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"Moshe Ivgi's conduct has been systematic for decades. I believe in his victims" - Walla! culture


Uri Gabriel speaks for the first time about the harassment affair of his former close friend and claims that he witnessed his actions: "I told him, 'You do not study texts, you mess with women all the time, focus on your work.' Since the affair we have not spoken. Interview on the occasion of the rise of "Photographed 2" on HOT

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"Moshe Ivgi's conduct has been systematic for decades. I believe in his victims."

Uri Gabriel speaks for the first time about the harassment affair of his former close friend and claims that he witnessed his actions: "I told him, 'You do not study texts, you mess with women all the time, focus on your work.' Since the affair we have not spoken.

Interview on the occasion of the rise of "Photographed 2" on HOT


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Sagi Ben Nun

Wednesday, 03 March 2021, 00:00

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Uri Gabriel and Zion Baruch in an excerpt from HOT's "Photographed" series (courtesy of HOT)

A little more than five years since the Ivgi affair exploded in the investigation of Walla, who was a close friend of his and played alongside him in many productions, the veteran and esteemed actor Uri Gabriel, breaks the silence for the first time in this matter.

In an interview with Walla!

Culture Gabriel says that he "believes in Ivgi's victims", claims "systematic conduct for decades" on his part, and first finds out about an incident he witnessed, during which Ivgi allegedly harassed a makeup artist, Gabriel arrested him, took him to a conversation and urged him not to destroy For himself the career.

For many years, Gabriel and Ivgi were considered friends and often collaborated professionally.

After graduating from Nissan Nativ's studio in the early 1980s, Gabriel moved on to two projects as a criminal, in both of which he played alongside Ivgi - the play "In the Forest" (1981) directed by Mickey Gurevich, and the film "Under the Nose" (1982) directed by Yankol Goldwasser, which was The great breakthrough into the consciousness of both actors.

They also starred together in the movies "Max and Morris" and "Love Sick in Housing C", in the series "The Switch" and "The Good Cop" and more.

Since the Ivgi affair exploded, Gabriel has been asked by the media many times about the affair - and has always refused to comment on it.

Now, for the first time, he is referring to it extensively.

"We started our careers almost together, I grew up together with Ivy, we grew up together up to some point. Ivy is a colleague, and I always avoided commenting on that thing, because what you will not do is put a healthy head into a sick bed, whatever you do you will not go out well. "I tell you I believe in women, I believe in victims, and I support them. I did not go out against Ivy but I did not go out in his defense either."

Over twenty women have testified to the media about harassment and sexual assault by Ivgi, including 12 women in the Walla investigation that revealed the affair, some claiming to have been fired after opposing his harassment.

How do you feel about that?

"I support the victims. I believe them. They did not invent stories. You see, this is a decades-long conduct, a systematic one for decades."

You are one of the actors who has worked with Ivy the most, in many productions in film, television and theater and you have been close.

Were you aware of these behaviors of his?

Did you tell him anything?

"Certainly. I had conversations with him about this matter more than once. I saw what was happening on the set. Once I also slapped him with Torah, the so-called, on this matter. I told him that he disdained himself, that he was constantly busy with side things and not focused on his work. "I know Ivy. And if I said I support all the complaints against him and all those who said what they said, it's from a place of acquaintance with the person."

Believes in women.

Uri Gabriel (Photo: Liron Moldovan)

Were there any cases where Ivy was involved that you witnessed?

"Only once was I a witness. When I was in some production where he started with the makeup artist a little too much, and I stopped him. Then I had a conversation with him about this. I told him, listen, focus on texts, you do not study texts, you mess with women all the time, "Phones all the time, texting, focus on your work. Do you think you are king? Forever resilience? You need to keep working, focus on work, stop this nonsense."

"I too have heard quite a few stories from women I know," Gabriel adds.

What stories?

"Stories in style. Say and I will not add."

And how did Ivy react after talking to him about the subject?

"He was silent. He completely justifies me. I said things he would say to himself. So he was silent and did not speak. He agreed with me nodding his head, after I told him he was distracted, that he would focus on working on his job, that he should keep his career and not ruin it. "In all kinds of nonsense around. He went into deep contemplation."

And after you said you witnessed a case where he "started with the makeup artist too much" and you said you heard more stories about him, did you ever update any director or producer on his behavior?

