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Ford Puma Test Israel today


A different look and lots of safety accessories put Ford in the hottest mix in the local market vehicle

A different look and lots of safety accessories put Ford in the hottest mix on the local market

The Ford Puma is entering the hottest category in the domestic market.

Hot and crowded.

How crowded?

There are more than 20 small recreational vehicles in the Israeli market and the hand is still outstretched.

Just as the multiplicity of models in this segment ensures tough competition, it also reminds us, that this is a significant market share and it is growing consistently.

Hence it is worthwhile for any manufacturer to take a slice of this puffed cake.

And certainly Ford, which wants to wake up and rejuvenate the brand's activity in Israel.

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The cougar is aimed right there.

It looks very different in the environment.

Its design is different, not pretty in classic terms, but definitely striking, incorporating all sorts of more and less familiar elements and on the way also saluting the original Ford Puma.

If once they took the Fiesta and gave it a sporty coupe look, in this era the Fiesta serves as the base for the little leisure.

The Fiesta’s platform has been slightly stretched in honor of the occasion, and yet the Puma is placed close to the shorter models in the range segment.

We know the combination of engine and gearbox from other places in the concern.

The engine is the same award-winning three-cylinder 1.0-liter EcoBoost and the dual-clutch robotic gearbox is the new one that wants to erase the problems of its predecessor in office.

Still at the data sheet level, the Puma offers advanced safety systems already from its base version.

This includes adaptive cruise control, active lane keeping and autonomous braking capability.

The latter also in reverse and along with the rest of the systems here certainly offers a comprehensive and rare solution in this category.

From the aforesaid point of view.

How many will you be?

The Puma's cabin will be suitable mainly for young women or young families at the beginning of their journey.

The front space is good, but that of the back seat is cramped relative to what can be found in various places in this category.

The Contra comes from the trunk with a respectable charging volume.

It could have been even more respectable, but local law requires that an alternative wheel be offered if the manufacturer allows it.

Elsewhere, instead of the wheel Ford installed a new creative solution.

They created a deep compartment there, one that allows a tall flowerpot to be placed in the trunk.

Or equipment after spending time on the beach, without soiling the entire vehicle.

The compartment made of plastic can be washed with a drain plug at the bottom.


In our case, as mentioned, the compartment comes with a replacement tire (and there is still room left) and the said drain opening is used for the screw that anchors the replacement wheel in place.

Back in the seat in front of the steering wheel, he feels supportive and good.

The test vehicle was fitted with leather-integrated upholstered seats equipped with the relaxing massage option (an additional NIS 4,500 in the test vehicle).

The instrumentation in this version is a bit scanty, and the cabin looks not the most up-to-date or technological.

More expensive models have a digital watch face, here there is a small information display between the two analog watches.

It also has an original and easy-to-operate multimedia screen.

Small but trained

Ford's 1.0L engine was considered a breakthrough when it was introduced and won a variety of applications.

Here it produces very good performance.

Although the data sheet does not imply this, there is definitely a healthy feeling up front, especially in the half pedal and the first third of the RPM gauge.

In these places it feels healthy and pushes like a bigger engine.

Its downside is related to refinement.

Its operation in idle is not always smooth and the stop-and-go system, which silences the vehicle in traffic jams, only emphasizes this tremor more.

Taking a naughty little supermini car, and putting a taller vehicle on it, should sabotage its dynamic capabilities.

But Ford knows a thing or two about how to get cars to behave properly.

The cougar, pulls out one of its strongest cards here.

On a broken urban road the feeling is nothing, with quite a bit of noise from the wheelhouses and a shiver as it passes into the cabin.

But, in return for those, you get a recreational vehicle that does not lose its mind when it is required to turn or brake.

The steering wheel is quite accurate, it is a bit weightless in its first quarter turn but then offers excellent accuracy and resistance.

The cougar places its four wheels securely on the asphalt, unmoved by the transfer of power and does not raise its hands.

Even when understeer appears it is quite gentle and controlled.

There is a slight roll angle, but the suspensions are successfully calibrated and control well from sucking.

The brake pedal is also linear and efficient.

The only complaint here will be directed to a slightly delayed response of the engine and gearbox.

About what and to whom

It seems that this cougar wants to turn to them.

For young people in spirit and soul.

Those who want unique design, good performance and a good feel on the road.

Those who are willing to pay a few shekels more for their uniqueness and those who do not care that friends do not have too much space in the back seat.

While it does not offer usability or an attractive price compared to its competitors in the group, it does appropriate a certain character.

And that is sometimes, all it takes.

Ford Puma 'Titanium'

Engine: Turbo,

 999 cc


 125 hp at 4,500 rpm


 20.4 at 1,750 rpm


 Dual-Clutch Robot, 7 Hill



Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h:

 10.2 h

Maximum speed:

 187 km / h

Fuel consumption (test):

11.3 km / l


 258.8 cm


1,366 kg

Price (tested version):

 NIS 128,000


Appearance, Behavior


Rear spacing, price

Bottom line: The

world belongs to the young

Source: israelhayom

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