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Gold ring: The silly structure of "Jupiter's Legacy" is a shot in the foot, no less - Walla! culture


"The Legacy of Jupiter," Netflix's new superhero series, suffers from almost everything essential. The dialogues are awkward, the characters are flat and the plot structure is a failure by its very existence

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Gold ring: The silly structure of "Jupiter's Legacy" is a shot in the foot, no less

"The Legacy of Jupiter," Netflix's new superhero series, suffers from almost everything essential.

The dialogues are awkward, the characters are flat and the plot structure, which zigzags between times even though we already know the events of the past, is a failure by its very existence.


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Ido Yeshayahu

Saturday, 08 May 2021, 10:40 Updated: Sunday, 09 May 2021, 14:23

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Trailer for the "Jupiter Legacy" series (Netflix)

Who exactly is "Jupiter's Legacy" for?

A series that on the one hand has an age warning because it features amputated organs, drugs and sexuality, and on the other hand dialogues so poor that they seem to be intended for those who have never seen television.

Alongside this trouble she suffers from such a discouraging plot structure that it is unclear how it is possible that a veteran creator like Stephen S. Denite, who is in charge of the exciting "Spartacus" and has previously written for series like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel," dares to be signed.

Netflix's new superhero series, which aired last Friday, is based on the comic book of the same name by Mark Miller and Frank Quietley.

Josh Duhamel ("Las Vegas") and Leslie Bib ("Catcher") star in it as Sheldon and Grace, protagonists of the activists for over 90 years since an unclear event whose nature we will understand as the season progresses.

The whole group that was with them in the same class gained powers over such and such, but today they are already elderly and their super-tasks will soon have to be passed on to the next generation.

The point is that the elderly act according to a code they have installed and acted upon, which forbids them, for example, to kill people in any way but only to neutralize them, no longer necessarily catches on in a world that is only getting tougher.

The young people, therefore, are looking for their way so that they will get parental approval but also not get hurt along the way.

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Almost nothing happens in this series.

Leslie Bib, Josh Duhamel and Ben Daniels, "Jupiter's Legacy" (Photo: Netflix / Steve Wilkie)

An interesting topic, no? Completely. There is no doubt that it can be made into delicacies. Not in the case of "Jupiter's Legacy". The writing in it is bad at every level, and the controversy that is supposed to drive the complexity and depth, is in fact as fascinating as a discussion in a residents' assembly about placing a new traffic light. In terms of plot, almost nothing happens in the series. As in "Behind Her Eyes", "Lupine", "Ginny and Georgia", "The Snake", "Firefly Line" and "Perfect Match" - all from Netflix, all from the current year only! - "Jupiter's legacy" also tells the story while dividing the time between the present and the past. Shows the events now, as young people seek their way as the supervillains become even more powerful and violent than in the past, and coincide with the events of 1929, when the lives of Sheldon and his brother Walt (Ben Daniels, "The House of Cards", "The Crown") are devastated by the stock market crash , And they are sent to fulfill a vague destiny.

It may still be possible to argue about the zigzagging of other series at times, but in the case of "Jupiter's Legacy" it is a shot in the foot, no less.

For whole episodes, most of the season in fact, past events describe to us in excruciating agony something we already know what will happen in it.

Sheldon is looking for what we


will bring him and his friends their powers.

Entire episodes in which the members discuss Sheldon's deteriorating condition and the possibility that the visions are true, even though the parallel story taking place in the present shows us exactly the results.

There is no fear for their lives, no fear that their mission will fail, there is no doubt that what guides Sheldon is not the product of his imagination - but nevertheless throughout many episodes we are forced to follow this nonsense.

Fifty percent of the time of "Jupiter's Legacy" and the viewers' time is corrupt to nothing.

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Torture detail. Duhamel and Daniels, "Jupiter's Legacy" (Photo: Netflix / Steve Wilkie)

Not that present affairs are more fascinating.

The investigation of the bizarre events is conducted lazily and yawns.

The intergenerational tension is embodied mostly in the children of Sheldon and Grace: Brandon (Andrew Horton), who breaks the code to his father's rage, and Chloe (Elena Camphoris in a ridiculous wig), a junk model who refuses to make good use of her superpowers.

Their stories range from an undeveloped idea to a dull melodrama.

If the plot progresses slowly, one could at least hope that the detailed description in the two timelines will be used by the series to create a thought-provoking parallel between now and then, between parents and their children, or at least to weave before us fascinating characters that will enter our hearts.

The answer is lol.

Both in present and past events, “Jupiter’s Legacy” portrays such flat, dull, and clichéd characters that speak so artificially.

She seems to be literally going out of her way to be corny, and does it all in self-importance as if she were the first ever.

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A ridiculous wig and a dull melodrama.

Elena Camphoris, "Jupiter's Legacy" (Photo: Netflix / Steve Wilkie)

Throughout the series, there are awkward sentences and moments that seem to have been taken from kitschy specials by Leipty.

Mother arranges the tie for her son.

"Fear is a part of everything," she says, "but also overcoming it."

"Make another line, Beach!", A friend exclaims on an evening of revelry and coke.

"You're better than that," someone tells her friend and leaves the room.

The company replies to the empty room: "No, I do not."

A policeman approached the new widow at the funeral.

"Sorry for the inconvenience, ma'am," he says, handing her an envelope.

"The guys at the station did a fundraiser. It's not much but ... it's the least we could do."

How not, "it's not much" is originally it ain't much.

That's how cops talk.

Thanks to Netflix's deep pocket, all of this is superbly made.

The effects are great and the series looks impressive, but the dissonance between the technical work and the awful writing is no less than their place.

How long will the streaming giant pour tens of millions of dollars to watch garbage in gold?

In the world after "The Boys" - and also "Invincible" the jaw that came to the screen very recently and ended about a week ago - "Jupiter's Legacy" is simply an insult.

For the adult superhero genre, for TV and viewers.

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