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"Rehearsals" and here 11 are the big winners of the 2021 TV Awards - Walla! culture


Here 11 knocked out the rest of the broadcasters at the TV Awards ceremony. "Rehearsals" is the series that has won the most awards, including the Erez Driggs Award. Shalom Asaig won the Actor Award in the Drama Series for his role in "Manaich," and Niv Sultan won the Actress Award in the Drama Series for "Tehran." all the details

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"Rehearsals" and here 11 are the big winners of the 2021 TV Awards

Here 11 knocked out the rest of the broadcasters at the TV Awards ceremony.

"Rehearsals" is the series that has won the most awards, including the Erez Driggs Award.

Shalom Asaig won the Actor Award in the Drama Series for his role in "Manaich," and Niv Sultan won the Actress Award in the Drama Series for "Tehran."

all the details


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Sagi Ben Nun

Sunday, 11 April 2021, 15:35 Updated: 15:42

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Promo The last episode of the first season of "Rehearsals" (here 11)

The Public Broadcasting Corporation here ends a year of perfect drama with a knockout victory over the other broadcasters at the TV Awards ceremony held today (Sunday) with the largest number of wins here 11, by a huge margin from the other bodies.

The "rehearsals" series here has won the most awards.

She picked up eight awards: Comedy Drama Series, Actress in Comedy Series, Directing in Comedy Series, Screenplay in Comedy Series, Supporting Actor in Drama Series, Supporting Actress in Drama Series, Casting in Comedy Series and Photo Editing in Feature Series.

The documentary series "Lebanon - The Borders of Blood" here has won six awards.

"Manaich" has won five awards.

The ceremony, presented by Yaniv Bitton, was filmed at Cinema City Glilot and will be broadcast tonight here 11.

Despite the investigation into the sexual harassment of Erez Driggs, one of the stars and creators of "Rehearsals", he and Noa Koller won the screenplay award in a comedy series.

Koller said in a speech, among other things: "Nothing that happened in 'Rehearsals' I could not imagine, not even now, that my partner in the award had something, and he can not come."

Assaf Amir, producer and producer of "Rehearsals" and also chairman of the academy, told Walla! Tarbut today: "I think Erez made the right and correct decision.

I think he wanted to make room for his partners.

We came to celebrate the industry so he took a step back.

It allows the industry to celebrate the best year that has been this year.

"Rehearsals star Itai Turgeman, who won the Drama Series Supporting Actor Award, said in his speech:" This is a very exciting milestone for me after a journey of several years that I was privileged to take deep care of myself and my life. , And it is no coincidence that I was privileged to play Ofer, who suffers from an addiction, this role has value for my development as a person and not just as an actor.

Thanks to Ofer, I was able to be a mirror for many people who chose to take care of themselves and begin a journey of recovery. "

More on Walla!


He almost died and lost both his hands, but can now bring Israel an Olympic medal

To the full article

Erez Driggs was absent from the incident.

Noa Koller (Photo: Reuven Castro)

A nice tribute in one of the winning speeches was from Molly Segev, the editor-in-chief of "Great Country," who won the satire program award.

"We came to pay homage to 'This Is It.'

An amusing moment at the ceremony was when Assi Cohen won the Actor Award in a Drama Series for his role in "That's How It Is" and said in his speech: "What comes, comes", to the laughter of the audience.

Assaf Amir added and told Walla!

Culture that the original plan of the ceremony was initially to be limited to about a hundred people, however in light of the return to routine it has been expanded.

"A few weeks ago the plan was to hold the ceremony with several teams in capsules, where all sorts of series and programs would gather, and others would zoom in. Then one day we walked around the city, saw what was happening, and realized it was no longer relevant to make a ceremony look like a period ceremony. "A man we thought of bringing in at first it went up to four hundred people. That's the whole industry. I think this is the first time we in the industry are allowed to meet."

This year, the academy's management made several changes, including the separation of the children and youth categories.

The world of young people will have its own event that will take place in the summer.

