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Documentation of a huge flying fish is the proof of an underwater alien base? - Walla! technology


The alien pursuers were given another piece of documentation that ignites their imagination: a fish-like object with fins was photographed flying over a tourist site in Florida. View photos that have been uploaded for yourself

Documentation of a huge flying fish is the proof of an underwater alien base?

The alien pursuers received another record that ignites their imagination: a fish-like object with fins was photographed flying over a Florida tourist site, and experts decided it was unequivocally a UFO - proving we do not know what's hiding under the sea

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Wednesday, 24 November 2021, 23:51

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Documentation of a mysterious cube in the ocean (UFO Sightings Daily)

In the video - a UFO that looks like a cube was recorded from the space station as it exits the ocean

A fish-like object was seen flying in the Florida skies last week and caused great excitement in the alien-chasing community.

The object, which they have earned the obligatory nickname "The Flying Fish," appears in the skies of the Florida Keys tourist site and they are rumored to be in fact an alien spaceship.

Scott Waring, of, posted pictures of The Fish, claiming that the eyewitness who photographed him said he was the size of a public bus: To creatures and forms from nature.

But this alien is the first of its kind I've seen in 30 years of research.

It has two black eyes in the front and a head tilted to the side and a body with fins and also a small, thin fin in the back.

"It's just shouting UFOs - and it's probably come out of an underwater base. Like I said many times - there's an alien base of aliens that has been submerged under Florida and it's coming all the way from the ocean."

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It's like a fish, no doubt about it (Photo: screenshot,

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But is it a bus-sized UFO? (Photo: screenshot,

As you can see from the published photos - it is difficult to determine whether the claims about the size of the object are accurate, and of course no proof has ever been presented for the claims about the existence of an alien base below Florida.

And although there are repeated reports of sightings of UFOs and aliens seen in Florida, there is no solid evidence to support those claims.

At the same time, a book published in 2016 allegedly revealed testimonies and documents of the Soviet Navy hidden from the public talking about the USO project - which deals with a huge army of UFOs and mysterious creatures hiding in the depths of the sea. The Soviets and Russians reported strange phenomena and encounters with mysterious creatures in the depths of the seas, oceans and lakes. Many believe that they should not be treated with utter disregard. They quickly became ridiculed and their testimonies were presented as unfounded. "

The book continues: "Despite their efforts to conceal the information, some of the evidence was exposed to the public to the displeasure of the Soviet navy. Our knowledge of the seas, oceans and lakes is very limited, and there is probably something very large hidden there that we do not know about."

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