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Skoda Octavia RS in Test Israel today


The fourth generation of the Octavia also offers a sporty and well-equipped option. The price dropped by NIS 10,000. The ability, remained similar | vehicle

The fourth generation of the Octavia also offers a sporty and well-equipped option.

The price dropped by NIS 10,000.

The ability, remained similar

The Skoda Octavia RS is a car of the type that is easy to like.

A sporty family that really does both of these things.

Alongside the family, the fourth generation of the Octavia takes care, easily one of the best families that hangs out here today.

With a quality and spacious cabin, a high level of finish, a complete safety equipment list and up-to-date engines - the family is tidy.

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In RS it is even more orderly.

The price of the RS is NIS 210,000, much more than the base price of the Octavia 1.0 L.

So of course there is higher level armature here, seats with unique upholstery, an upgraded system, every possible safety system and even an airbag between the driver and passenger in case of an accident.

Not on us.

Compared to the outgoing generation of the RS, it is possible to register a shortage of a sunroof here, weight gain following the leap compared to the outgoing Octavia and also a price drop of NIS 10,000.

The sporty part is fitted with adaptive shock absorbers, a limited-slip mechanical differential that maintains the power coming from the 2.0-liter turbo engine and DSG gearbox.

The same familiar recipe.

A recipe that puts her more or less alone on the sports family pitch.

A sports sedan with armature and similar performance costs much more.

So Skoda's proposal in submitting RS retains its place.

Without getting excited

The new Octavia looks great and this is doubly true of the RS in front of us.

The small additions, here give a more athletic tone but by no means flashy.

It gets large rims, small skirts, model embellishments and a slightly more pronounced rear spoiler than the popular sisters.

Not something that attracts too much attention.

Yes something that implies that this is a different version, more equipped for the familiar family.

The cabin speaks less quietly.

This is a place that is very pleasant to enter on the one hand and the athletic aspiration on the other is completely clear.

The sample seats are sporty, supportive and decorated with clear embroidery.

Red stitches find their place elsewhere in the cabin, the ambient lighting and screens in a stimulating reddish hue, the steering wheel truncated, the pedals with touches of aluminum.

It is suddenly clear that this is no longer a family affair.

As mentioned, there is a demonstrated sense of wealth here in everything related to the equipment and the workmanship is of very high quality.

We did not like the touchpad under the screen, on which the finger is supposed to slide to control the volume.

We also liked the fast and clear interface on the big screen, the improved system compared to the simpler models and the climate control with the three areas.

As in previous generations, no price is paid here for athletic ability.

The rims are large (19 inches), the tires are wider, the suspensions are a little tougher, but it's still a quiet and comfortable car.

It does not require unnecessary attention in daily use, giving all the usability and logic that characterize this model family.

Road noises are a bit more present because of the wide soles, the feel from the suspensions is more solid.

But again, not in an annoying or unusual way.

Maybe just a little

What you should pay attention to, is the right foot.

This car is gaining so much speed that it is misleading.

The extra weight compared to the previous generation means that the classic acceleration figure here is slower by 0.1 s.

Not something that is really noticeable when you press the pedal to the carpet.

At this point the engine exhibits its healthy data, the box responds quickly and the solid octave, takes off.

Even when the road starts to meander the capacity here is high.

The control of the adaptive shocks in the body is excellent, the brakes are strong and do not show decay and the steering is quite fast.

This is not a frenetic car that can be tossed from turn to turn.

She loves precise driving with the rational loading of the tires on the way to the peak of the turn.

There it relies on the high grip it produces and moves to divide the force into waves in front.

The front differential helps here and pulls it resolutely towards the next turn.

When you use everything this car knows how to give, the fuel consumption drops to 9.1 km / l.

Given that it will be very easy to improve on more relaxed driving.

on the way home

And if driving is comfortable, it's time to slow down, think and sum up.

It's very easy to like the Octavia RS.

She gives so much and asks for a lower price than the outgoing generation.

That much she gives, is spread out in all sorts of directions.

Space in the passenger compartment and a huge trunk for example.

Comprehensive and complete equipment both in terms of safety and comfort.

Exciting performance without compromising on day-to-day comfort.

A smart car, one that knows how to produce an accurate mix of different requirements.

Walk between these drops and stay dry and smiling.

It is not for those young people who are looking for something flashy.

The exact opposite.

It appeals to a more mature audience.

One who wants the solidity it offers and needs that more that it hides within it.

Whether it's a pleasant place to stay, or a car that's easy to rush to.

Regardless of all of these, she continues to carry the sporty family banner at a relatively affordable price.

There is no other environment that knows how to offer all of these, certainly not at the price required for it.

And that makes us like her even more.

Skoda Octavia


Engine: Turbo,

 1,984 cc


 245 hp at 5,000 rpm


 37.7 at 1,600 rpm


 Dual-Clutch Robot, 7 Hill


Front, limited differential skating

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h:

 6.7 s

Maximum speed:

 250 km / h

Fuel consumption (test):

9.1 km / l


 268 cm


1,575 kg


 NIS 210,000


Usability, speed


Gained weight

Bottom line:

Alone on the field

origin of the name

The pair of letters RS symbolizes in Skoda an abbreviation of the words 'rally-sport' and is anchored in the distant past of the company.

One of Skoda's iconic cars was the RS130, which was a success on both the rally tracks and the asphalt tracks.

The 130 was formerly known as the "Eastern Porsche 911".

This is because of the similar configuration, rear engine and rear-wheel drive, in the years before the fall of the Iron Curtain.

In its modern incarnation sponsored by the Volkswagen Group, the company has re-launched the pair of letters, along with a return to the rally tracks.

The first generation of the Octavia did not succeed in the rally world and recorded one podium to its credit that was achieved more thanks to durability than speed.

Since then others have moved to represent Skoda in motor sport.

But thanks to the same rally experience of the first Octavia we earned the Octavia RS.

A tradition that begins its fourth generation, and rightly so.

Source: israelhayom

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