In addition, the academy management has divided comedy drama into situation comedy, adding awards to actors and supporting actresses in both drama and comedy.

Oddly enough, the Lifetime Achievement Award category was removed from the ceremony this year.

Stars of the series "Rehearsals" and producer Assaf Amir (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Complete list of winners:



drama series

- yes

Tehran - here 11


- here 11

thistle -


closing time - here 11

comedic drama series

The great big thing - here 11

rehearsals - here 11

this is how it is - yes

go through the night - yes

Stockholm - here 11

comedy situations

estate - Keshet 12


- Keshet


Sabri Mernan - Keshet 12

Kupa Rashit - Here 11

Ron - yes

Daily drama

Kibbutzniks - HOT

Brigade - yes

Factual series

Aharoni and Gidi the most wonderful restaurants in the world - Chain 13

We are on the napkin - Here are 11 My

Secret Life The 4th - yes

Trip after the army - Japan - here 11

Sorry for the question - in the Arabic language - hence 33


certificate series

- yes

Lebanon - Blood borders - here 11

Ofra - HOT

Awake - HOT

Sky in red - here 11

TV show

Chase - here 11

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - Keshet 12

Hospitality and / or Culture



Agent - here 11

after closing - here 11

Galit and Ilanit - Keshet 12

Paula and Leon - Keshet 12

Meeting with Roni Koven - here 11

Current affairs program

Ofira and Berkowitz - Keshet 12 The

Pipe with Guy Lerer - Network 13

Before the News with Hila Korach - Network 13

from the other side with Guy Zohar - Here 11

Pocket Games - Here 11

Ambush Extreme

Entertainment Program

- Network 13

Tonight with Lucy

And Guri - here 11

viral relationships - here 11

stories from the armchair - here 11

Kobi and Little life itself - network 13

docu-reality show

Come eat with me - here 11 the

bougainvillea - yes the

sharks - rainbow 12

wedding at first sight - rainbow 12

more meet - here 11

show Reality Reality

MKR The Winning Kitchen - Keshet 12

Music School - Keshet 12 The

Singer in the Mask - Keshet 12

Master Chef - Keshet 12

Ninja Israel 2021 - Keshet 12

Satire program and sketches

Great Country - Keshet 12

Back of the Nation - Network 13 The

Jews Come - Here 11

This is it - here 11

times a week with Tam Aharon - here 11

sports program

The Night Studio - The Sports Channel

The Champions League Studio - The Sports

News Sports Channel - The

Automotive World Sports Channel - The

Riyadh Al Hamisa Sports Channel - The Sports Channel The

Citizen Guetta

Research Program

- Here 11 The

Source - Network 13

Real Time - Here 11

Fact - Rainbow 12


One Woman


- Producers and creators

Nili Tzruya, Linor Lavie, independent in

their soul - Producers and

creators of Emeri Makal

Kadosh, Tomer McLberg - Strawberries Productions, here Digital

Haredim Network - Producer and creators Rona Segal and Kobi Mizrahi, Mako The

Rise and Fall of Shem Tov Avi - Producers and creators: Tamir Bar, Naor Suki, Dror Paz and Vichy Suisse

E, here is Digital

Cypocalypse Now - Producers and Creators - Zipporella, Independent

Won the Supporting Actor Award in a Drama Series.

Amos Tamam (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Leading actor in the drama series The

