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Coronavirus: what you need to know this Wednesday, May 13


As Africa seems to be escaping the pandemic, the French are preparing to live with the virus.

Good evening,

On this 3rd day of deconfinement, we must learn to live with the virus . Greet other than touching, express yourself through a mask. Abroad, Africa's surprising resistance to the coronavirus epidemic questions the scientific community, while Russia is accused of manipulating its figures. On the Amazon side, the virus has not slowed the rampant deforestation. In France, a little oxygen with the reopening of the beaches in certain coastal municipalities. Good news for tourism in the doldrums.

Good reading,

Camille Lestienne, journalist at Le Figaro

1. Where is the epidemic at?

With 83 additional deaths recorded in 24 hours, France has crossed the bar of 27,000 deaths due to the coronavirus epidemic, according to the results of the Directorate General of Health. In detail, the Covid-19 has left 27,074 dead since March 1, including 17,101 in hospitals and 9,973 in nursing homes and other medico-social establishments. The number of people hospitalized, 21,071 patients, is down, as is the number of admissions. Four regions (Île-de-France, Grand-Est, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Hauts-de-France) account for 72% of hospitalized cases.

History of the epidemic in the 80 most affected countries. By Marie Coussin and Nicolas Mondon for Fig Data

The total number of serious cases in intensive care, in constant decline since April 8, now amounts to 2428 patients with a negative balance of 114. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 97.424 people have been hospitalized, of which 58.673 have been able to regain their home healed.

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2. What happened today

Africa is resisting the pandemic better than expected. " Is it a simple reprieve or will Africa be spared by the Covid-19 ?" Wonders the Science department of Figaro . If the continent seems to escape the catastrophe for the moment, the situation is in reality contrasted: “ The Sars-Cov-2 virus circulates quite actively in the north of the continent and in South Africa. Its progression is slower in the west and in the center. To understand, serological surveys will be launched. According to Professor Eric Delaporte, either the spread of the virus is " slowed down by multiple factors " or " the virus circulates widely without causing high mortality " because the African population is young. In Lagos, Nigeria, however, the month of confinement was " an immense ordeal " confides a resident to our journalist, Tanguy Berthemet. In the working-class districts, “ the inhabitants only have unstable odd jobs, and live from day to day. Without provisions or savings, they were quickly pushed to the limit . ”

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Elsewhere, controversies. Before the US Senate, the White House adviser on the pandemic, Anthony Fauci, warned on Tuesday against the " very serious " consequences of a too rapid economic recovery. Contrary to the optimism displayed by Donald Trump, he attracted the wrath of the Republicans. Meanwhile, in Brazil, deforestation continues. The land clearer, the gold panner, the invader and the woodcutter do not telecommute. They continue to destroy the forest, "protests Romulo Batista, spokesperson for the Amazon campaign of Greenpeace, denouncing the" environmental destruction project "led by President Bolsonaro. Also on the dock, the Russian government, which would manipulate the count of victims of the virus, thus displaying a fatality rate much lower than that of other countries. A habit according to our correspondent Alain Barluet, while " it is on the shoulders of the governors that Poutine largely rests the responsibility of the fight against the virus, with a possible dismissal in the key ".

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The opening of the beaches was much awaited, people needed oxygen. When you are used to seeing the sea every day, you suffer from not being able to go there.

Jean-Claude Pelleteur, mayor of Pornichet

A breath of fresh air for the French and the tourism sector. The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo persists in her desire to reopen the parks and gardens in the capital. " It is a matter of public health, " she insists, faced with the government's refusal. Other city officials are luckier. The mayors of certain coastal municipalities have obtained from the prefect the reopening of the beaches at least for dynamic physical activities. " The opening of the beaches was eagerly awaited, people needed oxygen," explains the mayor of Pornichet in Loire-Atlantique . When you are used to seeing the sea every day, you suffer from not being able to go there. ” Hope also for the tourist season. If the sector is experiencing a global slump, France, according to Mathilde Visseyrias of the economy service, " is on the front line ". The absence of international tourists " deprives a third of its annual tourist receipts " while Corsica " lives a nightmare ".

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Living with the virus. Even unconfined, we must learn to live with the coronavirus. Our journalist Aude Bariéty suggests putting away kisses, handshakes and other " checks " to adopt the bow of the head as a greeting. A new habit, not so far from the reverence of the Old Regime, and already adopted by Emmanuel Macron during the ceremonies of May 8. Especially since, hidden behind our masks, the smile is no longer visible. Will this new aspect of our social life have consequences on the psyche of children? According to health professionals interviewed by Caroline Piquet, it is still early to say, but many believe that wearing the mask can be compensated " by voice and look ". They recall that children " are very adaptable and that we often project our anxieties onto them ". However, the period remains anxiety-provoking and confinement will have left its mark on our mental health. Depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, significant devastation.