"What the hell. Women are not puppets. They are human beings. And they know how to stand up for themselves. And if they feel hurt, they should open their mouths, talk and complain. Who am I to speak? If I see such a thing, then I myself put the man in place. "Who am I to tell the producer and tell him, he behaves this way and that way? Why would he believe me? The women can go to the producer and say that."

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After the publication of the evidence against him: "Shmil Ben-Ari will not participate in 'rehearsals' if there is another season"

To the full article

Women are not puppets.

Uri Gabriel and Moshe Ivgi from the movie "Max and Morris", 1994 (Photo: Creative Commons)

Faced with over twenty testimonies in the media alleging harassment, Ivgi was eventually convicted of committing an indecent act on one woman, was sentenced to community service and probation, and was not sentenced to prison.

The prosecution appealed his partial acquittal and sentence.

And his light sentence provoked much public outrage.

"It really is a light sentence. If it was someone from the community who would have snatched such a sentence - it's a prize, it's not a sentence. This is Ivy, the so-called king of industry, who fell and crashed into planks with all that entails. My heart really hurts for his daughter Dana He is also a prisoner in Israeli culture, and there is his family, his loss of livelihood, and his inability to move from place to place. He is already in prison, what does it matter if only service jobs, and some service jobs. His punishment is ten times that of every human being "From the locality that is not known. So you have to take that into account as well."

Many in the public and industry, as well as women who claimed that Ivy harassed and sexually assaulted them, were outraged that Ivy never took real responsibility for his actions, did not really admit his actions and especially his anger that he did not ask sincere and genuine forgiveness from the women he harmed.

"If something happened here, and there is a deep scar and a deep wound - forgiveness is what will help? And will you believe this forgiveness? In resuscitating Dinak, what do you need this forgiveness for? I do not accept forgiveness. I think if there is something someone should ask you for forgiveness for Forgive him, then you can also forgive him without asking for forgiveness. If it's an unforgivable act, then what's the point of forgiveness? What I was willing to accept is a confession and remorse. But not a request for forgiveness from the victims, because it is contempt for this matter. "He does not hurt. He thinks it causes pleasure to the other side. He thinks that is what the other side wants."

Have you talked to Ivgi since the affair broke out?

"No, I have not spoken to him even once."

Did you stop being a friend of Ivgi because of his harassment?

"There's something about it, yes, because I'm angry."

Were you disappointed in him?

"For any such case I'm angry. But I was not disappointed, because it was not new to me. If it is not new then it does not disappoint. I knew it, it suddenly floated, it was expected, and it did not surprise me. However, Mill was disappointed. "It hurts me that he spoke from the wrong place."

"I have anger."

Uri Gabriel and Moshe Ivgi in the film "Under the Nose" from 1982 (Photo: screenshot, from the film "Under the Nose", courtesy of United King)

We will soon reach Shmil Ben-Ari.

But how do you explain Ivy's annoying behaviors?

"Listen, Ivy had no shortage of women in his life, who courted him all the time. And all the time I was with him he got texted all the time. He just allowed himself a little too much. The so-called, keep me tight. It's the instinct. You want more. "

Why to this day have you refused to talk about the Ivgi affair?

"I told you, because it never sounds good. Look, as colleagues we can knock each other down. After all, they also put my feet up, if it's in the theater, etc. People with status can prevent you from working and earning a living in one word. They will say you are problematic, al Take him, or something like that, you can ruin a person's livelihood. As soon as you come and talk like that about your colleague you're actually ruining his livelihood. You're like a traitor and stab him in the back. ".

"By the way," Gabriel adds, "I dreamed of Ivy last night. I dreamed I came to him with tears in my eyes, he sat in front of me, and thought I was very sad because of his case. But then I told him in a dream that I had a cat killed, and really a cat was murdered in reality. A dog ate my cat. I had two lovely and young one year old cats, named David and Jonathan, and they murdered one of them in reality. In a dream Ivy thought I was crying because of him. I told him, kill my cat. I do not know why he was the man I told him. In a dream. "

The conversation with Gabriel about Ivgi came up against the background of the outbreak of another harassment affair of two of the stars of the series "Rehearsals" here 11. After the investigation of the site "Politically reads" about the harassment of Erez Driggs, actor Shmil Ben Ari interviewed Ynet and said, among other things: "Such actresses, women, waterbars, who cheapen up all this important thing, Mi Tu, and sometimes cling to some chopped and rickety cane, cling, for two minutes of dubious glory."

