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For the Prime Minister's information: they have much more equal cars than your own - Walla! Car


Leaders, prime ministers and presidents who move from place to place do it in all kinds of cars, some very luxurious, very protected but there are also some that are absolutely cool

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For the Prime Minister's information: they have much more equal cars than your own

Do you call yourself the government of change?

So how about replacing the black Audi A8 with something much more interesting?

Here are some surviving cars that will make much happier when the Prime Minister comes to visit


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Keenan Cohen

Wednesday, 16 June 2021, 08:00 Updated: 08:22

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Just vote for Prime Minister Bennett, who do you choose?

(Photo: AP)

For the past two decades, a "company car" is no longer a status symbol but a basic requirement for entering a new job, and when your new job is prime minister - then come on, who knows how many more times you will do it.

So the Audi A8 LONG is a cool car, we really drove it and we confirm it, it is classy and the truth is they also arranged a license plate for you up front.

Besides, we really do not expect you to be like the prime ministers who drive their own country-made cars, because, come on - the options here do not really meet your needs.

But here are some suggestions that will make your mobility much more interesting.

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The presidential caravan is not a car, it is a very clean tank (Photo: AP)

1. "The Beast" of Biden

The President of the United States inherited from his predecessor the Presidential Cadillac.

And do not let its shiny color and appearance fool you, this "Cadillac" (and there is an explanation for the quotes) is probably one of the most protected vehicles in the world.

The Secret Service of course does not show the specifications, but according to fragments of publications we are talking about a body with titanium and ceramic materials, ballistic protected windshields 13 cm thick (only that of the driver can be opened), full cabin sealing with independent oxygen supply and even refrigerator, But it has no Red Bull cans - only blood packets with the president's blood type. Estimated cost: Nearly $ 16 million.

Now for quotes: Despite the overall configuration and Cadillac logo, the car itself, which weighs between six and seven tons, is based on GMC's commercial vehicle platform .

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In New Zealand, the Prime Minister switched to a tram (Photo: Ronen Topelberg)

2. Jacinda's Green

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, who has become a global symbol due to her country's response to the corona plague, has a clear green agenda.

One that led to a total ban on plastic bags among other things, but it did not end there.

Her private car is a Hyundai Ionic electric, and when she took office, she replaced the BMW 7 Series Diesel that was used by previous prime ministers in a strictly electric Audi e-tron.

Two more were purchased to transport high-ranking guests and she also ordered the passage of electric vehicles in every division of government ministries where possible.

When you order a car from AliExpress ... (Photo: AP)

3. The "thing" of Jinping

The Chinese president has only recently renewed himself in a brand new surviving car, called the Hongqi N501 (red flag) and if its name does not sound stimulating, do Google and see that it can be even less stimulating than that - the business looks like a Valentine's Rolls Royce and a previous generation Skoda Superb.

But the really interesting car is the outgoing one, the L5 which is a kind of retro limousine that itself salutes the dynasty of Chinese survival cars made by Hongqi the oldest independent carmaker in China.

Hongqi was for years also the main supplier of the party leaders' cars, until the disintegration of the Eastern bloc and relative openness to the West led the leaders to show affection for German products.

Xi Jinping changed this attitude in 2012 when he ordered senior officials to return to Chinese-made cars only.

The L5 comes in several versions, with an open or closed body and 4.0-liter V8 engines or 6.0-liter V12s with an eight- or six-speed gearbox respectively.

Jaguar has become a monster (Photo: AP)

4. "The Sentinel" by Johnson

Well, you would not expect the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to travel in something that is not the glory of the British car industry right?

So indeed, Boris Johnson, the man whose every day is a bad hair day, does it in a Jaguar XJ and its most stimulating version - with a 5.0-liter V8 engine required due to the heavy protection it is equipped with.

But despite effective protection against small arms fire, machine guns and explosives, she was involved in two accidents, the first when the driver of the car hit a high sidewalk and the second time when a Range Rover escort vehicle collided with the back of the car in 2020.

Just do yourself a favor and don't tell him that Jaguar actually belongs to the giant Indian Tata concern.

You won well - you look more ridiculous ... (Photo: AP)

5. Putin's Rolls-Russia

No, this is not the Rolls-Royce Phantom - this is the Urus Senate - the presidential limousine of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President and Eternal Prime Minister of Russia.

This monster extends over 662 cm in length, and just so we understand, do you know the Chevrolet Silverado? So it is 30 cm longer than its long version, its height is 170 cm and the weight? A little over 6 tons. The car Is the fruit of independent Russian development, and the person responsible for this exit is - Take Air - is the Russian Central Scientific Institute for Car and Automotive Engine Research, which has equipped it with a 4.4-liter V8 engine developed in combination with a Porsche and dual propulsion.

And it also comes in an open and more embarrassing version (Photo: AP)

This is the short and civilian version (Photo: AP)

There is no source or authoritative publication regarding the protection it carries, but you do not reach its weight from light construction.

Although the person riding it is Putin, as if, who is stupid enough to try to assassinate him, the man can just as easily travel in an open rickshaw.

After all, calling the car of a leader who is not exactly known as a great Democrat "Senate" invites so many jokes.

For those who want to tell how many, the bus to Siberia will leave at 16:20, pack something hot ...

Not for a million dollars either, Mojica and the Beetle (Photo: AP)

6. Mojica's Beetle

Compared to all these fancy cars, former Uruguayan President Jose Mojica had a completely different approach to life in power. Beyond the fact that Mojica is an interesting character in general (atheist, vegetarian, former far-left underground fighter who sat in jail for many years) he was also an extraordinary president when he refused to live in the presidential palace and moved to a farm on the outskirts of the capital, 90 percent of his salary About $ 12,000 he spent on promoting national social projects. Until he took office and in the meantime, he owned a 1987 model beetle which was also the only clause in his capital statement. Even before his tenure ended in 2015, it was announced that an Arab discourse had offered him a sum of about $ 1 million for this beetle that had become a symbol. He politely declined the offer claiming he needed a car to drive his three-legged bitch. We do not know how to eat it, but we just wanted you to know.

In the context of humble leaders, it is also worth mentioning Pope Francis, who owns his old Brno 4.

Kim (not Kardashian, the more normal) and the Mercedes-Maybach S600 (Photo: AP)

Almost entered

We said we would take only six, but not disperse before mentioning a few more present and retired senior figures with special cars: Charles de Gaulle and the DS on a variety of incarnations, including the one that on August 22, 1962 continued to travel on only three wheels after the assassination attempt Its hydraulic.

The Sultan of Brunei, who has the largest collection of cars in the world, is said to include 7,000 vehicles, of which 500 are Rolls Royces and out of these 500 there is at least one elongated, 24-karat gold-plated.

Kim Jong Un from North Korea moves around in a Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman (from the previous generation, what are your eyes on it), usually when his bodyguard unit runs alongside the car.

In short, the guy may not be 100 percent in mind, but great taste in cars.

Lancia Flaminia 335 "Presidential", built by King Pininfarina for Queen Elizabeth (Photo: AP)

And to end really with something good in my mouth, and with my favorite - Lancia Flaminia 335 "Presidential".

Four such pieces were produced in record time of six weeks by Pininfarina in honor of Queen Elizabeth's visit to Italy in 1961. The origin of the name 335 is from the wheelbase of the car which stood at 335 cm. All four cars have survived to this day and were restored on Fiat in 2001, two They are displayed in museums in Italy and two are currently used by the Italian government in parades and special events.

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