit of Hermon, and back. I wanted to drive a 4X4 because I imagined myself struggling on a snowy road leading to my favorite ski station, as Europeans say - nothing like a crossover 4X4 to ease Czech or Swiss travel, for example. I could have got off with a real SUV, but I didn't think there was a reason - I hadn't planned to make a real deal, and the Czech crossover was supposed to meet my casual desires to get away from the paved road.

The cabin is luxurious and luxurious. The Sportline version adds sporty seats and a trimmed steering wheel

To the snowy Hermon (Photo: Dorit Peled, Rami Gilboa)

Skoda Kodiak is not a new face in our districts, and I really like it - fast, comfortable, strong and safe, not extroverted or too stingy. To the north, we took the fancy Sportline version, a 2.0 liter 190 hp petrol engine, 4X4 and NIS 260,000. Bucket seats in Alcantara upholstery and sporty design, kettle steering wheel, and Skoda's high-quality, yet gloomy rims.

The mountainous Jordan fills the Sea of ​​Galilee at an entirely European rate

To the snowy Hermon (Photo: Dorit Peled, Rami Gilboa)

River Dishon, here and now

Our plan was to sail straight to Hermon, 209 miles north of my place of residence. Easy to find We found ourselves on Route 6, Cruise Control manages the pace of traffic, Saving a Path helps me in calm driving. Route 6 brings us closer to the periphery until you reach a traffic jam - which can be very annoying. Cruise control lowered me from 140 mph to 14, and even crept up to a complete stop, in the midst of the freeway. Amazing nature, a unique driving route in Israel, after a great rain.

By 2013, it was possible to drive along the creek, about a dozen miles of a magnificent natural experience - a mountainous gorge, lush vegetation, these groves and carob trees, cattle in the field, a landscape that reaches its best in winter and spring. Blocking the top of the fertilizer has angered 4X4 enthusiasts but between us - this is a just and reasonable compromise between the driving lust of a few, and the desire to preserve nature in this unique channel.

You can also have some fun, except we promised to return a washed car

To the snowy Hermon (Photo: Dorit Peled, Rami Gilboa)

You can still drive the eastern part of the creek, a few miles from the Eliezer Field seat to Route 886. Happy and kind-hearted we entered the Red Trail, and began to savor the charming gorge. We got to the first water pass very quickly ... The water was clear, charming, very enticing. I was watching Kodiak, was he watching me ... getting in or not?

I have no doubt that I could cross the tidal river channel, but I decided I didn't want to go back to her house on a drag ... In a day or two, the water would drop, but right now? I let out a frustration moan "Why didn't I come with a real SUV?", I parked the Kodiak on the sides of the stream, and opened two chairs and a coffee set. For half an hour we soaked up the beauty of the creek, the water sobbing and the barking cows. It was an amazing nature break, in hindsight these were the most magical moments on our trip. We wanted to stay longer, but a silly urge urged us to continue towards Hermon. I advise you, do not give up a hurry to enter; Possible with elevated crossover or jeep, possible by foot or bicycle. This is a wonderful cute spot here and now, before the flow fades.

An easterly waterfall awaits you, a few meters from the road

To the snowy Hermon (Photo: Dorit Peled, Rami Gilboa)

The kingdom of Hermon

We returned to the Mahaneim junction, and went up a level through the Jacob's Bridge; It is not the short way north, but it is more beautiful and wild than Kiryat Shmona's path. We stopped in the mountainous Jordan to see the flood of water filling the Sea of ​​Galilee, and climbed to the Golan Heights. It is a charming, wild and secluded land - a kind of Europe within a two-hour drive from home. After the wild rains, the green level, flowing and welcoming. Haven't decided yet whether I like her better under winter sun, or behind a rain and fog screen?

Our visit to Hermon was short - my fantasies about drifts in snow-covered parking lots melted like flakes last year, but Hermon is always beautiful and exciting, probably with a fresh snow blanket from yesterday. The weekend will be blown up there, but today's arrival was very likely. The traffic on Highway 98 was too dense to allow serious tire sharpening, but it was delightful to release the 190 horsepower of the elegant Kodiak. As an elevated crossover that allows soft driving, it provides a fair amount of enjoyment.

To the snowy Hermon (Photo: Dorit Peled, Rami Gilboa)

Hey, south

From the highest place in Israel, you can only travel south. We stopped to eat at Majdal Shams's newly-blossomed abundance of restaurants, from Druze pita stands to good meat restaurants. We did not give up hot orchid and apples, and abandoned the heights of the heights. Our next stop was a pool of crows where we might be thinking, dipping feet? We were delighted to discover the reservoir overflowing with water, overflowing, and turning the area into a giant puddle. I guess the hot water is not flowing now, and the water temperature was completely chilly - no way to dip there.

We continued south to the '80s waterfall road'. Green, water-filled, scenic plateaus, soaring little streams on every side. Pleasure is great and the trails are inviting, but watch out for the minefields that still threaten. The late hour did not allow us to visit waterfalls requiring serious march (Gamla, White and Black, etc.) but it was wonderful to visit an eagle waterfall, in the golden light of last sunset. A short walk exposes the hiker to two impressive waterfalls, and to the mall studded with hexagonal basalt pillars. You have to spend more time there than we have left! Just a few miles south we met a basalt creek embracing the road, and savored to see the water reservoirs filled to the brim, almost reaching the road. In the sunset light, the reservoirs looked like an African river overflowing, a rare sight in our places.

The Kodiak 4X4 lets you descend to moderate trails, even in winter

To the snowy Hermon (Photo: Dorit Peled, Rami Gilboa)

The night of thawing glaciers

Since we didn't worry about Northern Zimmer, all we had left was to point the Kodiak's bow south. I really like to climb Highway 98 that goes up from the fence to the plateau but at descending and at night, I found no sense in aggressively attacking it. The Czech locomotive lowered us from the top of the plateau to Hamat Fence, 150 meters below sea level. Because access to the Om Jumas spring has been problematic recently, we entered the gates of the official Hamat Gader site.

The site has a large, bubbling swimming pool, a great pleasure for those who need to release muscle after a day of adventure. Those looking for less mass bathing can enter the spa complex, more expensive but intimate and calm. Although we did not ski down the slopes of Hermon nor did we walk in a challenging mall, it was great fun to melt the muscles in the caressing sulfur water. After the dip, we put Wise on Home, cruise control at sight, and sailed home with the luxurious Kodiak. It was a magical northern day, the next time we would extend it for two days.

Winter sunsets are the icing of the hikes this season

To the snowy Hermon (Photo: Dorit Peled, Rami Gilboa)

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