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As if there is no Corona: Crossing Europe on a motorcycle - Walla! vehicle


A motorcycle trip in Europe may be a distraction and a distant memory, but Guy Marmor got tired of waiting, so he bought an old Yamaha motorcycle, got on it and started plowing the continent

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As if there is no Corona: Crossing Europe on a motorcycle

The teachers call it "thorns in the ass" but Corona or not, Guy Marmor gets back on the saddle and embarks on another journey.

The interesting part: he does it on an old motorcycle he bought online ...


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Guy Marmor

Friday, 24 September 2021, 08:30 Updated: 08:41

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After the last round in Mongolia I knew it was not really the last round, and as I rode from Argentina to Alaska and then from Israel to Mongolia, another journey would come.

Not only "will come" I was even very clear how, where and what it will be.

Planning: Connected to KTM Canada, gets some shell Adventure Adventure like the 1290/1090 and sets out to explore the Indian / Eskimo colonies in northern Canada and close to the North Pole.

Sounds like a dream right?

Everything is planned, everything is fixed, everything is ready for battle!

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But like any dream, I also woke up from it and how. What happened? As in the legend, at the other end of the world sat a man with a pipe (that's how I imagine) and decided to eat a bat that bit a cat that ate a toad that rode on a sheep Dzbin Abba Betri Zuzi, Had Gadya. That pretty much sums up what happened to the world, fucking sharp in the pandemic version! The corona is making waves in the world, closure, vaccines, masks and the dream of Canada seems as realistic as planning this journey on lunar soil.

so what are we doing? At night the instinct tickles, there are people who look at Zap, there are people who search in Marketplace on Facebook, there are those who get up to snack from the fridge - I look for reality around the world. What does that mean? There are sites for selling used tools in all sorts of countries. Tools are sold there that are sold by locals or travel sites that sell such tools. I bought my first motorcycle, a Kawasaki 650 KLR from a guy who rode from Los Angeles to Argentina and there he moved the headquarters to me.

Elderly, but simple to maintain and with a proven resume.

Yamaha Diversion 900 (Photo: Guy Marmor)

A dinosaur in a warehouse

One night I found something interesting, while searching in the wee hours of the night I came across an ad about a motorcycle offered for sale in Europe: a Yamaha Diversion - a large touring motorcycle, whose small brothers in volume of 400 and 600 cc were sold here in Israel in the 90s. But here, as mentioned, this is the larger fireplace - 900 cc, 4 pistons, carburetor, drive shaft (drive-shaft) from the 1998 vintage, yes, an old goat motorcycle.

The Seller: An American guy who rode the motorcycle from Ireland (Irish plate) and tried to sell, to be honest he was not exactly the seller, as he had already driven home to South Carolina and left the motorcycle with a nice old couple at some farm.

Here the light bulb came on, the wheels began to turn in the head, assembling the pieces in the puzzle: a good old motorcycle, with a proven resume, easy to maintain, already found in Europe, in the Alps!

After all, riding there is a dream of every biker!

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The breathtaking views of the Alps are a riding dream for every biker (Photo: Guy Marmor)

After some arguing and going back and forth, I explained to choose the risk I was taking, its condition, and that few people would buy an old motorcycle with a British plate in the middle of Europe, and another one sitting in a barn in the middle of nowhere and fly to it.

I offered him $ 500 for the motorcycle.

And I said to myself that at this price I am ready to go through the hassle of operating insurance for a motorcycle with a plate from country A in country B and more for an Israeli rider.

Plus I do not even know if the motorcycle is good or normal, requires a mechanical line alignment?

I trust his word?

Mess in short.

I asked the guy to tell the old men on the farm to shoot a video of the motorbike, that I would at least show that something was working.

These motorcycles are quite simple and reliable so I said if treated a bit and he drives then it will be fine, at most I will come to the farm I will see he pooped so I lost a few pennies and Dzbin Aba Betri Zuzi, fucking Had Gadya, total experience. The guy agreed to the offer, the motorcycle drives Not Terry Zuzi but $ 500 on PayPal and soon after I even received spare keys in a Fedex delivery from South Carolina.

Loaded, separated from the farm that served as a home and set off (Photo: Guy Marmor)

A small step, thousands of miles

So there is a motorcycle, now came the planning stage, what to ride, how, how much, why. So first of all, unlike previous times, this time the journey will be a road of course, the first rule is as little equipment as possible (I am in Europe if you need something you can buy as you will hear in the sequels, here not Mongolia) so no need to load. Everything exists only to move and ride. The planning? Moving on the Alps, I will start in Budapest Hungary, from there to the Alps in Austria and continue towards the Atlantic Ocean in the general direction of Spain-Portugal.

For the exciting encounter with my travel partner I arrived by flight, train, and finally a bus and then to the farm. The motorcycle does move, works and also sounds good. The cute couple on the farm agreed that I would sleep there, and in the meantime I arranged oil, filters and a front tire which I replaced myself after the period when the motorcycle was standing. A short shopping trip to some basic equipment such as food, cooking utensils, stove, etc. and you can set off. The program is gaining traction and everything is going smoothly in the meantime.

the plan?

There is no plan.

Just ride in the direction of Spain on the Alps (Photo: Guy Marmor)

I took advantage of the first days of riding to take a look at the map and understand the exact meaning of the types of road markings and what it looks like in practice and of course to get to know the motorcycle.

I told myself I would roll on the Alps from Budapest west without too many plans - as I like, get up in the morning, ride and in the afternoon look for a place close to a water source such as a river to do camping, the so-called simple life.

Over the years I have accumulated a lot of "bookmarks" on my map on Google.

Refers to interesting points I saw on websites on the Internet, motorcycle articles, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Basically these are high mountain passes, recommended roads, dams, villages ... in short you understood the idea.

All these points formed a general route and on its basis we will work and ride.

When the idea is always to enjoy the road and the spontaneity more than the commitment to the destination or power measured in miles or time.

So here, about the preparations for it and the most important first step of just getting up and doing I told you this time.

In the following parts: We set out on a journey, living the way and most importantly while also revealing to you the big and small tips that you must know before this type of trip.

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