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"The Morning Show" is one of the fun series on TV in the second season as well, but loses something big along the way - Walla! culture


As a news series, Corona forced the "Morning Show" to rewrite the scripts for the entire second season after filming had already begun. This card game is evident in the second season: the different parts of it seem unrelated and rudely sewn together

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"The Morning Show" is one of the fun series on TV in the second season as well, but loses something big along the way

As a news series, Corona forced the "Morning Show" to rewrite the scripts for the entire second season after filming had already begun.

This card game is evident in the second season: the different parts of it seem unrelated and rudely sewn together


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Ido Yeshayahu

Friday, 17 September 2021, 10:00 Updated: 10:03

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Trailer Season 2 of "The Morning Show" (Apple TV Plus)

Nearly two years have passed since the first season of "The Morning Show" kicked off, coinciding with the launch of the streaming service Apple TV Plus. The series, which was the flagship product of the new service, was reportedly the most expensive on TV mainly due to the fat salaries received by its stars, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, as well as the glittering and extensive cast around them, which included Steve Carl, Mark Duplas and Billy Crowd stealing the show.

The series depicted the occurrence after Mitch Kessler (Carl), the beloved presenter of the popular morning show in the United States, was accused of systematic sexual exploitation over the years. The exposure radiated to the corporate culture of the entire program of the (fictional) network that broadcasts, UBA, due to the people who made it possible behind the scenes. The great commotion and confusion arising from such a case was harnessed by the "Morning Show" in favor of a feverish, sweeping and delightful drama.

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The balance has been upset.

Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Billy Crudup, "Morning Show" Season 2 (Photo: Apple TV Plus)

What added to the specific weight of the series is that despite its fondness for storms, underground currents of trauma and mental accounts fermented in it at the same time.

The "morning show" established a delicate and clever balance that gave value to everyone, and allowed her to present one of the most exhaustive and complex depictions on television of power relations, sexual exploitation and rape - without stopping for a moment to be entertaining.

Unfortunately, in season two this balance was upset.

Since this is a work that takes place against the background of a current affairs program and deals with issues on the agenda, including of course the "Who's Too" era, "The Morning Show" could not ignore the outbreak of a global epidemic that occurred during the second season.

As in the case of many more series, filming was forced to stop in March 2020 a month after they began, and the writers will almost entirely write the scripts so that they will also deal with Corona.

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Steals the show.

Billy Crudup, "Morning Show" Season 2 (Photo: Apple TV Plus)

Remember or not, the previous season ended when Alex Levy (Aniston) and Bradley Jackson (Witherspoon) hijacked the live broadcast to reveal to viewers that the network's president, Fred Michelin (Tom Irwin), knowingly allowed the exploits of Mitch Kessler and even Pizza His victims to silence.

The new network manager and action enthusiast, Corey Allison (Crudeup), then stood in the control room and allowed the moderators to do so, locking the door so Fred could not get inside.

After the start of the new season ties some ends in a direct sequel to these events, it jumps in time nine months forward to the end of that year, 2019. For its ten episodes (all submitted for review ahead of time) The "Morning Show" describes the next three months, during which the virus became A marginal news update on what is happening in faraway China, to a global reality that affects all of humanity.

Meanwhile, we find the characters in completely different places than we've seen them recently, and throughout the season the series gradually reveals what happened and what led them there.

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The corona causes the season to disperse.

"Morning Show" Season 2 (Photo: Apple TV Plus)

From its earliest moments, the "Morning Show" demonstrated Arun Sorkin's influence on her. His DNA is due to the fact that it is a behind-the-scenes series on television (as he did in "Air Sports", "Studio 60" and "The Newsroom"), due to his preoccupation with real news events or those that resonate explicitly with the real world ("The White House"). "The newsroom"), and due to the vigor that emanates from the worlds he described, one that was always expressed in urgent corridor conversations - the so-called Walk and Talk - and the pressure of a deadlock (all the above series).

The retreat of The Morning Show to the past in the new season, accordingly, looks like another of Sorkin's inspiration: his terrible "newsroom" from 2012, dealt with what went on behind the scenes of a news show where the events happened two years earlier. Through this retrospective wisdom, Sorkin was able to demonstrate all his evil tendencies - righteousness, piety, preaching - without any subtext,Nuance or complexity.

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This time she premieres the big dramas.

"Morning Show" Season 2 (Photo: Apple TV Plus)

Although the second season of "Morning Show" does not reach these abysses, and it is interesting to see how many of our favorite characters go through what we experienced and slowly become acquainted with a completely new existence, but it is clear that the series seeks to deal with it all from a safe distance.

"The Morning Show" could have used its new episodes to move quickly in time and link the events of the first season to the present.

She could have made a bigger time jump.

But she does not do it.

The result: from a series that gave a very contemporary and relevant feel, "The Morning Show" suddenly becomes Gilad for a long time.

Beyond that, instead of the corona tightening up the happenings - both those left over from the original scripts and those added in retrospect - in practice it only causes the second season of "Morning Show" to disperse. The various parts of it seem unrelated, roughly sewn together. Patches of attempts to continue the events of the previous season, alongside blatant, often capricious moves that throw the characters into the heart of the new plots.

Worst of all: it seems that the Likud of Stories almost completely eradicates the same delicate and intelligent aspect that made "The Morning Show" a multi-dimensional series.

If we had hoped that the new season would deal with Corona in the same challenging and thought-provoking way in which it dealt with sexual exploitation and power relations - that is far from the case.

In fact, these issues are also being treated with rougher hands this time around, and are mostly done from the angle of the condemnation culture - an interesting issue that is not exhausted here at all.

The second season premieres the big dramas, people screaming at each other, love triangles.

Rigid scripts that only try to get from point A to point B, compress the plot with a minimum of layers.

This is what is left of the "morning show" at the moment: expensive, attractive and entertaining soap.

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Auxiliary Force in Season Two.

Juliana Margolis, "Morning Show" Season 2 (Photo: Apple TV Plus)

The point is that it turns out that even so it is quite a bit, which indicates the effective formula of the series. Despite the superficiality, haste, awkward scenes, faint plot lines and Aniston's poor acting - most of the time I just did not want the episodes to end. Some of its basic advantages remain: abundance is seen in almost every frame. It is still the series in which New York looks the most beautiful on television, and this time it is also amazing to present the amazing landscapes of Como in Italy. Throughout the season there are touching moments and scenes that still leave a mark. At the most technical levels, it's interesting to see how the Corona affects the behind - the - scenes of a studio program of the kind at its core. Joining the cast this time around is Juliana Margolis ("The Good Wife," "ER") in a significant supporting role, and in smaller roles Will Arnett, Kathy Najimi, Hassan Minaj and Holland Taylor. And perhaps most importantly: Reese Witherspoon gets rid of the awful wig of the first season, thank God.

Overall, the second season of "Morning Show" feels like a stumble.

Like the protagonists at its center, the series also has to take stock and understand who it is and what it wants to be, and like them the result is flawed and inconsistent.

Perhaps, if a new global mishap does not happen again, in the third season the series will manage to close on itself and return to being the smart and fun drama it once was.

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