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Fourniret cases: who are the 21 victims whose DNA will be studied?


Reconciliations will be made between these genetic fingerprints and around thirty DNA found on the effects of the serial killer Michel

Will we soon be able to resolve these 30-year-old cold cases for some?

The disappearances of 21 girls and young women must be investigated again by the justice system and the genetic samples taken from these files must be compared with the “ghost DNA” found in the van of the predator Michel Fourniret.

The involvement of the Ogre des Ardennes in the disappearance in 2001 of little Estelle Mouzin is now proven.

Carole Soltysiak, found dead in November 1990 in Saône-et-Loire

It is a hunter who discovers the naked body of Carole Soltysiak in the wood of Rozelay, about ten kilometers from Montceau-les-Mines (Saône-et-Loire) on November 18, 1990. A strap is attached around her neck , the 13-year-old was raped and stabbed four times in the chest.

An attempt was made to burn the bruised body with gasoline and alcohol.

The Francis Heaulme trail is mentioned and then abandoned.

Ten years later, two suspects, outsiders who squatted a farm near the scene of the crime, are indicted for the rape and murder of the little brunette with the boyish cut.

The two men, a little simple-minded, recognize the facts and then retract.

DNA analyzes will ultimately exonerate them both.

Anaïs Marcelli, discovered in April 1991 in the Vosges

It took three months for the body of little Anaïs Marcelli to be found. On January 14, 1991, the 10-year-old girl vanished in Mulhouse (Alsace) when she returned to her mother's house after her school day. Intense excavations of the neighborhood and the region are launched. In this case intervenes a mysterious crow who sends questionable messages to the parents of the girl or to journalists. The author claims to want to "get pregnant" Anaïs.

On April 21, the body was discovered at the Bussang pass (Vosges) about thirty kilometers from Mulhouse.

The little CM2 student was strangled but she shows no signs of sexual violence.

Stones have been strangely placed around the body forming a sort of mausoleum.

In this case, which ended with a dismissal in 1997, before being reopened in 2015, the family track and particularly the involvement of the girl's grandfather, a man with a disturbing profile, had long been considered without, however, any evidence to support this hypothesis.

During the investigation, moreover, the names of several known predators appeared in the procedure: Francis Heaulme, Jean-Pierre Treiber or Marc Dutroux.

This time, it is therefore the Fourniret trail that must be studied.

Corinne Lazzari, who disappeared in March 1992 in Haute-Garonne

29-year-old caregiver Corinne Lazzari disappeared on March 2, 1992 on a small road in Labarthe-Inard, east of Saint-Gaudens (Haute-Garonne).

Around 7:30 p.m. that evening, the young woman was surprised by a lack of fuel on the RN 117 and asked residents for assistance.

A few hours later, his car was discovered on the side of the national road, locked.

The caregiver's handbag and identity papers are placed on the passenger seat.

A witness will say to have seen her board a car while a gas station attendant will assure investigators from the Toulouse Research Section that they have served the young woman with a jerrycan of gasoline.

His body has never been found.

A time, a serial rapist of the region is suspected, but nothing allows to implicate him.

Justice also believes for a long time that Corinne Lazzari is the eighth victim of Patrice Alègre, this nightclub bouncer, sentenced to life in 2002 for murder and rape.

The killer was rampant at the time in the region.

But this track is finally abandoned.

Edwige Rothong, discovered on March 19, 1993 in Magland (Haute-Savoie)

Edwige Rothong was born in the Vosges.

She was 25 when she was found dead in this town of Haute-Savoie.

Nadège Desnoix, discovered in May 1994 in the Aisne

She was 17 when she was kidnapped on May 24, 1994 at the end of her technical high school in Château-Thierry (Aisne).

The pretty redhead had spent part of the morning with friends in a cafe.

At the beginning of the afternoon, the teenager does not show up for class.

Already the victim of an assault, Nadège had been walking around for some time with a tear gas canister.

The day she disappeared, the high school student had loaned her to a friend.

The next day, Nadège Desnoix is ​​found dead in a grove on the road to Reims.

The young woman was stabbed eight times in the heart area and suffocated at the same time.

His satchel is found a few meters away, thrown into a bush.

Karine Leroy, found dead in July 1994 in Seine-et-Marne

Karine Leroy, 19, was found a month after her disappearance.


Another young girl who disappears on her way to school.

Karine Leroy, 19, was found strangled on July 12, 1994, a month after her disappearance, on the edge of a wood in Montceaux-lès-Meaux (Seine-et-Marne).

The hypothesis of the elusive "Hail", this faceless criminal suspected of having struck at least three times, is privileged but without concrete evidence.

While the idea of ​​Michel Fourniret's involvement was quickly discussed and then put aside.

