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Seine-et-Marne: the former hairdresser again sentenced for sexual assault on children


Already sanctioned by justice for similar facts, he would have committed touching on three young boys in his living room in Ozoir

The story repeats itself.

And Oualid, the accused, continues to claim his innocence.

Former hairdresser in Ozoir-la-Ferrière (Seine-et-Marne), he was already sentenced in 2019 for sexual touching committed on three children aged 7 and 8 in his living room.

A sentence amplified by the Paris Court of Appeal to 24 months in prison, including 12 months suspended in October 2020. Alas!

At the end of the day on Monday, the 43-year-old man appeared for a new series of similar facts at the Melun Criminal Court.

The parents of three other children filed a complaint for touching their children between December 7, 2017 and March 30, 2019, the date of the judicial closure of the hairdressing salon.

At the time of the facts, Lilian

(the first names have been changed)

was 8 years old, Timéo 10 years old and Enzo 4 years old only.

Their testimonies leave you speechless.


A hairdresser from Ozoir-la-Ferrière sentenced for touching three children

On December 8, 2017, Lilian confided to her father: “The hairdresser put his penis on my arm.

I felt a slightly round, warm shape.

It was moving a lot.

It was not a bullet, not a marble ... "How does the child deduce that it is the sex of Oualid under his blouse?

“When he left, he pulled up his zipper.

His father goes back there with him and opens his eyes.

But nothing is happening.

He continues to deny en bloc

Timéo claims that the hairdresser put his hand in his underpants while he was drying his hair with the other hand.

Finally, Enzo said that the barber "rubbed" on him and that he "saw his penis and his butt.


“Parents don't know each other.

They haven't conspired against you.

How do you explain that they describe roughly the same facts?

»Asks the president.

“Proving your innocence on the basis of testimonies is not easy.

In addition, these are the words of children.

I understand that parents want to protect them.

But these accusations are despicable!

It is the fact of the rumor!

»Answers Oualid, divorced since 2015.

He raises his voice: “I gave my life for this job.

I lost everything.

I am a delivery driver.

I'm ready to go to the lie detector, put my life on the line ... There is justice, that's what I'm here for.

These accusations cannot be materially proven.

In the first case, he seized the Court of Cassation after his conviction increased on appeal.

Appreciated by children and families

On the side of the plaintiffs, we fall from above.

The hairdresser was appreciated by the children to whom he offered sweets and games in his living room.

"A dad told me that he gladly offered to give him the little time to run an errand," points out Me De Barros, parents' lawyer.

She evokes the chair where the child is installed to be styled: “It's in an angle, we have no visibility.

No one in the room could see.


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It dismantles the theory of the media coverage of the first trial which would have whetted the appetite of new parents to file a complaint in their turn.

“It is not because we read this story in the press that children are going to invent this!

Their statements are not a copy and paste of the previous case.

The three psychologists who saw these three children all affirmed their credibility and the necessary psychological follow-up.


Parents "taken aback by the words of the children"

The prosecutor evokes parents "perplexed" at the beginning but "taken aback by the words of the children".

“If Lilian's father lodged a complaint in June 2019 just after the court's decision at first instance, it is because he remembered his son's confidences on December 8, 2017. It was before the hairdresser was convicted ".

For her, “the clues converge on repeated facts, committed by surprise and only once on each child.

It is not a coincidence.

»It requires 18 months in prison including 12 suspended and probation, obligation of care and work, prohibition of professional practice in connection with minors and registration of his name Automated judicial file of perpetrators of sexual offenses or violent (Fijais).

Oualid's lawyer, Me Lumbroso pleads for the release “for the benefit of the doubt”: “To convict, you need proof or a bundle of concordant and precise clues”, he asserts.

To the relief of his client, he mentions in particular his tool belt where he places his brush with a round-tipped handle and his razor "which may still be hot" ...

In the end, the judges followed the requisitions of the prosecution.

Oualid will also have to pay each child 2,000 euros in damages as well as 500 euros to each family and 600 euros for legal fees.

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