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Vered's Bites, Michael's condescension: What's the tribe going through in survival? - Walla! culture


Whenever we thought Busquila was scratching the bottom, she puts out more unflattering behavior, and her grace rating drops a little more

Vered's Bites, Michael's condescension: What's the tribe going through in survival?

Whenever we thought Busquila had scratched the bottom, she pulls out another unflattering behavior, and her grace rating drops a little more;

Because this is how it is in the Apollaki tribe: everything that happens there becomes personal with his friends and provokes an primitive defensive instinct that does not allow for a logical discussion

Karin Arad


Thursday, 02 December 2021, 08:24 Updated: 08:47

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Survival (Photo: Screenshot, Network 13)

I have not yet got used to the old tribes and have already replaced them. Everything has been mixed and the new tribes look like a thrift store in King George - full of hangers, full of styles and full of colors that are not related to each other. All in one pile. Go now you will find what to wear. Michael and Lisa in Apolaki want to hang themselves with Jackie and Odelia, Ella and Gadi have moved to the Libolan tribe and do not know what to do with themselves out of happiness, Rose with them, wants to die of sucking, Jonathan still saves himself for Maayan, Dudu continues to dramatize 50 shades of gray , And Kobe, where? Who is he cheating on now? I was confused.

This season of Survival is full of interesting castings, some of whose character I have not yet grasped.

What's the point of Jonathan for example?

What is it, your professional hat?

A character actor?

A rugby player?

I did not understand.

Kobe is unclear - he moves between a fat and insecure boy and a gourmet amateur villain sitting on a velvet chair and stroking a shaved cat.

Michael also has more to carve, hoping that somewhere between the dice hides some self-humor, because the man takes himself so seriously that it's a bit stressful.

But the biggest mystery is Vered, and to be honest I only see this episode for her, or rather for the one scene revealed to me in the promos, where Vered bites Lisa on the shoulder.

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Survival (Photo: Screenshot, Network 13)

First of all, funny. Second, she never ceases to amaze. Every time I think Busquila has scratched the bottom, she takes out more unflattering behavior from herself, and her grace rating drops a little more. Jackie Azoulay, for example, is also not someone to admire - she is domineering, rude, manipulative, bad, but she still has a certain charm that makes you want more of her, and that's the thing - the X Factor if you will - that Vered lacks.

In short, she came spoiled. It's not pretty, and it's probably going to upset some people, but practitioners. To be honest, a day when I did not get cursed in talkbacks feels to me like I was not productive enough at work. So I will continue please, with your permission - do not like her vibe, do not like her look, do not like the way she gets dirty on people behind her back, not the way she plays the game, do not believe the word she says, and I think she deserves no less than Kobe for the steak title Of the season.

After moving from Libolan to the opposing tribe and slandering them without blinking, she became Jackie's deputy.

The last exchange brought her back to Lia and Yuval, people she does not really like but has to fight alongside at the moment, and this situation does not bring out the best in her, to say the least.

For some reason in each mission she moves between two extreme extremes - either she faints after six seconds and stresses everyone out, or she looks like she wants to murder someone and stresses everyone out, and this immunity mission completely escaped her parrot.

That is, the drawer was finally messed up for her.

What are you biting people, you troll?

Survival (Photo: Screenshot, Network 13)

An older person, a mother, and also, as Jackie rightly pointed out - an athlete - should not bite during a game. At least she would apologize after the fact, but no. Her only reaction was "there were the rings," meaning that she had to defend herself. That it's nonsense - it's water football - everyone drowned a bit and swallowed some water, fought for their lives, shouted, and pushed - and yet, instinctively managed to control themselves, did not play dirty, and did not snatch under the belt.

This is exactly the difference between Libulan's personality and Apolaki's character, that everything that happens to them becomes personal and evokes a primordial defensive instinct that does not allow for a logical discussion. Anything said innocently can escalate in seconds. A great example was the conversation about bringing the children into the world - Michael says he does not want to bring children into an unstable financial situation, and Jackie, his uncle and Odelia take it as if someone is attacking their lifestyle.

Odelia is personally hurt and explains that "such people", who do not bring children, are 'arrogant', that this is her reaction to anything she does not agree with.

"Every child brings a blessing with him," she states with the rationality that characterizes people who talk to God, which elicits from Michael a rare moment of humor.

"It's called an annuity from the state, not a blessing," he explains to her, proving that he is indeed condescending, while Jackie suggests to poetry that tries to explain about the earth's resources - suicide, because children are most important and poetry, well, less.

Finally Dudu joins the conversation to find out in insult why resources and glaciers are more important than people's lives.

Survival (Photo: Screenshot, Network 13)

Tell me please, how can these people ever function together as a successful tribe?

So that's it - they will not succeed, nor are they supposed to. This is probably why they mixed the tribes - to make them less homogeneous, and the editors to have more sinks for promos, Lia's hunted a giant crab that could take over New York, and Gadi's running away because he's not a rooster, or a lamb, because the shark goat is afraid of non-kosher animals .

The mission of immunity was defeated by Apolaki Blend-Slide because Michael is as humorless but as strong as eight people, and as he attests to himself, the true leader of the tribe.

Every tribe, if you asked yourself.

He also does it modestly, he claims.

Not that it matters, because all the noble leadership in the world will not prevent Jackie from entering his mama very soon to defend the throne, and in the new Libolan tribe will have to finally face a task of personal immunity and a tribal council.

Who will they oust?

Are you Lia?

Are you a rose?

Or God forbid Yuval?

It does not sound logical, but as Odelia says "Navar Sei Navar! Well!".

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