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Coronavirus, what you need to know this week: the health pass adopted but contested


While the extension of the health pass was voted by Parliament, the number of vaccinated takes off. Just like that of the positive cases.


Extending the

health pass

is not painless.

Long discussed, the new law was passed on the night of Sunday to Monday and should come into force on August 9.

However, this sesame 2.0 continues to raise

questions and opposition


Some deputies would even find it simpler to replace it with

compulsory vaccination

for all.

In the meantime, its goal has been reached: more than

40 million

French people have received a first dose of vaccine.

The government is targeting 10 million more by the end of August.

A late craze that does not prevent the epidemic, doped by the Delta variant, from progressing.

The fourth wave now grazes

the worried hospital


Martinique is once again confined.

Good reading,

Camille Lestienne, journalist at

Le Figaro

1. The sanitary pass on the rails but criticized

Opponents of the health pass demonstrated in major cities and in Paris last Saturday.


A difficult birth.

Heavily discussed, the health pass was voted on Sunday evening by the Senate.

Before entering into force on August 9, the new law must receive the approval of the Constitutional Council, whose opinion is expected four days earlier.

We can say that the Senate has frankly saved the government.

If the text issued by the National Assembly had remained as it was, it would never have passed the ramp of the Constitutional Council ”,

judge an academic. Several points, however, could still be questioned by the wise: compulsory isolation, sanctions as well as the extension of the sanitary pass to terraces and shopping centers on the decision of the prefect. The bill rests on a complex balance between health and freedoms. The objective of speeding up vaccination has already been achieved, but there are still "

serious holes in the racket

To limit the number of cases.

These freedoms precisely, they were in everyone's mouth last Saturday during the anti-health pass demonstrations: 161,000 people marched in France according to the authorities.

An active resistance while others opt for the passive version.

To avoid getting vaccinated, young French people are trying to catch the Covid to obtain a certificate of recovery.

A dangerous game because the risk of a serious form of the disease exists for all and a "

particularly irresponsible act

", denounces a sociologist.

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A problematic application.

What to expect now that the law is passed? For employees of establishments affected by the health pass, vaccination is almost compulsory by August 31, unless they present a negative test every two days. The recalcitrant risk a suspension of contract, even a dismissal warned the Minister of Labor. The latter remains "

a last resort

", Nuance however Agnès Pannier-Runacher, the Minister Delegate in charge of Industry. To companies worried about a drop in their activity, the Minister of the Economy assures his support through the aid still in place in August. This is the case of the cultural sector already affected by the implementation of the health pass on July 21. If the measures at the entrance of establishments are rather well accepted, the drop in reservations is being felt. Long-booked and expensive shows or festivals are doing well because unvaccinated people get tested. This is not the case for cinemas whose attendance is in free fall after the mess around gauges and masks.

“The spectators expect tosee more clearly to come back ”,

thinks a professional knows.

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No health pass in schools but ...


In secondary, if there is a case of contamination, it is the unvaccinated students who will be evicted, but not the vaccinated students


Jean-Michel Blanquer, yesterday spoke at the microphone of FranceInfo, about the health protocol that will be put in place at the start of the school year.

And his strategy is criticized to say the least.

In the event of a confirmed Covid-19 contamination in a middle or high school class, unvaccinated students will have to take distance education for seven days.

What about 6th grade students who are not yet 12, worry about unions, while others denounce a two-tier school.

2. The encouraging rebound in vaccination

The objective of the extension of the health pass decided by the government is to boost vaccination. ALAIN JOCARD / AFP

Despite the controversy, the figures are there.

One in two French people is now fully vaccinated. More than 40 million French people have received a first dose, or 60% of the population. Figures boosted by the implementation of the health pass. In fact, in fifteen days, four million first doses were injected. However, the people most likely to have a severe form of the disease and to be hospitalized are not all vaccinated. With 86% of those over 75 vaccinated, France is only in 17th position against its neighbors behind Spain, Portugal, Iceland and Norway, which are close to 100% of vaccinated among the oldest. It should also be kept in mind that being vaccinated does not completely protect against the disease and thatbarrier gestures must be maintained.

Le Figaro

thus collected the testimonies of these vaccinated people who believed themselves protected and who were contaminated.

While many consider their situation unfair, others are more philosophical.

We have never been sold the vaccine as 100% effective, I wouldn't want antivax people to draw crazy conclusions.

That's how it is, you have to accept it,

”comments a young man.

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The numbers to remember

  • 41.2 million

    people received a first dose (61.1% of the population).

  • 34.4 million

    people have a complete vaccination schedule (51% of the population).

Source: Directorate General of Health as of July 28

Good to know:

The Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) on Wednesday approved the use of the Spikevax vaccine from Moderna in France for adolescents 12-17 years old, more than a third of whom have already been vaccinated.

The serum from the Moderna laboratory can be administered in a pharmacy or at a healthcare professional.

According to the HAS

"the benefits of Spikevax in adolescents aged 12 to 17 years outweigh the risks, especially in those at risk of severe form of Covid-19"

even if its effectiveness against severe forms is still to confirm.

3. The quote

In the majority, more and more of us are asking for compulsory vaccination.

François Jolivet, LREM deputy for Indre

For the deputy En Marche, François Jolivet, the health pass is only a first step. "

A transitional phase to invite the French to be vaccinated," he

commented to Le

Figaro. The executive thought it was necessary. But in the majority, more and more of us are asking for compulsory vaccination.

