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Are you on this list? You owe us an apology - Walla! vehicle


Pushing the lane, beeping, grabbing parking spaces, clinging to what behaviors drive us crazy on the road and require an apology

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Are you on this list?

You owe us an apology

We know who you are, know very well.

The pushed, the clinging, the crooked, the leftist, the zigzagging and more.

All the people who drive us crazy on the road and they should do some mental arithmetic


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Keenan Cohen

Tuesday, 14 September 2021, 22:52 Updated: 23:18

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Soon Yom Kippur, we will all put the car keys in the closet, put the motorcycle on 25 hours of inanimate roads from motor vehicles.

But a day later, a week, two weeks, a month or half a year away - let's not make a mistake, nothing will change - we will still continue to drive each other crazy on the roads in behaviors that people in life would not dare do at home, on the street or in the supermarket for example.

Why do they allow this for themselves?

Oh, there are many reasons and they are the subject of a separate article with professionals in the field of psychology when it comes to psychiatry.

But it can also be summed up in one line - their parents failed miserably.

But deployed on the eve of the holiday, here is a short list of all the guys who really need to take a moment and apologize for what they do on the road.

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Everyone knows where to be pushed at intersections, is not it time we were revealed to the police?

(Photo: Niv Aaronson)

The pushed

We were very much debating whether to insert the pushers into turns or intersections as the motor equivalent of "I just asked" or whether they belong to the people standing in the supermarket with a cart overflowing at the cash register.

We did not decide, but one thing is clear, we despise them more than the first two types.

And maybe with the people themselves we have less of a problem, a bit like the remains of dogs in the park - there always will be, too, what really bothers is that we all know where it happens all the time - why does no one tell the police about it?

We're all standing here, where are you going to zigzag?

(Photo: Reuven Castro)

The zigzags

Although as Israelis studying politics we already see maintaining the same line as something abnormal.

But there is a place where stopping moving from side to side becomes a real challenge for some people - on the road.

The fact that in the end the progress itself is measured by a few tens of meters at a time does not move you?

To be the ones that already your grandmother's grandmother's grandmother snatches curses does not bother you?

Have you come to terms with the fact that you act like a piece you know what?

Why not lust at least.

By the way, among these is a place of honor reserved for the two-wheeler riders who do it, not all of us do it, but there are those who since they can not be angry - the statistics do not lie - they will already snatch theirs.

Signaling, how simple - that's how complicated it is for people (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Do not signal

When I learned to drive, my uncle and teacher explained to me something very simple about signaling, "Signaling, these are our polite words on the road" means, signaling is the simpler and more common way for road drivers to communicate with each other and provide information about our intentions.

"Excuse me, can I move?"

Or "Please note, I'm coming in here, maybe I'll be avalanche" and also "I'm turning, you can join the movement".

And of all the things that are done on the road and you would think cost them time, money, respect (if you are from the relevant testimonies) - this is the thing that requires the least effort and attention.

So why not?

Probably the most advanced expression of people who are simply not aware at all of what is going on around them.

Are you being bypassed on the right?

You are not in the right place (Photo: Manufacturer's website)

Leftists are fed up

And if a lack of self-awareness, oh hello to you settlers from the left.

And no, I'm not talking about Ramot voters in Kiryat Arba, but about thousands and tens of thousands of drivers who are one of the two - either do not understand the meaning of the left lane, or have slime-smelling slime instead of a brain. So here, once and for all - if you do not overtake If you've seen a car and another car overtake you from the right lane - you're not in the right place. Stick to them from behind.

Like dogs, there are also people who must cling to the back (Photo: Manufacturer's website)


Well dear clingers, as the owner of two dogs, I totally understand this matter of yours getting really, really close to the backs of others.

Okay, this is nature and it's stronger than you.

But listen, other than endangering yourself, it never really helped.

If he did not see you approaching, he did not notice your lights - he will not notice that you are there and in case he has to brake he did not know you are there, you will only pick it up when he presses the brakes and you will also knock the vehicle and be guilty - or In the language you understand "Poya brown, forbidden!".

By the way, if you find yourself in a situation where you have nowhere to move and one of the fans of the genre sticks to your backside - without principles, without braking and without distress lights.

Just look for the opportunity to move and let him bully someone else.

Tip - if it is a very clean vehicle behind you - activate the windshield sprayers, as on all dog breeds, it also keeps them away ....

Just take a photo, tag and go to fold the passenger mirror ... (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Parking burners

A special place in Drivers Hell is reserved for those who park crooked when they are first in line, a less hot place reserved for those who do it in the middle of the line.

Here, too, a bit like the non-signaling world is divided between those who are simply not aware at all of what they are doing and those who have definitely noticed that they are parked crooked - but it really, really does not interest them.

Look, there's not much to do with these people, other than of course fold the mirror on the passenger's side and lift the rear wiper - because these two are noticed only after you start driving and you have to get out of the car for that.

But did a favor, did you see anyone parked crooked and off the lines?

Please, do not park crooked next to them because it will never end.

Besides, you are welcome to upload to any social network and also tag us on Facebook - preferably with visible license plates.

Did you finish loading?

Drive from the parking lot (Photo: Nir Ben Tovim, Keinan Cohen)

The cargo burners

Properly for a mutated company, this year we are adding a sub-strain to the parking burners.

These are people parked in charging stations for electric cars.

This is a type that has been increasing in the last year or two and in the last few months since the significant increase in the number of electric vehicles on the roads, and more and more public charging stations that opened like mushrooms after the beret campaign.

And no, we do not get the answer "Oh, I did not notice."

Man, if you did not notice that you are standing on a green area, on which is drawn a car with a cable coming out of it and in front of you there is a huge box with a cable from its end - maybe you should just stop with this story of driving?

A little less bad of them are those who drive an electric or rechargeable car, charge their car, but leave it in position long after they have finished "refueling".

Transmitter Morse or just a horn?

Khalas does not really help (Photo: Manufacturer's website)

Beep beep your sister

I was already desperate for the chance that the car manufacturers would listen to my suggestion: connect an electrical conductor between the horn and the coil that is in the driver's seat and transmits a short, sharp current with each use of the poplar.

It is clear to all of you that it will significantly reduce the amount of noise some drivers set up on the road - unless it has built a massive amounts of Morse code communicate and pass messages to each other - I find it difficult to find an explanation ...

so maybe just'll fool around with the idea that the police will enforce traffic laws Article 63, It states in section A - "Giving a signal in a horn will not be longer or more repetitive than necessary under the circumstances" and in section C - "In an urban way a person shall not sound a warning signal in a horn but to give a warning signal to prevent imminent danger that should not be prevented otherwise."

By the way, did you come across a driver who for each of your beeps reduces 5 km / h from his speed? It's me, you will jump to say hello.

Congratulations, pick up the parking department (Photo: Reuven Castro)

These and these

It was clear that this list would not be short, and almost everyone has that thing that bounces the fuse - standing in a double parking lot, passengers with fog lights, garbage dumps, electric bike riders, suddenly braking for no reason, being pushed into the lane as we try to keep distance and the list goes on .

But we'll tell you what, we'll save some of these for next Yom Kippur as well - you will add some of your own in the comments ...

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