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Cédric Jubillar indicted for murder: a "perverse narcissistic" husband and a sum of disturbing elements


Six months after the disappearance of his wife Delphine, Cédric Jubillar was indicted on Friday for murder of a spouse and imprisoned

He had shaved his head the Friday before. Had started on Monday to work on a new site in a housing estate on the outskirts of Albi (Tarn). For two months had been seeing a new companion ten years older than her - the mother of one of her friends. On the wiretaps, he felt beyond suspicion. However, when the gendarmes of the research section of Toulouse came to arrest him at the time of the lunch break, this Wednesday, June 16, to place him in police custody, Cédric Jubillar could not repress nervous smiles. The 33-year-old drywall craftsman said he expected it: "In these cases, it's always the husband the number one suspect!" Anyway, I know I'm going to go to jail, ”he exclaims.

Two days of interrogation under high tension later, he is indicted this Friday, June 18 for "intentional homicide on spouse" and placed in pre-trial detention.

This is the culmination of six months of investigations into the disappearance in Cagnac-les-Mines (Tarn) of his wife, Delphine Jubillar, nurse and mother, unanimously appreciated, on the night of December 15 to 16, 2020 .

"A very great emotional and material difficulty in accepting this separation"

However, this is not the epilogue of this affair which still conceals many mysteries. Throughout his custody, Cédric Jubillar tirelessly contested any involvement in the disappearance of his 33-year-old wife. He remains presumed innocent. No material evidence allows to confuse him at this stage and, above all, Delphine's body remains untraceable.

Nevertheless, the investigation unit of the Toulouse SR, headed by Colonel Philippe Coué, and the two examining magistrates Audrey Assemat and Coralyne Chartier collected an impressive number of clues which, put end to end, constitute charges. serious against the companion of the nurse of Albi.

And make plausible the thesis of a feminicide committed by a husband who would not have supported the idea of ​​being abandoned by his wife and finding himself alone, in a house for which he was unable to pay the bills.


Cédric Jubillar indicted

"Cédric Jubillar had great emotional and material difficulty in accepting this separation, he had tried to win back his wife, sometimes with brutal, aggressive and intrusive ways", summed up the Toulouse prosecutor, Dominique Alzeari, on Friday during a press conference.

The quilt in the machine, the car ... a series of disturbing elements

From the night of the disappearance, the investigators were disturbed by the behavior of Cédric Jubillar.

First, they note that he gives the alert to the gendarmerie barely twenty minutes after the time at which he claims to have been awakened by his daughter's tears.

This speed was all the more notable since he had not shown himself to be so responsive on a summer evening when Delphine had dropped out without warning him and without taking the trouble to call the 17th.

In addition, when the gendarmes arrive at the couple's pavilion around 4:50 am, the nurse's companion is throwing ... a washing machine. In the drum: a quilt used by Delphine, with which he makes a separate bedroom, to sleep on the sofa. Asked about the reasons for this household act at such an inconvenient time, Cédric Jubillar explained that the couple's dogs had just urinated on the eiderdown. But the investigators noted that the house was, in general, in a very relative state of cleanliness ... Did the companion want to erase the traces of a murder?

Another intriguing finding: Delphine's car, which Cédric used to drive, was not parked in the usual way: it was in the direction of return, while the nurse used to park it in reverse to facilitate his departure to work.

Was she moved by the husband during the night to transport a body?

An expert appointed by the judges in any case noted traces of condensation, which he attributes to a very probable human presence in the passenger compartment.

Finally, Cédric Jubillar claims to have looked for his wife throughout the house, from the first floor to the basement.

But, here again, the analysis of the pedometer on his phone only counts forty steps since he woke up, while the complete tour of the house requires 380.

A violent argument heard by the little boy

Above all, it is the testimonies collected by the gendarmes that put Cédric Jubillar in difficulty. During his first audition, the eldest son of the couple said he had heard nothing unusual on the night of the tragedy. But, a few weeks later, during a second filmed audition, in a room called "Mélanie" (a protocol adapted for minors), the 6-year-old boy recounts this time having heard a violent argument between his parents this time. that night. It also evokes the sound of a door slamming.

For Cédric Jubillar, his son probably got the wrong day. But investigators wonder, on the contrary, if the child did not seek to protect his father at first. It appears that Cédric Jubillar had indeed sometimes “brutal” relationships with the little boy, even domination. Even more damning, two neighbors claim to have heard, at 11:07 pm precisely, "shrill cries" from a woman emanating from the Jubillar pavilion.

For investigators, it is therefore very likely that an argument broke out between Cédric and Delphine on the night of December 15 to 16 around their separation, which was becoming more and more concrete.

Delphine had had an intimate relationship with a lover for several months and the two were preparing to settle down together in the spring of 2021. She had even started to take steps to buy a new car and was looking for a rental in Albi for the beginning of January.

A geolocation app installed on Delphine's phone

During his first hearings, Cédric Jubillar denied having knowledge of the existence of the one who was nicknamed "the lover of Montauban" and claimed that his relations with his wife were appeased. “He first explained that he had had doubts about the existence of a lover but no certainty, that their separation was taking place in a serene setting and that he had made a reason, slips a close source of the investigation. But faced with material elements, he had a turnaround and admitted that he knew that his wife had been dating a lover for several weeks. "

But why would he have taken action that famous night? According to our information, the investigations focus on these exchanges, late in the evening, between Delphine and her lover on Snapchat. During this correspondence, which lasted more than an hour, the young nurse sent her contact a selfie of her in undress a little before 11 p.m., which further weakens the thesis of a voluntary departure. in the middle of the night. Did Cedric Jubillar intercept these messages before going to bed? Was he intrigued by the fact that Delphine often went to the bathroom to write to her lover? During his hearing, the couple's son himself revealed that he knew his mother had "a secret" and that she was dating a man, seen through a videoconference ...

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According to the investigations, the young plasterer craftsman was in any case very annoyed by the behavior of his wife in the weeks preceding the tragedy.

To the point of insulting her, questioning her about her movements and even, according to our information, installing a geolocation application on her phone without her knowing it.

But the nurse had realized this clandestine surveillance ...

"Ah yes, but it's not me"

Faced with all these evidences, Cédric Jubillar, during his police custody, multiplied the evasive answers, without providing real explanations.

"Oh yeah, but it's not me," he repeated.

Most of the auditions took place at night, with very little time for rest.

"Police custody revealed a very complicated personality, a narcissistic pervert man," confides a close friend of the investigations.

"The evidence presented by the investigators are both fragile, unconvincing and very questionable, denounces, for his part, Me Jean-Baptiste Alary, lawyer Cédric Jubillar.

In the coming weeks, we will be moving from a passive defense phase to an active defense with the filing of nullity requests.


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