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"I knew that they were going to talk about me": the husband of Delphine Jubillar present during the new beaten


Five months to the day after the disappearance of Albi's nurse, her friends have organized another beat. About sixty people

Initially, he did not necessarily want to mingle with Delphine's friends as with the curious who would not fail to answer the call.

No longer want to meet sidelong glances loaded with ulterior motives.

However, Cédric Jubillar is there this Sunday to participate, too, in the search operations organized with the aim of finding even a trace of his wife who disappeared five months ago on the night of December 15 to 16. , near Albi (Tarn).

Cédric Jubillar, 33, both a victim, recognized as such by the judicial authority which granted him the status of civil party at the end of April, and also a potential suspect. Cap screwed on the head, initially hidden behind his surgical mask, the young man therefore shows up at the meeting place, near the football and rugby stadium, shortly after 1:30 p.m.

Accompanied by two friends, he first stands very back from the barnum where the organizers of the rally have gathered.

A way of being present while remaining in the shade.

Her children, Louis (6 years old) and Elyah (2 years since last Tuesday) are out of sight with their paternal grandparents.

"Whether I come or not, I knew that people were going to talk about me and criticize me," he breathes.

But I said to myself that it was better that I come… ”

Cédric Jubillar was initially held back from the beaten, before joining a group.

LP / Ronan Folgoas

At the same time, Delphine Jubillar's girlfriends, most of whom met at nursery school in Cagnac-les-Mines, follow one another, microphone in hand, in a sort of tribute that is not meant to be funeral. Especially not. Even if the reasonable hope of finding her alive now borders on nothing. “Delphine, wherever you are, you are in our thoughts and in our prayers,” says Emy, a neighbor who has become friends over the past few years. You are a beautiful person, upright, attentive… you miss your children, your family and your friends. We love you Delphine and we never let go. "

Then "Ladies", the hit of Grand Corps Malade that Albi's nurse was particularly fond of, takes over, barely in competition with the wind and the rain.

"At each invitation, you respond present, to each call for help too," Séverine continues, her voice carried by emotion.

With you, there is no fear to be feared, no superficiality to be feared.

Thank you to life for giving us such a precious friend.


"I lean for the hypothesis of a bad meeting"

Hiking shoes on, ready to do battle, Bernard himself did not know Delphine Jubillar. But this retiree, domiciled in Toulouse, feels concerned and touched by the mystery of his disappearance. “I was already there during the first beat organized at the end of December by the gendarmes and I wanted to be there again, out of solidarity. Maybe because I have children who are the same age as her… ”Over the course of the discussion, he ends up giving his personal opinion on the case. “I lean for the hypothesis of a bad meeting, he weighs. A prowler or at least a malicious person who takes her in the car. But these are all just guesses… ”

Two other retirees from Albi develop another point of view. One wears a cane, the other city shoes. No question of participating in the research, but the desire to show their solidarity, too. Marie-Thérèse, marked by the feminicides of recent news, suspects that one day we could find Delphine in one of the many mine holes that would dot the region.

A final point that looks like a preconceived idea according to the mayor of Cagnac-les-Mines, Patrice Norkowski.

“We are in a former mining country,” recalls the city councilor.

So, yes, there were holes and pipe inlets that were used for the aeration systems of the mines.

But these holes have since been filled ”.

He prefers not to publicly engage in any speculation about the ongoing investigation.

On the spot, two gendarmes from Cagnac observed the gathering from their car, without going into contact with the population.

Cédric Jubillar quickly turns back

Around 2:30 p.m., the sixty or so participants, not counting the ten journalists present, snort in the direction of the Saint-Dalmaze cemetery, still in the town of Cagnac. This is the starting point for the research decided by Hélène and the five other organizers. At the beginning of May, the gendarmerie had already searched a perimeter located in the immediate vicinity of the cemetery. Without success. This time, Delphine's friends want to take advantage of the presence of several dozen people to navigate a vast, relatively rugged forest area.

Anthony, military reservist, supervises one of the two groups.

After a few tens of minutes of walking on muddy and slippery ground, a participant wonders about the merits of the research.

“We are still very far from the first road and the first parking lot,” she observes.

How could a person have transported Delphine's body in the middle of the night on such a difficult course?

Elisabeth, who lives in the vicinity of Cagnac, draws an answer in a second.

"A policeman friend told me that it was possible for a murderer to develop an almost supernatural force after his crime to conceal his act," she suggests.

Silence in the ranks.

“Delphine, wherever you are, you are in our thoughts and in our prayers,” her friends testified.

LP / Ronan Folgoas

After slipping into one of the groups, Cédric Jubillar quickly turned back, apparently unconvinced by the usefulness of this gathering of goodwill.

As for Jean-Baptiste, mushroom picker and great connoisseur of the forest, he is there, but his mind is elsewhere.

“My pendulum tells me the presence of Delphine's body on the Fourogue water reservoir,” he reveals.

It is also in the town of Cagnac.

I forwarded this information to the gendarmerie, but I don't know what they did with it… ”

After a good two hours, the whole group is back to the starting point.


The search operation yielded no results, but it did bring Delphine's memory back to life.

At least in the minds of her closest friends.

Source: leparis

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