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Disappearance of Delphine: the disturbing secrets of the Jubillar family


Delphine Jubillar has been missing since the night of December 15 to 16, 2020 without leaving any trace behind her. The nurse in Albi (Tarn) is

Two high rows of concrete blocks completed by a wooden plank as a portal.

At the beginning of February, Cédric Jubillar hastily built this makeshift fortress after finding himself face to face with a television crew that came, without apparent complex, to film his home.

As if the house of the Jubillar family in Cagnac-les-Mines, a peaceful village in the Tarn nestled on the heights of Albi, had become an object of curiosity that has fallen into the public domain.

To tell the truth, number 19 rue Yves-Montand has always attracted attention.

Even before Delphine's disappearance, on the night of December 15 to 16, this single-storey building with red brick without plaster was already the focus of attention.

Some slanderous neighbors had nicknamed it "Beirut" for its appearance of a construction site neither done nor to be done, strewn with wooden pallets, scrap metal, toys and small equipment left abandoned.

After having done most of the interior work himself, Cédric seemed to have adapted to the decor.

But not Delphine.

Cédric Jubillar largely built the couple's house in Cagnac-les-Mines (Tarn) but did not complete it. / LP / Ronan Folgoas  

During the last summer, when she announced her intention to divorce after seven years of marriage, the nurse evoked, among other things, her weariness of living in the middle of this jumble.

Cédric, 33, the same age as his wife, takes the hit and then reacts.

"He moved to finally finish the paintings and joints, he also finished installing roller shutters, blows one of his relatives.

But it was not enough.

We must believe that the evil was deeper.


Before her disappearance, her husband suspects a sentimental affair

The last months before her disappearance, Delphine spends most of her free time at home with her eyes riveted on her phone, whose access codes she has changed.

What exactly is she doing?

Is she just having fun on My Café, the restaurant management game she and several of her friends have fallen in love with?

At the end of last summer, Cédric suspected the existence of a sentimental affair without being completely certain.

In his eyes, Delphine is not quite the same.

She puts on more makeup, goes out more and more, monitors her image, changes her profile picture on Facebook ...

At the same time, he tries to monitor his movements.

Once, he even surprises her in a strange posture.

"I pray," she said to him then.

"But you who are an atheist, what or who do you pray to?

He asks, taken aback.

"It does not concern you," she evacuates.

End of the discussion.

Cedric feels that his wife is already elsewhere.

But what to say and how to do?

He still says he's in love, even if he doesn't always have the words or the gestures to tell her… They met at a birthday party fourteen years earlier, at the age of 19.

He was her first man.

She's her first serious relationship.


Disappearance of Delphine Jubillar: a discreet life at the rate of children and work

But since the beginning of Delphine's night nurse career, ten years ago, the couple have been living in staggered hours.

Independent craftsman "plasterer, painter and tiler", Cédric regularly leaves the house at 7 am.

He is a perfectionist, rigorous, a little too much.

He regularly forces himself to work on Saturdays to complete his projects on time.

Assigned to the geriatric service when she is not requisitioned to take care of Covid patients, Delphine, for her part, does not leave the Claude-Bernard clinic in Albi until 8 am.

Back in Cagnac, driving her blue Peugeot 207, she then joined her two children, either at home when Cédric was still there, or at the nanny's.

Then drive Louis to school.

After having swallowed a breakfast, she goes to bed and does not emerge until the end of the afternoon.

The fragmented daily life of a couple about to divorce

In this very fragmented daily life, moments of complicity become rare.

The honeymoon in the Maldives and Dubai, following their wedding in June 2013, already seems far away.

As for the few weeks of vacation together, they are not enough to bridge the growing gap.

The most recent date back to the summer of 2019, in Cap-d'Agde (Hérault).

It was a few months after the birth of their daughter Elyah, the time when the family immortalized their happiness under the lens of a photographer friend.

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A year later, the intimate landscape has disintegrated, without their close relatives realizing it.

Cédric finally understood that Delphine would not change her mind.

They have secured, one like the other, the services of a lawyer and are heading in this fall 2020 towards a divorce by mutual consent with the key to joint custody of the children.

A subject of anguish for the young dad.

Of course, he is already involved in the education of his 6-year-old son, Louis, takes him fishing around the Cagnac pond, accompanies him to rugby and plays football with him.

But managing repetitive daily tasks, especially with her young daughter, is a whole other challenge.

Material and financial concerns also enter into the equation.

After considering buying back the shares that his wife owns in the house, Cédric understood that he would not succeed, for lack of means.

They would therefore have to sell this house, imperfect seen from the outside certainly but built with his own hands and very pleasant to live in it seems.

“The ground floor is around one hundred square meters, there are three bedrooms, a nice living-dining area, a kitchen with American fridge, an insert which diffuses a beautiful heat in winter, recites a regular visitor. .

We could live in our underwear with them, the weather is so good… ”

Awakened by the tears of his daughter, Cédric discovers the absence of his wife

From this house and its vast basement, the experts of the national gendarmerie's criminal research institute now know every square inch of it.

