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Scientists Concerned: The Earth's Magnetic Field Is Weakening and May Reverse Poles | Israel today


Scientists Investigate Mysterious Weakness in the Atlantic Magnetic Field That Could Reverse Poles on Our Planet | space

European Space Agency researchers are tracking a mysterious weakness in the Atlantic magnetic field that could lead to the reversal of the planets on the planet • "The challenge now is to understand the processes at Earth's core"

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The Earth's magnetic field in the Atlantic region, between Africa and South America, has mysteriously weakened, causing satellites and spacecraft to disrupt, according to data collected by the European Space Agency (ESA). According to the publication, from 1970 to 2020, there has been a drop of more than 8 percent and continues to decline steadily.

"We're lucky to have the swarms of satellites moving in a large, continuous orbit around the globe," says Jürgen Matske, a researcher at the Geographic Science Center in Germany. The changes in the pattern of our ball's magnetic field. " 

This is a scientific mystery and some researchers believe that it is a process that will eventually reverse the Earth's poles. A case like this happened last time in our ball 780,000 years ago, and some researchers believe that it is a very long time and that a reversal should occur once every 250,000 years.

The significance of such an inversion is dramatic since the entire satellite and international system of calculations depends on the current state of our planet's poles, and such a reality will disrupt the entire system that humanity has built.

So are the Earth's magnetic poles facing a reversal? not soon. Researchers claim that even if this is the beginning of a reversal process, it will happen over a slow millennium and not at once so it will be time to get ready for this change. 

In a large article published in the prestigious journal PNAS in 2018, the researchers erred that "there is no evidence of a close reversal of the magnetic field and that even in the case of such a process it is not expected anytime soon." In fact, the 2018 study intensified the mystery surrounding this weakness in our magnetic field of the ball.

This is a matter of enormous importance to research because satellites passing through the weakness area are less protected by charged space particles, of which the Earth's magnetic field protector is a kind of brake. That's why many satellites also turn off their sensors as they move through the area, and the European Space Agency said that "the issue is still a real mystery. But the swarms of satellites today allow it to be explored in more depth."

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