In 1997, the investigation was closed before being reopened in 2015 by the Meaux prosecutor's office, which hoped for a new breakthrough in the case in light of the progress of the technical and scientific police.

Sophie Chéène, missing since May 1996 in Mayenne

On May 2, 1996, Sophie Chéène, 21, disappeared from her home in Laval (Mayenne).

The petite young woman with blue eyes leaves her apartment after an argument with her companion.

His handbag, his identity card and the keys to the apartment have never been found.

Caroline Pino, discovered in August 1996 in Essonne

Young Dutch tourist hitchhiking back from a festival in Portugal, Caroline Pino, 24, was to meet her family at a campsite in the Paris region.

But on July 24, 1996, the young woman was reported missing.

Ten days later, his body only dressed in his underwear is discovered wrapped in a sleeping bag and deposited on the edge of the highway, in Orsay (Essonne).

It is a small glass and silver pendant hanging from his neck that will allow him to formally identify him.

The investigation will show that a man had taken the young woman in search of independence by hitchhiking in Hendaye (Pyrénées-Atlantiques).

This individual has never been found.

Marion Wagon, missing since November 1996 in Lot-et-Garonne

Her big blue eyes were displayed on millions of milk cartons and posters in the late 1990s. Little Marion Wagon, 10, disappeared on November 14, 1996 in Agen as she was about to return to lunch at their parents place.

The girl leaves her school, goes for a toboggan ride in the kindergarten opposite, then vanishes.

Costa Brava, Portugal, Brittany, and even Martinique: over the years, many avenues have been explored by investigators, but the youngest of the Wagon siblings has never been found.

Virginie Bluzet, discovered in March 1997 in Saône-et-Loire

Virginie Bluzet. 

An argument with her boyfriend and she hurriedly left the bar on the Route des Grands Crus where she spent the evening in Beaune (Côte-d'Or).

This is the last time we will see Virginie Bluzet, 21 years old.

The young woman was found forty days later, on March 17, 1997, in the Saône in Verdun-sur-le-Doubs (Saône-et-Loire).

She is naked, handcuffed and gagged.

Charged for a time, her boyfriend was finally dismissed in 2002.

Cécile Vallin, missing since June 1997 in Savoie

A few days before her baccalaureate, Cécile Vallin left her house in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne (Savoie) on June 8, 1997. The 17-year-old girl is seen one last time walking along a road, then nothing more .

That day, the young woman was worried about being punished after having organized a small party in the official apartment of her stepfather and her mother.

But her father, Jonathan Oliver, never believed in the trail of a suicide or running away from his grown-up daughter.

The man has since fought so that the Cécile affair does not fall into oblivion.

Patricia Lemaire, missing since September 1997 in the Alpes-Maritimes

On September 27, 1997, Patricia Lemaire, 33, who lived alone on avenue de la Lanterne in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), vanished.

This tall brunette had worked as an amateur model for a while but was not working at the time of her disappearance.

The trail of a possible flight within a sectarian community was considered, the young woman had indeed confided to relatives her desire for a quest for spirituality.

Unidentified woman, found in October 1997 in Yonne

Since October 1997, the body of this woman has never been identified.

It is an inhabitant of Mont-Saint-Sulpice, near Auxerre (Yonne) who finds this naked body and in very bad condition in a ditch at the exit of the village.

The victim was covered with branches.

She would be 25 to 40 years old and has "white or slightly dark skin, shoulder-length brown hair with blonde coloring and slightly wavy," said the Republican Yonne at the time.

A few days after her discovery, the stranger was buried under X. But in November 2020, Judge Sabine Kheris, in charge of the Fourniret case, ordered her exhumation to carry out DNA comparisons.

Linda Schwartz, discovered in December 1998 in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

When he knocks on the door of his house in Sisteron (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) on the evening of December 17, 1998, Linda does not answer, tells investigators the boyfriend of the missing. That evening, the 26-year-old special education teacher leaves the home for the mentally handicapped where she works to do some shopping. No one will see her again. Almost three years later, the investigation rebounds in a macabre way in a town located a few kilometers south of Sisteron.

During a routine cleaning of the EDF hydroelectric power station in Oraison in July 2001, a worker made a dismal discovery in the bottom of the emptied canal: A basin, two legs without feet and tied to the ankles were stuck against a grid of the central.

DNA will confirm that it is Linda.

A few days later, the car of the social worker was also found in the canal.

Vanessa Thiellon, discovered in June 1999 in Saône-et-Loire

The young woman's face was distorted by the beatings.

Only a shoe on her foot will identify Vanessa Thiellon, 17, found dead on the banks of the Saône in the city center of Macon (Saône-et-Loire).

The young apprentice cook was drugged and beaten to death.

Her boyfriend, with whom relations were stormy, is for a time blamed for intentional homicide.