After passing the bluestar, a blood stain revealer, they used ground penetrating radar to probe the floor and walls.

The soldiers even pushed their attention to detail to dismantle the toilet siphon, looking for the slightest clue.

Without success.

Since the outbreak of the case, Cédric Jubillar has been heard twice during free hearings.

His version of the night of December 15-16 has remained constant.

This Tuesday evening, he would have gone to bed around 10:30 p.m.

Delphine then takes advantage of a week's vacation and Louis does not have school the next day.

The mother and her son stay in front of the TV for a while, then the little boy goes to bed.

Around 4 a.m., Cédric is awakened by the tears of Elyah who has probably lost his pacifier.

The dad gets up and notices that his wife is neither in the marital bed nor on the sofa where he sometimes falls asleep.

He goes down to the basement and notices that the two dogs of the family, two Shar-Pei, Gnocchi the male and Oprah the female, are not there either.

He would have opened the door and the dogs would have come straight to him from outside.

Delphine is nowhere to be found.

Just like his phone and his white puffer jacket.

Airbnb car and apartment rentals

Would she have gone to a friend of Cagnac's or a neighbor?

Cédric probes a few people but the answers, over the hours, all turn out to be negative.

He decides to call the gendarmerie in the early morning.

During the day, the Albi public prosecutor's office opens an investigation for "worrying disappearance of anyone".

On December 23, the affair changes dimension.

The Toulouse public prosecutor's office opens a judicial investigation for "arrest, kidnapping, detention or arbitrary sequestration for more than seven days" and entrusts the investigations to the gendarmes of the Toulouse research section.

The last known person to have seen her, Louis, the eldest son, was heard twice by investigators.

From the top of his 6 years, he does not bring any element likely to contradict the paternal version and does not remember any argument between his parents that evening.

But the investigating magistrates have a doubt.

Could Louis have slept under the influence of a sleeping pill that night?

Toxicological analyzes have been ordered.

The results have not filtered.

In the days which follow the disappearance of his wife, Cédric cannot help but search Delphine's mail in search, perhaps, of the beginning of an answer.

In particular, he goes through bank statements and then locates payments, dated from the very last few months, which appear surprising to him: car rentals, Airbnb apartments and hotel rooms, in Albi and Toulouse.

Findings confirmed by sources close to the investigation.

Would Delphine have concealed gallant trips from him?

Afterwards, witnesses wake up and believe they have seen the young woman in an Ibis hotel around Albi.

But in whose company?

Missing Tarn: thousands of volunteers in the footsteps of Delphine Jubillar

At the end of December, the couple's house was placed under seal.

Until the end of January, Cédric takes shelter about ten kilometers away with his mother, Nadine, his stepfather whom he calls "daddy" and his little sister.

This family closed-door, as necessary as it is painful, allows her to get back on her feet in the company of her two children.

On Facebook groups dedicated to the case, Internet users openly accuse him, insult him and even threaten him with death in some cases.

Other people, women he does not know most of the time, offer him material help and even venture into the field of seduction.

In private, on the other hand, he can rely on the confidence of those close to him who believe in his innocence.

Eye to eye, Cedric would have assured his mother, plagued by questions she did not necessarily dare to ask, that it had nothing to do with the disappearance of his wife.

Bad reputation

Since the beginning of February, back to square one.

Cédric and his two children have found Cagnac-les-Mines and their house at 19, rue Yves-Montand.

On weekends, the trio escape to take in the mountain air in a small resort in Aveyron.

The ghost of Delphine is omnipresent, but you have to live well and take on your daily life.

Including financially.

At the time of his wife's disappearance, Cédric Jubillar was starting a trial period in a painting company after a short experience, this fall, in a company specializing in drilling.

Cooled off by an unexpected visit by the gendarmes to his workplace, the employer preferred to terminate the contract.

But Cédric has rebounded since mid-February by signing a CDD of artisan plaquist.

His favorite field where he excels alone, hard-rock or techno music always thoroughly.

Deprived of a driving license for the moment, he leaves his house early in the morning to take the bus to Albi.

The neighbors then see his small figure (1m65) surmounted by a cap to protect his bald head.

No one really knows what feeds their thoughts.

The man is naturally silent, "rough cut" according to one of his acquaintances, helpful but ready to make any concessions to fit the mold.

Known to the authorities for his profile as a regular drug user, he knows that the bad reputation sticks to him, today as yesterday, and it has been a while since he no longer paid attention to it.

Everything seems to slide on him, except when you compare him to Jonathann Daval, the man who killed his wife Alexia in October 2017 before being arrested and taken into police custody three months later.

This Wednesday, it's been eleven weeks since Delphine Jubillar disappeared and the mystery has never seemed so thick.

Is she dead or alive?

Kidnapped or on the run in a foreign country, possibly under the control of a man?

Her husband would continue to believe in a very improbable return.

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