An investigation then appeared in Haaretz about 69-year-old Ben-Ari with testimonies of women who were sexually harassed by him when they were girls aged 13 and 14.


Which exposed the Ivgi affair

Six women testify: The actor Moshe Ivgi harassed us

To the full article

"Keep me out of trouble."

Uri Gabriel and Moshe Ivgi, 1983 (Photo: Maariv, Reuven Castro)

"Regardless of the complaints against him, what was or was not that we do not know, I think it's a shame he said what he said," Gabriel says.

"If someone else had said the same things, and not in that context, it would have made sense. But to say it in that context - it does not sound good. Even if Mill is one hundred percent right, and I do not support his words, the very fact that it was said in Erez Driggs' context Who was sexually harassed - I do not think it was right to say this thing. It was a mistake on his part to say the things, and again I say - even if true. There may be types who can drop all sorts of things on you just to be published, but it's not relevant, "This is a complaint in itself. It still can't paint Driggs' affair in a more rosy light. I'm sorry about Mill, because he's a good friend of mine and I love him, and I'm sorry it rolled over there."

You are only referring to Mill's statement, but the Haaretz investigation also alleges indecent acts on his part - what did you think of them?

Gabriel eludes a clear answer and glides into the story.

"I was a 16-year-old boy or even less. I hung out with other boys. And one of the boys, or the boys was called that, grabbed somebody, put her in the basement, and all the guys ran after him. She went with him voluntarily. She was even a married woman. And everyone They went into the basement, which was huge in an industrial area. And I was standing with them in line, you see. There were something like 18 guys. Suddenly I heard a crying cry from the site. I bypassed them all, took the man out, pulled him out of her, with his shirt I took him out. "Her hand, I dressed her and took her out, while everyone objected. I told my friends that whoever did not shut up I would smash his bones. And I released her. She is like my sister, like my daughter and like my mother."

"I heard crying, I came and pulled out the girl."

Uri Gabriel (Photo: Liron Moldovan)

The interview with Gabriel takes place with the rise this week of the second season of the series "Photographed", starring a trio of what is related.

Gabriel is amazing to play in an exciting and funny way with Moshe, Manny's partner (Zion Baruch).

The relationship between them is the only plot line that continues from the previous season, and it starts with a relationship crisis.

The new season is joined by, among others, Noa Koller, Gavri Banai and Kobi Faraj.

Your role as a gay in the series is different from your tape cast to some extent, and yet corresponds with it.

"It's always good to challenge yourself with a character who is far from you and lives in another world. But in this case there was some kind of bridge - we're still talking about someone who's a criminal, sat in jail, he exchanged money and is violent. There is a dissonance between this stereotypical character and being gay, this transition is "It's completely grotesque and unrealistic. And that turned me on."

I realized that after you were offered the job you were very hesitant and considered giving it up, why?

"I had resistance. Over time, when you create characters from this standard of criminals and criminals, you also gain an audience that admires the character. You know it from the world of cinema, that actors suddenly changed their image and provoked a lot of anger about it. So I was afraid that would be the reaction of The audience, and I did not want to hurt viewers who support me. On the other hand I also told myself that I do not know what the result of this thing will be. Anyway it is not erotic scenes of a gay couple making love and such. I did not know how I would feel with this thing and was very hesitant. I had some resistance and hesitation - that's what drew me to the end of the role. I said to myself, what's your point? You're an actor, go for it, flow with it! Here I had to reinvent myself in some way. And it was an amazing simple experience, and I was I repeat it over and over and over again. "

I heard that at the closing party of the previous season at the end of filming you gave an excited speech about how much the role surprised you.

Did you manage to be even more open to the LGBT community through it?

”I was always open to the community.

I have worked with such people, they are an arrowhead in the industry.

We are talking about human beings in the end.

Because I advocate the freedom of the individual to do what he wants with his life, without any institutional, religious, social or political involvement, it has pushed me to do this role.

It gives a different look to the subject and makes viewers look at things a little differently, with more patience and more sympathy, and dilutes homophobia a bit. "

More on Walla!

My name is Anna, and I am not afraid to be exposed: I was sexually assaulted by Moshe Ivgi

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"I was always open to the community."

Uri Gabriel and Zion Baruch in the "Photographed" series (Photo: courtesy of HOT)

When did you refuse when you were offered roles on your tape cast as an overly rough and stereotypical male offender, and when did you feel uncomfortable but forced to agree because of the need to make a living?

