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Yahoo Clever closes: Such absurd user questions are deleted


On sites like there is helpful information, but also a lot of nonsense. With Yahoo Clever, a portal now closes on which users have been asking and answering questions for 15 years. What is lost in the process?

Yahoo logo at a trade show: The brand has been part of Verizon Media for some time

Photo: © Albert Gea / Reuters / REUTERS

Yahoo's parent company Verizon Media pulls the rip cord: The US company will close its advisor portal Yahoo Answers in less than a month, which for many years has been a gold mine for anyone looking for examples of stupid questions and answers from Internet users.

In addition to Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Clever, the German counterpart of the site, which is overshadowed by other interactive platforms such as in this country, also thanks.

If Verizon Media has its way, Yahoo Answers and Yahoo Clever will disappear completely from the web 15 years after their launch.

From May 4th, when you try to access one of the services, you will be redirected to the Yahoo home page, the company said.

According to the information, anyone who wants to save the data on their Yahoo Clever account can request a download link for it until June 30, 2021.

Will Scientists Save the Data?

Yahoo Answers and Yahoo Clever and with them hundreds of millions of user questions will soon disappear, at least from the place of origin.

However, the probability is high that scientists interested in the history of the Internet will try to archive the content of the website as completely as possible and make it permanently accessible.

The questions published on the Yahoo portals give a largely unfiltered impression of the topics and questions that preoccupied people in the noughties and 2010s so much that they posted posts about them on an Internet portal.

A first major attempt to secure the questions and answers from Yahoo Answers beyond the platform was made in 2017. Even then, there was speculation that the platform would be off.

With a view to the official shutdown date, similar initiatives can now be expected.

However, it is unclear whether and to what extent Yahoo Clever could be part of such data recovery attempts: The German offshoot of the US platform is less important than the original, so there are likely to be far fewer people who care about archiving the data.

The world is likely to lose tens of thousands of nonsensical, but also many meaningful and helpful online exchanges by German users.

Ten questions and answers from Yahoo Clever

As a symbolic contribution to Internet historiography, SPIEGEL documents ten not entirely atypical questions from Yahoo Clever, including the "best answer" according to the portal.

Spelling errors and similar abnormalities were retained, as was the time information.




· 1 decade ago

»How is it, will the world end in 2012 or not?

I have to do something urgently - how should I set my priorities. "


· 1 decade ago

“Well, if there is something urgent to be done, then there is still enough time until 2012.

Just let yourself be surprised. "



· 1 decade ago

"What does a wifi cable cost?"

Paul E.

· 1 decade ago

"About as much as a piston return spring on a small car."



· 1 decade ago

»Which drug rocks the most ???

I mean everyone takes drugs ... whether alcohol, cigarettes, weed, coke, sports, games ... - everyone has something with which they get a certain intoxication.

I want to know what you are intoxicated with and why? "

Alter Ego

· 1 decade ago


and luckily this is not a drug

and: EVERYONE is absolutely wrong.

i don't use drugs.

nothing of what you have listed up there "



· 1 decade ago

“Is it actually legal to celebrate my divorce?

The wedding was also celebrated «


· 1 decade ago

"I haven't actively experienced either ... but what the heck ... raise your cups ... * fump * ... ;-)"



· 1 decade ago

»What is the first name of Mrs. Keludowig from RTL2?

And why do you always say 'woman'?

You don't always say Herr Becker "

Dianthus N

· 1 decade ago

"That's what I always asked myself with Mr. Kules."



· 1 decade ago

»Is it forbidden to use tampons if you are Catholic?

The Catholic religion forbids sex before marriage and masturbation.

So does that also mean that as a woman you shouldn't use tampons? "


· 1 decade ago

"that's rubbish"



· 1 decade ago

"Why is it all over at 40?"

noble flower

· 1 decade ago

“Life really starts at 40.

The children are usually so big that you don't have to constantly supervise them, you have a job (if you have one) that is good enough for you to be able to enjoy life, you made a lot of mistakes from which you learned a lot more and ................. you can no longer be fooled so easily «



· 1 decade ago

»Why is the toilet seat actually called a toilet seat?

In my opinion it is only a monocle, because it is only one ring and glasses have two "rings". «


· 1 decade ago

"Because the toilet monocle sounds stupid!"



· 1 decade ago

"Which celebrity has an egghead?"


· 1 decade ago

"This one guy on the DSDS jury, not the Bohlen, the other guy who looks like a butcher"



· 6 years ago

"Shouldn't Yahoo Clever just shut down?"


· 6 years ago

»Wouldn't be the end of the world for me.

I'm rarely here anyway.

I've already written: I used to laugh here a lot and now I just think it's ridiculous.


Source: spiegel

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