Massacre - Guri Alfi Aharon The

Massacre - Gal Toren

Stisl - Dov Glickman

Normal - Roi Nick

Manaich - Shalom Asaig Lead

actress in the drama series The

Massacre - Yael Elkana

Tehran -

Niv Sultan

Manaich - Liraz Hammi Stisl

- Neta Riskin

Stisel - Shira Haas

Actor Heads in the comedy series

First Box - Amir Shorosh

This is How It Is - Asi Cohen

Rehearsals - Erez Driggs

Stockholm - Dov Glickman

Stockholm - Sasson Gabay

Main Actress in the Comedy Series

The Great Big Thing - Orna Fitoussi

This Is It - Dana Modan

Rehearsals - Noa Koller

First Box - Keren Mor

Stockholm - Tiki Dayan

Supporting Actress in the Drama Series

Lock Time - Joy Rieger

Normal - Lee Gilat

Losing Alice - Lehi Kornowski

Tehran - Liraz Cherki

Stisel - Mickey Kam

Supporting actor in the drama series

Stisel - Zohar Strauss

Lock Time - Maor Schweitzer

One on One - Mark Rosenbaum

Mnaiic - Amos Tamam

Stisl - Sasson Gabai

Actor, comedy series

switch the Hlilh- Uri Gottlieb

reps - Itay Turgeman

Coupe First - Dov Navon

great thing special - Zohar Strauss

Coupe First - Yigal Adika

like this - Roy countryside

go through Tonight - Shai Avivi

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Main Box Office - Aviva Ngusa

Rehearsals - Lake Rodberg

Pass A

Tonight - Anna Dubrovitzky

Main box office - Dorit Lev Ari

This is how it is - Tiki Dayan

Directed in a drama series

- A draw between two winners!

Mnaiic - Alon Zingman

Stisl - Alon Zingman

normal - Asaf Korman

choose kitchen Erez Kav-El

Thrn- Danny Sirkin

Directing, Comedy Series

Coupe First - pine nuts

Stokholm- Ilan Abudi

reps - Boaz Frankel

Ron - Ron Feldman

's how it is - Ram Nahari

Nbso- gift Ben Atar

Moni Moshonov and Sasson Gabay at the TV Awards Ceremony (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Screenplay in the drama series

Thistle - Uri Alon, Jonathan Indursky The

Cook - Erez Ko-El, Orit Dabush Normali

- Lior Dayan, Assaf Korman

Tehran - Moshe Zonder, Omri Shenhar, Maor Cohen

One on One - Matan Yair

Manaich - Roi Idan

Screenplay in a comedy series

like this This - Dana Modan, Asi Cohen

Coupe Chief - Nadav Frishman, Yaniv Zohar, Arnon Weiss, Hagai Turisky, Tal Mikhalovich, Avi Belkin

Rehearsals - Noa Koller, Erez Driggs

Stockholm - Noa Yadlin

Nevso - Shai Ben Atar, Yossi Vassa, Liat Shavit

Directing and creating a documentary and factual series

Sorry for the question - in Arabic - Abtissam shows

a red sky - Uri Bar-On, Nati Diner

Lebanon - Blood Borders - Doki Dror, Itai Landsberg Nevo, Rinehart Beats

Ofra - Dalia Mevorach, Danny Dotan My

Secret Life The 4th Muriel Lior

Research in a


Documentary and Factual Series

- Tali Shemesh, Shira Florentin, Alona Abdi, Hagit Ben-Yaakov

Lebanon - Blood Borders - Liora Amir Bermetz, Daniela Reiss Razon, Hagit Ben Yaakov, Rachel Nehushtai

Ofra - Michal Elias, David Maimoni

HaChaim The Secrets of the 4-


- Nadav Yitzhaki

Sorry for the Question - In Arabic - Sahar Issawi, Sana Dagash, Deal Ajabaria, Jeanne Basul, Skin Sword

Screenplay on Satire

, Sketches and entertainment The

Jews Are Coming - Assaf Beiser, Natalie Marcus, Yuval Friedman, Liat Shavit, Moshe Malka, Nir Berger, Rami Poppy, Hadar Tadmor, Ofir Sasson

Great Land - David Lifshitz, Assaf Shalmon, Assaf Geffen, Itai Reicher, Ilan Scheffler, Eran Zarchovich, Sharon Teicher, Reshef Shai

This is it - Daniel Lapin, Rami Vered, Shlomo Mashiach, Avi Belkin, Ran Dovrat, Natalie Marcus, Assaf Beiser, Sagiv Friedman