"Money is very important. I have reached an age where I start counting filming days rather than roles. But money does not sanctify the purpose. I have often refused positions because they had some ethnic smell. Going by the stereotype is fine as long as it is friendly, entertaining and a bit breaking. The stereotype while showing more things. But to say decisive and blatant statements about people of a certain color, from a certain sector, such things I will not do. I once played a Turkish prison commander in a semi-erotic English-language film called 'Hot Prison'. One such who raped, abducted and trafficked women "They wanted to put a Turkish flag on the table for me. I said, no. So far. I'm not ready for that. It did not specify exactly which commander I was in prison, and as soon as they named the Turkish flag - that was where it stopped for me."

You said a loaded sentence - "I have reached the age where I start counting filming days more than roles."

Despite your great success, is there still a financial concern and a feeling that you will not be able to retire in a year and a month, at age 67?

"Economic worry definitely accompanies you like a shadow of a lifetime, because for me it's not a career but a way of life, and that way of life is unstable, you do not know what tomorrow will be, you wait for the phone, especially when you do not create. Some retired people start creating. Maybe. When I retire I will start creating, maybe I will write some play, some script.

"In a sense, I retired at the age of 14. Pension is a connotation, you disconnect from the normal routine of life and leave the system.

So I felt like I was retiring at 14 and since then life has become for me a hobby instead of a profession.

I feel that the fruit has not yet fallen from the tree, and it still has a place to develop. "

Despite the corona, Gabriel has been photographed for several series in the past year - in addition to HOT" filmed "Netflix" Typhoon "and" Keshet "(whose final episode will be broadcast on Next Monday, March 8). "Because of the plague, Netflix 'Typhoon' made here was working inside a real lab, all the time with masks, gloves, keeping distance and great care.

There were people there who took special care of the thing, countless instructions and even gave us a course that explains what corona is all about.

Filming was stopped about a year ago and resumed a few weeks ago.

In contrast, in the 'Cops' series, everything was much lighter and more open.

We kept the guidelines but naturally it is impossible to play with masks, so only the team members were on full defense and the rest of the players worked normally.

And in 'Photographed' the corona was hardly felt.

Even there the crew members were wearing masks.

There were quite a few extras in the production and quite a few mass scenes. "

"Everything was light and open."

Uri Gabriel and Tzachi Halevi in ​​the series "The Police" (Photo: Keshet 12)

Despite the difficult year, you managed to make a living from the screen.

Where, after all, has the plague affected you and your environment?

"There's the show I directed, 'Daddy's Girls,' which was canceled, or rather delayed, after running for three years. That's the only thing, all the other productions kept working as usual. I personally was not harmed by it on a financial level. But you look around at what crashes there were. , And say - Walla, a piece of tsunami has passed here.You know, at first when a tsunami starts then people stand on the beach and look, not understanding what's going to happen.Until they catch the scene, sometimes too late.I think we are also in the middle of the story.We are in the middle of it Of a process that is not over yet and its results are not yet known. "

What did you think about the way Netanyahu managed the corona crisis and how he turned his back on culture for a year?

"I have a feeling that the world of culture is really last because there is a political color to this matter. There is always a tendency to blame the world of culture as a leftist. It could have something to do with it. After all sorts of statements by artists on political issues, you read talkbacks with slander and attacks. Great sympathy in the public.The world of culture in general and theater, concerts and opera in particular are considered elitist, and it does not so much concern the common man.In a situation where people in a storm, everyone takes care of his home and family, we did not have a strong enough lobby. It makes sense that they closed the cultural halls but really made things worse with us. "

By the way, in 2013, in the elections for the Nineteenth Knesset, you narrated the election propaganda of the Kadima party, which focused on the party's head, Shaul Mofaz, using the slogan "Who are you to brief on Shaul Mofaz?".

Ganz is now at a point similar to the one Mofaz was in, and is doing a similar mercy campaign.

What do you think about this?

"Just like that. In Mofaz's case, I did an initial and experimental reading of the text, and it was immediately absorbed and they were not willing to change a word there. I only did a narration test, and I did not want to use that phrase, 'Who are you to brief on Shaul Mofaz?' Says you can step on him, and he should not be one like that, an underdog, someone who can be stepped on. What they are doing now to Gantz is really stepping on him. Reaching such a degree of impudence that they tell him to retire. Who are you to tell Benny Gantz to retire ?! , Try to be a part of this system and change it. Who are you to tell him to retire ?! It's insolence. It's to take one step too far. That's my opinion about a politician who is just a novice in politics and he's a learner, who's had hardening experiences, I don 't know. "I think we should talk to people like that, and try to eliminate them. I do not like this discourse. Instead of talking like that, say what you want to do and what your agenda is."

