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"The Secrets of Easttown" is another HBO series about a small, tormented town - Walla! culture


"The Secrets of Easton" always remains a worthy viewing option, but given the gallery of actors gathered here, one could have hoped for a more impressive result

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"The Secrets of Easttown" is another HBO series about a small, tormented town

Kate Winslet stars in the new mini-series that starts out great and then becomes good.

Although Easton's Secrets always remains a worthy viewing option, given the gallery of actors gathered here, one could have hoped for a more impressive result


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Ido Yeshayahu

Monday, 19 April 2021, 09:10 Updated: 20:50

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Trailer for the series "Secrets of Easttown" (HBO)

In recent years the HBO network has fallen in love with a very particular genre of mini-series: take a big movie star, shed its glamor and place it at the center of a battered and tormented all-American town.

The awards ceremonies are dying for it.

Amy Adams did it in 2018 with the chilling “Sharp Objects”.

Last year Mark Raffaello even put on weight in favor of the grueling “Brother Guardian”.

Now Kate Winslet is protesting against her makeup for the new mini-series "Secrets of Easttown" (originally "Mare of Easttown"), the first episode of which airs today (Monday) Bite, Hot and Cellcom Tiwi, next to air in the United States.

In this case, similar to "Sharp Objects", it is a crime drama centered on a murder mystery.

Winslet plays Meyer Sheehan, a detective in a small town in Pennsylvania.

Everything looks gloomy and frayed in this place, including the residents, including the protagonist.

It’s hard to remember an occasion where Winslet looked so gray, wearing jeans and flannel shirts, bags under her eyes.

She has good reasons to look so defeated: a year has passed since the disappearance of a girl from the town, the daughter of Meyer's old friend, and she has been unable to find anything that will lead to her finding.

At the same time, her private life is mostly a ruin.

She lives with her mother (the wonderful-always-Jin Smart, who deftly returns to HBO after "The Guards"), her 4-year-old granddaughter and her teenage daughter, the only one who still makes signs of promise in this place.

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It's hard to remember when we saw her like that.

Kate Winslet, "The Secrets of Easttown" (Photo: Michele K. Short, HBO)

In fact, "Easttown's Secrets" depicts a space that seems to be trapped in suffocating mediocrity, and many of its occupants, many of whom are directly affected, or simply "peripherally," by the opioid epidemic prevalent in the American nation. In the past, Meyer was the heroine of the town thanks to a crucial basket she scored in a high school basketball game. An event that is so engraved in the memory of the place that they solemnly mark the half-jubilee that has passed since. But this indulgence in the past, which does not excite Meyer much anyway, only underscores the futility of the present. Everyone there knows everyone, connected by family and friendships. Suddenly we discover that one character is the cousin of another - connections that commemorate generations of trapped people. On the one hand, this familiarity gives Meyer the ability to more easily manage small crises in the community. On the other hand, it also makes it easier for residents to criticize her failure to find the missing girl, while at the same time causing Meyer to repeatedly confront suspects in public, deliberately embarrassing them in front of the people closest to them.After all, everyone's dirty laundry depends on the naked eye.

There is something powerful about this drawing.

Especially in the first episode, which manages to make the characters touch the heart - and sometimes even make a small coach - within minutes of getting to know them.

Identification with their status quo.

It's an essential grace that "Secrets" gives itself, because the following episodes (HBO sent out five out of seven reviews in total) are already making a slightly more banal impression, at times even a drop artificial.

A slightly perforated script, a slightly unreliable take, things that make us remember that we are watching movie stars embodying written characters.

The initial identification we have forged with them also provides momentum for the stumbles that come after, consistently preserving the series as a worthy viewing option.

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Always wonderful.

Gene Smart, "The Secrets of Easttown" (Photo: Michele K. Short, HBO)

The thing is, "Eastown's secrets" need to be more than that. Much more than that. Winslet is surrounded by wonderful players. Smart as mentioned, and also Gillian Nicholson ("Promenade Empire") who plays her best friend. Guy Pierce (who has already collaborated with Winslet on her previous mini-series on HBO - "Mildred Pierce") is a new lecturer at the local university. Owen Peters is very graceful as an outside detective who comes to provide a fresh perspective, and of course learns to appreciate Meyer. These are forces that are supposed to provide far more than "Easttown Secrets" provides.

"Doing something big is overrated," Meyer says at one point in the series.

"People expect it from you all the time. What they do not understand is that you are fucked just like them."

On the face of it this remark sounds as if "Easton's secrets" defines for herself and her protagonist and herself a comfortable slot, a compound where expectations do not have to be so high.

But we've seen TV before, we can guess that in the last gospel of the series Meyer will still find some redemption for her career and life.

Will a series also be allowed to win a similar favor?

Not at all sure.

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Winslet with Guy Pierce, "The Secrets of Easttown" (Photo: Sarah Shatz, HBO)

An episode of "The Secrets of Easttown" airs every Monday on the viola services of Yes, Hot, Cellcom TV, Sting and Next, as well as on HBO at 10 p.m.

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