The word is out and prosperous among the deputies. While the health pass, "


" for some, embarrasses more than one, the vaccine obligation against Covid-19 appears to be simpler. After the PS and the president of Modem, François Bayrou, many LREM deputies are now in favor.

“General de Gaulle made vaccination against polio compulsory.

2022 will be the year of compulsory vaccination against Covid.

It will make things easier.

As long as it is not compulsory, there will be a permanent economic “stop-and-go”, ”

assures Rhone deputy Bruno Bonnell


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4. Where is the epidemic in France?

Weekly incidence rate by department of Covid-19 per 100,000 people.

7-day rolling average.

Fig Data

The epidemic is on the rise in France.

After the Pyrénées-Orientales, Corsica sees the epidemic spreading rapidly on its territory. Faced with an incidence rate four times higher at the national level, the prefecture decided to put in place new restrictions. In Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, a state of health emergency has been declared in order, according to Gabriel Attal, to "

allow all the necessary measures to be taken to protect local hospitals which could quickly find themselves under heavy pressure. voltage

". In Martinique, where less than 20% of residents are vaccinated, hospitals are already under pressure. The prefect has decided on a three-week confinement with travel restrictions, curfews and closure of restaurants. Across the country, the epidemic is starting again. In 24 hours, 27,934 new cases were detected while nearly 1,000 patients were hospitalized in intensive care.

The worried hospital.


We feel the storm coming,

" testifies a doctor. In the resuscitation service of the Nouvel Hôpital Civil (NHC) in Strasbourg, professionals see an epidemic resumption every day with the arrival of younger patients, not always with co-morbidities and not vaccinated. Are we going to master this fourth wave? This is possible provided that the sanitary measures are maintained and that the vaccination continues to progress. Unless France experiences the same astonishing ebb observed in the United Kingdom. Researchers are wondering about this phenomenon, which is still too recent to draw any conclusions.

"We note that the countries which have reached vaccination rates comparable to that of the United Kingdom, more than 65% of the total population, see the number of cases coming down much faster than those with a lower vaccination",

notes however the epidemiologist, Mircea Sofonea.

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The numbers to remember

  • 992

    patients in critical care (+14 since the day before)

  • 7,208

    hospitalized patients (+71 since the day before)

  • 27,934

    new cases detected in 24 hours

  • 40

    deaths in 24 hours (111,768 deaths since the start of the epidemic)

Source: Public Health France as of July 28

5. Travel info

It gets complicated.

Did the juillettists have a hollow nose this year?

A few days away from the traditional crossover, travel to Europe is getting more complicated.

Spain has thus classified almost all of the French regions as “at risk”.

As a result, the modalities of the health pass now apply to French tourists: full vaccination, test or certificate of recovery.

England, which still imposed very strict conditions on entering its territory, decided to exempt American and European travelers from quarantine ... except the French.

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6. Calendar, pass and masks

The mask outdoors is making a comeback in seaside resorts, here in Biarritz GAIZKA IROZ / AFP

Health pass.


July 21

, the health pass is required to go to places of culture and leisure welcoming more than 50 people (cinema, theater, concerts, festivals, etc.).

Early August

, it will be requested at the entrance of restaurants and bars, inside and outside, in trains, coaches and planes, retirement homes and medical establishments. Places of worship are not affected. Young people aged 12 to 17 are exempt until September 30. As a reminder, the health pass is not a vaccination certificate. For it to be valid, you must either be fully vaccinated for a week, or present a negative PCR or antigen test of less than 48 hours or proof of cure (a positive test) of more than 11 days and less than 6 month. It is in the form of a QR code stored in the TousAntiCovid application or in paper format.

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Wearing a mask

is always compulsory in enclosed spaces and outdoors when distancing is not possible (markets, queues, station platforms, etc.).

Some municipalities, such as Nice or Le Touquet, have already reimposed the mask outdoors in some very busy places.

Charente-Maritime has made the same arrangements for its most frequented seaside resorts or islands as for many departments.

In cultural places where the health pass is required, it is not compulsory unless the manager of the establishment or the prefect decides otherwise.

A certificate to travel.

Since July 1, Europeans can travel more easily within the continent thanks to certified evidence of vaccination or negative tests brought together in a single document.

In digital or paper format.

Please note, however, that each country can continue to apply specific rules.

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7. Reflexes to keep

The virus is transmitted by droplets and aerosols.

The barrier gestures detailed by the Ministry of Health must be observed to protect themselves and others:

  • Wash your hands regularly or use hydroalcoholic gel

  • Cough or sneeze into the crease of your elbow

  • Use disposable tissues

  • Wear a mask in public areas when the distance of two meters cannot be respected

  • Maintain a distance of at least two meters from others

  • Limit social contacts as much as possible (6 maximum)

  • Avoid touching your face

  • Air the rooms as often as possible, at least a few minutes every hour

  • Greet without shaking hands and stop hugging

8. What to do in case of symptoms?

The disease manifests itself with several symptoms, most often cough and fever.

The most important thing is to get tested.

According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, you should, in case of symptoms, stay at home and contact your doctor who will prescribe a test.

While waiting for the result, you must isolate yourself, wear a mask and prepare a list of people you could have infected.

In the event that the test is positive, the bill relating to the management of the health crisis currently under discussion in the National Assembly provides for compulsory isolation of 10 days in the place of its choice.

Checks will be "

provided by the police over a specific time range, from 8 am to 11 pm,

" the Minister of Health said Tuesday before the Law Commission.

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See you next week.

Source: lefigaro

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