More on Walla!

Uri Gabriel talks about "the good cop" and bad times

To the full article

We do not have great sympathy in the public.

Uri Gabriel (Photo: Liron Moldovan)

Many people feel that Gantz deceived them in violating his central election promise not to sit with Bibi.

"I can not underestimate these feelings, there is justice in them, and at the same time I say - let's give him a chance. He's just entering the system, in a time of war, Corona is the 11th blow."

Would you participate in a campaign like Mofaz's again?

"I would do it again but differently. Like then I wanted to do it differently. I usually like to interfere with original scripts and plays, shake them up a bit. Here too I would shake the text a bit, and use other expressions, and not do a pity campaign. It has full "Rights, he comes from a good place and an honest and real man. Okay, so he is not a politician but has contributed to the state all his life and he deserves a place of honor without compromising and without asking for mercy."

You have often played characters of cops, including in the series "The Good Cop" by yes, and "The Cops" by Keshet.

Are you satisfied with the functioning of the Israel Police?

"The police are somewhere a political tool. They can not act and achieve good results in front of the ultra-Orthodox public. For one defector who is looking for him, who will come to the recruitment bureau, you are already blocked for a few hours, and that is a main artery. I think the police should exercise more discretion. At the individual level, and as little as possible to harm civilians, to treat them as citizens and not nationals. But the police live in a situation that they did not create and they can not change. I saw the clashes in Umm al-Fahm and my heart ached. Come to protest against violence in Arab society, and you policemen must demonstrate together With them or at least reach some sort of order with them. "

"In general, I feel a sense of acidity wherever I look," Gabriel adds.

"The political system, the judiciary, the prosecutor's office, the police. The whole establishment has a sense of acidity, you feel cheated and you have become more of a citizen than a citizen. This is not the same country. I feel there is an expiration date for Israeli democracy. Hope is faltering. You have a public that is clearly undemocratic, does not learn about the values ​​of democracy that is not talked about at all, and it uses democracy through MKs who are unfortunately not democratic at all.I live in the Pardes Katz neighborhood under an ultra-Orthodox municipality, for more than fifty years.If you want to see what "This is a democracy, so we in Bnei Brak have never had municipal elections, you do not know who your mayor is, he never speaks to you, does not come to you and did not ask for your vote. As a secular you do not exist in this city at all."

"You feel cheated and made more of a citizen than a citizen."

Uri Gabriel (Photo: Liron Moldovan)

What things have you done in your life that you regret?

On the other hand, what are you especially proud of?

"I do not regret anything. There are some things I think I should not have done but I probably do not regret. And what am I most proud of? I am more proud of the things I did not do than the things I did. Listen, I grew up in a place with a high risk of deterioration, in the Pardes Katz neighborhood. "Neglected, with promiscuous teenagers. Some of my friends sometimes fell easily into all sorts of bad things. I could have fallen too, and I'm proud I was tempted, that I stayed."

After a glorious career, what dreams do you still have left?

"I feel like I did not start at all. I feel like a man without a resume. No resume can stick with me. It's a sticker for me. So I did things, okay, it's like talking about yesterday's meal. What matters is that this profession is still burning in my bones. I am very "Curious to get into characters that are much more complex, and convey some new message to life. That's what interests me. What do I care what I did, it was all nonsense. I played. Like a kid on a playground. The game is over, it's, a new day."

More on Walla!

Noa Koller does not deserve to lose "rehearsals" because of two harassers.

We do not deserve it either

To the full article


Advocate Michael Carmel, Moshe Ivgi's defense attorney, commented on his behalf: "After years of many articles in my client's case, on all possible issues surrounding his trial, an imaginary plot was born here, with nothing behind it.

All the witnesses in the case testified that Moshe Ivgi is a professional of the highest standard.

To say that he did not study texts is simply not to know the way he works.

This is a foolish attempt to influence the outcome of the appeal, to produce a false media noise that has no truth behind it.

Where he's been all these years.

"There were never things and if it was really even the method of that 'close friend', he would report to the police and give his version, so that 'his truth' would be published."

The second season of "Filmed" airs on Mondays and Tuesdays on HOT3, and is also available on HOT VOD and NEXT TV.

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