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"Adults approach me and tell me 'I grew up on you'. I answer them 'Hello, you got confused'" - Walla! culture


Musician Dana Berger tells why she regrets participating in "Survival" ("A nightmare, not worth the money") and why she does not regret working with Yuval Mesner

"Adults approach me and say, 'I grew up on you.' I answer, 'Hello, you're confused.'

Dana Berger is no longer hurt by the fact that her new songs are no longer broadcast on the radio as they used to and in an interview with Walla!

Culture on the occasion of the release of a new song, she tells about working with her student, why she regrets participating in "Survival" ("A nightmare, not worth the money") and why she does not regret working with Yuval Mesner

Sagi Ben Nun


Monday, 06 December 2021, 10:00

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Dana Berger in the clip for the song "Because Q" (Director: Nimrod Peled, Photographer: Or Azulai)

"Because you hurt / Because you are strong / You know / Because you cry / Because you survive / Because you are closed / Because you are lonely / Because a demon enters you / Because you sink / Because you are embarrassed / Because you go crazy / How you go wild / How much do you fight / How much do you fall / And how do you get up / No longer remember how it used to be / Do not remember if there was a taste / No longer remember how it was "

This is how the song opens" Because "performed by Dana Berger, first single from her new album 2022. The lyrics are signed by Michal Dagan, the melody Berger and the musical production by Omri Amado (

watch the clip for the song - above

). In the song, created during the Corona days, there is something very ambivalent. On the one hand, the song includes very charged words, and describes a person with the words "hurting", "a demon enters him", "going crazy" and "raging". On the other hand, his melody conveys something completely opposite: it is pleasant, rhythmic and receptive.

"This is an accurate diagnosis," Berger said in an interview with Walla! culture. "The wonderful Michal Dagan wrote a heavy and charged text around a farewell and a new beginning in her life. But this fun melody and musical production takes the song to a place that is a little sweet, a sweetness that balances the bitterness of the text. "

The songwriters were introduced to a writing workshop that Berger has been conducting for over a decade, and Dagan participated in it as a student.

The student became a partner, and later a friend.

They worked together for a year, until the album was created with all its lyrics signed by Dagan (except for one song they wrote together) and the melodies and vocals Berger.

"Michal came to me for a writing workshop," says Berger.

"I've been teaching for many years, and I'm dying for it. These are workshops that are mainly therapeutic journeys in, and much more than just writing. It has to do with my dream of becoming a psychologist. After Corona took over life the workshop moved to zoom. "

The students are jealous.

Dana Berger (Photo: Zohar Sheetrit)

Your musical classmate, Tal Gordon, also conducts writing workshops, and she also collaborated musically on her album with her student, in her case he also became her partner. Is this a phenomenon that can be called "if only you were a little less my teacher"?

"It makes me happy. Even when my brother-in-law Rodner teaches, he collaborates with his students. Somewhere it's natural. Although this is the first time I'm making an album with my student, after dozens of workshops. On the other hand it's natural and works."

The other students in the workshop were not jealous?

"They must be jealous, even Michal herself, of her humble place. I do not think at all daring to dream that such a thing could happen. The students hope that they might have a connection to the artist, but I do not think Michal even imagined we would have such a baby together."

How else have you spent almost two years of Corona, a period in which in a large part of it "Hutzlarz" remains only the name of your hit and not a tourist option?

"My partner of the last 21 years and I released an album about the beginning of the Corona, March 2020. It disrupted all the planning, was supposed to be a celebratory performance at the Hall of Culture. What did happen is another album I created with my partner, which is almost completely ready. For me The corona was a time to open up to new things. When the shows froze, at first I did not know what to do with myself. It was scary at first and then I calmed down and decided to expand the fields in which I work. "It treats through the breath a process called reversing. It's a whole world of meeting ourselves through our breathing."

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Meet ourselves through the breath.