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3. Pilot, taste, read ...

Drive a motorhome. Holidays abroad compromised, beaches closed or regulated ... what could be better in these constrained times than to taste the freedom of the motorhome and travel the roads of France? Sylvain Reisser gives us the instructions. " It is undoubtedly the mode of deconfinement which preserves the highest level of health security , assures our journalist . It allows you to (re) discover forgotten France, that of the villages and the departments. It will make us forget all the more quickly our status as ex-confined because of one step each day, we can see the country. Those who are nostalgic will choose the VW Combi, the most concerned about their comfort, the ultra-equipped luxury van.

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Taste asparagus. At the wheel of your motorhome this summer, it will be too late. This is when you have to taste the white asparagus from the Landes. " Less slender, with a less pronounced flavor than its green cousin, white asparagus has, however, plenty to come into the light, " says our food journalist Alice Bosio. Just like the chef Hélène Darroze who loves " its little sweet taste that comes from the sandy soil ". For this Landes child, white asparagus is a “ madeleine of Proust ”. She suggests combining it with white butter with seaweed and royal poutargue but also likes " to eat them simply, cooked in English and served with a mimosa egg sauce ". Or with a béarnaise or a hollandaise.

Why only one? Why not four or five? During confinement, I had time to read about thirty novels and essays!

Franck Brunet, director of the Furet du Nord book in Lille

Choose a book. Our bookseller of the day is Franck Brunet, director of the book du Furet du Nord, in Lille. Delighted to find his customers, very numerous and " happy to return ", he regrets, however, the meetings with the authors who are still impossible to organize. Choose a work, a real glue for him, " why not four or five?". He still cites the first choice Terre desoublis , by the Vietnamese novelist Duong Thu Huong. " This book touched me a lot ," he says before recommending many other works, those by Leïla Slimani, Colson Whitehead, Jean Hegland, Le Clézio. And Virginia Woolf's books.

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And above all, stay chic for any occasion. Once again, fashion is firing everything. The mask becomes an accessory which brands and creators have taken hold of. They made it less anxiety-provoking. Madame Figaro offers a selection of chic and sober models in washable fabric. To each his mask matching his outfit. For children with gingham or liberty patterns and for adults, a variety of colors finally accessible to reluctant thread and needle. The price, however, is not necessarily within reach of all budgets. From 5 euros per unit up to 27 euros for the model of a New York label.

4. Photo of the day

Jogging finally authorized on La Baule beach on May 13. LOIC VENANCE / AFP

5. Deconfinement, instructions for use

The deconfinement does not mark the return to the life of before. It is done gradually and differentiated according to the red or green areas. Here are some rules to remember.

  • The movements are allowed a limit of 100 km around the home. Beyond that, a certificate - available here - is required to justify a compelling, family or professional reason. The borders are closed until June 15.
  • In public transport , the mask is compulsory and its absence liable to a fine of 135 euros. In Île-de-France, an employer certificate is required during peak hours. It can be downloaded here.
  • The gatherings are limited to 10 people.
  • Parks and gardens are once again open in green areas only . Forests, on the other hand, are accessible everywhere. The beaches are in principle closed unless the prefect decides otherwise.
  • The practice of individual sport is again authorized outdoors, respecting the limit of 10 participants.
  • Places of worship are open, but religious ceremonies cannot resume until the end of May or the beginning of June.

Find more details in our articles:

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6. The reflexes to adopt

A few simple steps can limit the spread of the virus. Here they are :

  • Wash your hands every hour.
  • Cough or sneeze into the crease of his elbow.
  • Use disposable tissues.
  • Avoid kissing or shaking hands.
  • Wear a mask when you are sick.
  • Limit your movements as much as possible.

Covid-19 is spread by saliva through close contact with an infected person, especially when the person coughs or sneezes. The virus also remains viable for a few hours on different surfaces.

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The disease manifests with several symptoms. In 9 out of 10 cases, this results in a fever below 39 ° C. According to the World Health Organization, this fever is most often accompanied by fatigue , signs of shortness of breath and a dry cough .

7. What to do in case of symptoms?

The most important thing now is to get tested. According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, you should, if you have symptoms, stay at home and contact your doctor who will order a test. While waiting for the result, you must isolate yourself, wear a mask and list the people you may have contaminated.

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If the test is positive, Health Insurance will contact people who may be infected. You must then remain isolated for at least 8 days, taking care not to contaminate your loved ones. Watch your health. If you have a fever, take paracetamol. Possibly plan a follow-up teleconsultation with your doctor.

If you feel difficulty breathing , call 15.

If the test is negative, contact your doctor and follow their instructions.

See you tomorrow.

Source: lefigaro

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