Gev HaUma - Shachar Segal, Omri Amit, Adar Merom, Matan Blumenblatt, Maya Sobol, Eyal After, Eyal Naor, Nir Mammon, Lior Sela, Barak Cohen, Dror Weidman, Uriah Koenig, Einav Galili, Galit Hugi, Ido Rosenblum, Lior Schlein

once a week with Tam Aharon - Tam Aharon, Guy Adler, Ariel Weissman

Photography In the plot series

Rehearsals - Itzik The



- Guy Raz

Tehran - Giora Beich

closing time - Amit Yasur

Losing Alice - Rotem Yaron

Editing a picture in the plot series

- Draw between the two



- Amir Winkler, Itamar Goldwasser

Closing time - Yuval Sher, Dov Stuyer, Itamar Goldwasser, Jonathan Weinstein

reps - Yifat Palmyra

Mnaiic - Ron Omer, ethical Li-on Zingman

Thrn- Rooney Klimovsky, Dana Jordan

photo documentary series and factual

-tiko between two winners

ore - Itzik portal


In red - Eliran Knoller the

motivator - Assaf Sudri, Salomon Chakol

Aharoni and Gidi the most wonderful restaurants in the world - Omri Tekoa

Lebanon - Blood Borders - Ron Katzenelson, Matias Bollinger, Matthew Reber

The "Tehran" series (Photo: courtesy here 11)

Photo editing in a documentary and factual series

Sorry for the question - in Arabic - Uri Dredikman, Shai Davidi, Tamar Kay the

motivator - Assaf Sudri, Tali Shemesh

Lebanon - Blood Borders - Gal Gopher

Aharoni and Gidi the most wonderful restaurants in the world - Maya Bar, Oren Navot, Tor Ben Muir and Daniel Ben Muir

Ofra - Ron Goldman


Stisel - Erez Goldfarb

Tehran - Yoel Herzberg

Closing Time - Nir Alba

Rehearsals - Ido Dolev The

Cook - Reef Aharoni

Costume Design

Tehran - Devo Ohana-Shor

Great Country - Danny Bar Shai

Stisel - Hava Levy Rosalsky

Rehearsals - Laura Shayim

Lock Time - Inbal Shuki The

Jews Are Coming - Sharona Cohen Alfia

Original Music

Stisl - Avi Ballali

Lock Time - Ofir Leibowitz

Rehearsals - Guy Levy

Tehran - Mark Eliyahu The

Cook - Atar Meiner

Soundtrack Design

- Itzik Cohen, Yuval Bar-On

Stisel - Yossi Applebaum

Rehearsals - Neil Gibbs

Losing Alice - Ronen Nagel The

Cook - Ronen Nagel, Nati Taub

Recorder in a series of

rehearsals - Itai


HaTovach -

Ashi Milo Mikowski

Manich - Oded Ringel Stisel

- Ran Tzruya

Lock Time - Tuli Chen

Recorder Documentary and factual

Aharoni and Gidi the most wonderful restaurants in the world - Elad (Goldi) Goldberg

Lebanon - Blood Borders - Erez Lu


secret life of the 4th - Gerard Allouche, encouraged Oppenheim

motive - Tali Shemesh, sweaters collected

ore - Sun era


Stisl - Etty Ben-Nun

G'odh- halo Elkayam

great country - Liat Scheinin

Jews come - Michal Efrati

Closing time - Ronit Dogo Arbib

casting a narrative series

Coupe First - Esther Kling

Mnaiic - Hila Yuval

Stisl - Hila Yuval

reps - Jordan Strasberg

Thrn- Michal Koren

casting Doko-rialiti reality show

Survivor VIP - Moore Shlomovitz

MKR kitchen Hmntzh- Moran Marziano

Wedding glance Sunday - Moshik Israel

Come eat with me - Anat Reshef Peleg

School of Music - Karin Ashmueli, Noa Lahav

Visual Effects

Tehran - Alon Saranga

Closing Time - Daniel Flick

Lebanon - Blood Borders - Yaron Shein

Manaich - Omri Grossman

Judah - Tamir Weiss, Alon Saranga

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