Berger (Photo: Zohar Sheetrit)

Musician Dana Berger is already 51. She broke into our lives in her youth, in the early 1990s, with the band Blagan. Since then she has released 10 albums, including "Until the End", one of the most prominent and successful Israeli rock albums, and has signed many hits such as "King", "Passing Warmth", "Waiting for Him", "Learning to Fly", "Love", "Until the End" "" It makes sense, "" in motion, "and" you come and go. "

You have a glorious career, you were one of the biggest stars of Israeli rock, singer of the year with many big hits. However, for a long time you have not had a big hit, since "Here I Come Home" you performed with Itai Pearl. Does it suck you?

"I've been making music for almost 30 years, and soon to be releasing my 11th album. It's really exciting. I perform a lot, with the band and in collaborations. I love what I do and it's huge, no less. I guess it's a worldwide phenomenon, Not just here in the country, where at some point the radio or certain stations reflect some young or kids mindset. I'm not there right now and that's fine. Because my audience is people who raised me. By the way, all kinds of grandparents tell me 'I grew up on you' and I say, "You got confused. At first it was more insulting. The transitions are the hardest parts of life."

A little less than two months ago, Yuval Mesner, your partner in the band Blagan, passed away. The band was formed shortly after Mesner was released from prison following his conviction for raping a minor. Eran Tzur said he regrets merging the tattoo band with Mesner. Do you feel remorse for making a mess after he got out of jail and / or for the band's reunion in July 2016?

"I do not feel any remorse. I really liked Yuval, he was a friend. We made music together. The discomfort I feel is mainly towards the hysteria and the monster of rage, which goes out of all proportion in every subject, and remains even after a person dies, regardless of family and children left. After him. "

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Dead for what I do.

Berger (Photo: Zohar Sheetrit)

In April 2018, you canceled your participation in the Israeli-Palestinian Remembrance Day ceremony, where you were supposed to sing with other artists, Jews and Arabs, a song that calls for reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians. You said that the reason for this is that bereaved families turn to you. Is that really the only reason?

"It was a very, very sad story for me, in my career and in life. By and large I very much appreciate the Bereaved Families Forum, who lost their loved ones on both sides of the conflict. There is something so appreciative about it in my eyes, that they invited me. I really wanted to do it. "The ceremony on Memorial Day, for them it is the right thing to do. I received heartbreaking requests, do what you want but not on this day. And after a very deep deliberation, until I became ill from this thing, I canceled my participation in pain."

Your good friend, singer and musician Dan Toren, who was supposed to be one of the song's performers, was quoted in Haaretz as saying that some of the artists who pledged to attend the alternative ceremony were threatened by local councils, and told that if they performed they would not be allowed to perform on Independence Day stages.

"There was a commotion. I am a nervous Jerusalemite. Usually when I am threatened, I do the opposite. I did not cancel because of it."

The cancellation was also surprising because in other cases you were not afraid to take a stand and express an opinion, for example when you participated and appeared in demonstrations in Balfour. Are you satisfied with the change government?

"The truth is I pretty much do not know what's going on around me. I have a joint show with Leah Lapid so she tells me what's going on. "You do not watch television. Look, I am pleased that the government is changing, because a government that does not change is doomed to disaster. I am satisfied that this government represents the various factors, although it also makes it difficult to make decisions."

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Satisfied with the government.

Dana Berger (Photo: Reuven Castro)

It will soon be thirty years since the hit "Fallen Strong," written and composed by Hemi Rodner and performed by his band Where the Boy Is. Legend has it that the song was written about Jeremy Kaplan after you, his ex-partner, announced your intention to break up with him. For the benefit of the generation that did not know - is the legend correct?

"I sometimes show up with my father-in-law and Jeremy and stand between them and we talk about it. The legend is true. When a man writes a song he always mixes something he got from Dana who left Jeremy and broke his heart, but he puts in more axies."

How do you look at the experience of surviving from a distance over the years?

"It was a nightmare. My mother taught me that nothing is a mistake but it was a nightmare, not worth the money. Recommend to anyone who is undecided whether to do it - not to do it."

In a country with so much news, storms, problems, diseases - did you go out on the last Black Friday to buy yourself a quiet box in a faraway land?


"The song 'Silent' will always be topical. A very beloved song. There is no performance, from small to large, that I do not perform this song, which connects me to my Israeliness. I sang this song five minutes before Rabin's assassination. Always appropriate, always relevant, always segmented The heart, and also gives some hope. "

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