But he always denied having harmed her.

In 2012, the decision was taken to exhume the body to collect DNA and any other useful evidence.

Pascale Biegun, missing since November 1999 in the Landes

Pascale Biegun lived in a large white stone castle in Pissos (Landes) that she rents with her companion.

On November 3, 1999, the 35-year-old caregiver left her job at the Moustey Help Center (CAT), a few kilometers away.

This is the last time she will be seen.

However, the investigation will show that the young blonde, originally from the north of France, returned home: her handbag, her papers were discovered in Pissos' home.

His car was found three kilometers away.

It is his companion, on a business trip in Corrèze at the time of the disappearance, who gives the alert on his return.

But the motorcycle fan will never reappear.

A few months later, a former patient of the psychiatric hospital of Mont-de-Marsan claims to have killed the thirty-something with an ax.

His incoherent comments are ultimately discredited by investigators.

The presence in the Landes of the killers Michel Fourniret, Patrice Allègre or the German Wolker Eckert is also verified.

In vain.

Closed in 2009, the investigation was reopened two years later, based on the testimony of a woman accusing her husband.

This new twist did not allow a breakthrough in this investigation.

Marina Rossi, missing since March 6, 2001 in Toulon (Var)

A photo on a wanted poster.

This is about the only trace that remains of the disappearance of this young woman measuring 1.62 with "brown-red" hair then 20 years old in the city where she was born.

She never gave any sign of life again and her body was never found.

Magalie Part, discovered in March 2001 in Haute-Savoie

A charred body discovered on a country lane.

This is all that was left of Magalie Part, this pretty 19-year-old blonde, found on March 26, 2001, in Vulbens (Haute-Savoie).

His body suffered several dozen fractures.

The young woman, an employee of a Bricorama, was beaten to death.

Fifteen years after the tragedy, in 2016, an examining magistrate ordered the exhumation of the body for DNA records, to no avail.

Read also Murder of Magalie Part in 2001: DNA found on cigarette butts relaunches the investigation

But a breach opens in the investigation when in 2019, the case is entrusted to the Central Office for the Repression of Violence against Persons (OCRVP).

These unsolved case specialists managed to extract DNA from two cigarette butts found at the crime scene.

Comparisons made with the National DNA File (FNAEG) have not yet made it possible to identify the owner of this genetic fingerprint.

The sample was also compared to the DNA of Magalie's husband, a man known for violence and who committed suicide in 2018, as well as to the young woman's stepfather who offered lingerie to her daughter-in-law. .

Without success, once again.

Emmanuelle Sanchez, missing since May 2001 in Haute-Garonne

Young 24-year-old hairdresser, Emmanuelle died on May 28, 2001 in Colomiers, in the western suburbs of Toulouse (Haute-Garonne).

After a week off to prepare for her master's degree, the young woman does not come to her hairdressing salon.

The young woman does not phone to justify her absence.

Her car is found parked in front of her house and the charger in the apartment.

His bank account is not moving.

The day before her disappearance, Emmanuelle confided to her sister that she wanted to change jobs and that she intended to contact a foreign doctor to become her medical assistant.

This track is followed by the investigators but does not succeed.

Florence Bloise, missing since February 2003 in the Yvelines

To date, nothing can explain the disappearance of this mother of three young children on February 1, 2003 in Magny-les-Hameaux (Yvelines). That evening, it was snowing, but Florence, a 38-year-old painter, announced to her family that she had to leave home for the night. To take stock, says the young mother who has been depressed for several years. But she promises to return the next morning, before slamming the door loaded with her backpack where she slipped pajamas and a toothbrush.

Florence leaves on foot.

Her children have never seen her since.

In 2004, the case was closed by a dismissal.

But in 2012, the trail of “Polish pilgrims” surfaced: shortly before her disappearance, Florence had welcomed Catholics who had come to attend a religious gathering in Paris.

Just like the family of little Estelle Mouzin, who died in 2003 in Guermantes (Seine-et-Marne).

Florence's family comes into contact with Estelle's.

Except that, as we now know, the little girl has indeed fallen into the clutches of the predator Michel Fourniret.

Cynthia Gugelmann, disappeared in May 2003 in Meurthe-et-Moselle

One last evening in Toul (Meurthe-et-Moselle), May 29, 2003. A friend takes her back to the foot of his building.

A last call from a friend from the Paris region.

And then the void.

The absence of Cynthia Gugelmann, 23, a slender young woman, who does not show up for work the next morning.

Two weeks after his disappearance, his personal effects were recovered from a lock in the Toul canal: bank card, apartment keys, identity card were found in a plastic bag which was thrown into the water.

The investigation was carried out as far as Luxembourg and Belgium where witnesses said they saw her working as a waitress.

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