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Buying compass for the Jeep Compass - how good is it in everyday life?


The Jeep Compass is located between the Cherokee and the Renegade. We tested the SUV with the Jeep DNA in everyday life.

The Jeep Compass is located between the Cherokee and the Renegade. We tested the SUV with the Jeep DNA in everyday life.

In the beginning was the Willys. A terrain specialist for the military. Later Jeep * launched the Wrangler. And because SUVs sell so well, the reproduction rate has simply been increased. The Jeep Compass stands between Cherokee and Renegade .

First the seat and look test : What does sitting mean - here you literally sit behind the steering wheel. And there is already the first plus point: Here you have a good overview of the 4.40 meter long and 1.82 meter wide SUV . Driving, maneuvering - no problem. The cockpit is also clear and practical. Tachometer left, speedometer right, the small monitor in between reveals all important driving data. Also the consumption, which shocked us slightly. But more on that later.

The nicest gimmick is the little Willys jeep, which appears in the display when you turn on the spacer. The usual infotainment runs on the central 9.4-inch screen  in the middle. One quickly gets used to its operation. Underneath are rotary controls for volume and air conditioning. The smartphone is quickly coupled , not a matter of course for other manufacturers. And with AndroidAuto and AppleCarPlay, you can quickly install your cellphone juke box.


The Compass cockpit is solid and practical. Hard plastic does not necessarily make the ambience more beautiful.

© Jeep

Jeep Compass: Despite a lot of horse power, the power is missing

This is how the test drive can begin. Mainly on country roads, there is also a bit of stop-and-go because of the Saturday shopping. After all, our test vehicle has a decent four-cylinder on board, at least on paper . The 1.4 liter machine can be ordered with either 140  or  170 hp . You can confidently advise against the former, because the 170 PS unit already lacks steam. Which comes as a surprise, because 170 horsepower are not a cardboard stick, and the weight of the Compass, at just under 1.6 tons, is now not exactly in the heavy load range.


The Limited (white vehicle) trim level is only surpassed by the Trailhawk (red) terrain specialist.

© Jeep

But the Compass doesn't really want to start. Almost a whole second passes between the pressure on the accelerator pedal and the moment until the force finally arrives at the drive shafts . Maybe the power is sinking in the meantime in the 9-speed automatic transmission ? Or you simply wrested too much horsepower from the 1.4-liter engine in relation to its size. And so the Compass often has to struggle in the high speed range . When overtaking, however, you voluntarily make a start. Just like in the first Mercedes dash-eight over 30 years ago.

The chassis  belongs to the more comfortable variety. Comfortable, but a bit too spongy. Apart from various off-road settings for snow or scree, there are no other modes that can be used to sharpen the chassis. And so you are forced to cross the country more relaxed. Which is also good for your wallet. Because this SUV sucks quite a bit of gasoline . Even the factory specifications with 8.3 liters of Super are rather out of date, we used 9.4 liters . No problem with fuel prices at the moment, but other times are coming.


The designers also did a good job with the sideline, the proportions are pleasing but not boring.

© Jeep

Jeep Compass: Lots of space for passengers and luggage

In terms of space  , the Compass is a big one. You sit more than comfortably in the front, here you don't have to be afraid of the long haul. There is also enough space in the back for two adults if they are not exactly over 1.85 meters tall. And the trunk also  offers the usual level with its 438 liters ( with the rear seat bench folded down 1,268 l) . The quiet space under the loading floor is good, especially when you have forgotten your shopping bag and do not want cans, glasses and kohlrabi flying across the car. The trunk cover is annoying because it does not swing up far enough when the tailgate is open. We struck our heads every time we tried to get deeper-stowed items.


The Compass looks powerful and dynamic from behind. 438 liters fit in the trunk. Normal for this class.

© Jeep

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The cost of the Jeep Compass

The Compass is in the middle of the selling price. The basic model is available from 25,900 euros , for the Limited with 170 PS  and all-wheel drive, 36,600 euros are due. A comparable Mazda CX-30 (180 hp) with automatic, all-wheel drive but already with hybrid technology costs 33,490 euros. You can get the Peugeot 3008 (180 hp) from 35,300 euros, but without all-wheel drive. Another look at the VW group: For a Seat, for example, the Ateca 2.0 TSI 4Drive in the equipment variant Xcellence with 190 PS, you pay 35,595 euros.


The Compass is a really comfortable travel car, suitable for a family of four.

© Jeep

With 36,600 euros, it is certainly not enough - unless you are frugal with look and technology. If you like good sound (beats), a clear view of the sky and leather , you have to pay just under 3,700 euros more for the limited luxury package . The huge panoramic sunroof then you get as well as 19-inch wheels that can stand still legs apart the jeep. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether you really need a two-tone paint job and want to spend almost 1,100 euros on it. We would strongly recommend the technology package for 1,590 euros . You get the cruise control system , blind spot warning and reversing camera . All of them assistants who not only make driving more pleasant, but also safer. Saving would be the wrong approach here.


In the exterior design, this jeep gets the grade 1 from our author Rudolf Bögel.

© Jeep

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The conclusion to the Jeep Compass

Our purchase compass points in the direction of the Compass if you value cool exterior design and like to be on the go in a cult with a real Jeep. As with almost all Americans, in this case Italian Americans, one shouldn't place too much emphasis on the inner workings. Off-road or off-road - the Compass makes a good one everywhere. Figure. If you want a powerful engine, you should use the 2.0-liter diesel with 170 hp. Although it costs just under 3,000 euros more, it is guaranteed to pay off in terms of driving pleasure.

Datasheet Jeep Compass Limited 1.4l Multi Air 4x4


1,368 cc


170 hp at 5,500 rpm


250 Nm at 2500 rpm


9-speed automatic



Length Width Height:

4.39 / 1.82 / 1.62 m

Empty weight (perm):

1,615 kg


438 - 1,269 l

0 to 100:

9.5 seconds

Top speed:

200 km / h

Standard consumption :

8.3 l super


190 g / km

Emission standard:

Euro 6d temp


from 36,600 euros

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Rudolf Bögel

The Jeep Gladiator is only worthwhile for image and terrain

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