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Road test: Geely Geometric C 350 - Walla! vehicle


Gili's electric car comes to a road test in the smaller battery version and at a price of 134,000 shekels

Road test: Geometric G 350 C 350

With a declared range of 350 km and a price of 134,000 shekels, the base version of the Gili Geometric C is a classic candidate for the leader of the electrical revolution in the popular field. How is it in practice?

Keenan Cohen


Wednesday, 08 December 2021, 15:34 Updated: 15:48

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At family prices and less than a parallel gasoline crossover (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

In the first encounter with the Geometric C Gili, which we used in the longer range version, in one of the presentation glasses it was called a game changer, after revealing the prices one of the attendees remarked "this is not a game changer this is a game over" and the reason was simple. The bottom of the trams cars with a declared range of up to 300 km and at prices of about 144 thousand shekels, when a customer was debating between an internal or hybrid combustion car and an electric car, one of the considerations was how many kilometers he would have to do to close the car price gap The tram and the petrol car.Well, with the C geometry at a price lower than cars parallel to it in their dimensions with internal combustion engines or hybrids this calculation is no longer relevant, the fuel savings anyway he does from the first mile.

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Spacious and very well-equipped cabin (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Since we wrote about most of the things even then, we will go over the basics briefly. Gili, who is less well known in Israel, is an industry giant in general and a Chinese car giant in particular. Not only in China itself, but also with ownership of other car brands. The most significant of these is Volvo, the most fascinating of them is lynk & co, the nostalgic is Lotus and more. The entry of this manufacturer into Israel and other markets is done in the first phase with the Geometric C, a converted version of the electricity of an existing gasoline car.

The exterior design is handsome overall, not something that records new chapters in the book, but different enough from the rest to stand out. The cabin wears a more innovative look, with a generous 12.3-inch multimedia screen and a more modest 5-inch dashboard that shares too much information on too little real estate. The materials and assembly are very good at least in the central part of the driver's environment,The doors still carry the DNA of the car on which it is based and the plastic there is simple to the touch.

Air conditioning and good space in the back seat (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

In the instrumentation section it gets a very high score with electric driver seat, heated seats, split climate control with exit for rear seats, BOSE audio system, USB sockets (back and forth) panoramic roof, wireless charging and more.

The more or less disadvantage is the lack of Android and Apple pairing, which may change later.

The safety section is also equipped with an impressive list, a 360 camera with a view of the vehicle side during slow speed signaling, automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, correction of deviation from the lane, warning of a vehicle in "dead zone" and more.

The only comment in this section concerns the lack of a European crush test score.

Modest volume and useful structure (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Human engineering is also good both in terms of operation and in terms of storage and space compartments.

Less successful were the positions of the stability control and downhill control disconnection buttons in an accessible place and on the other hand much more important and useful functions like driving mode selection and regenerative charge level are within the menus and require probing.

The front seats were a bit short in terms of thigh support, but did a good job comfortably overall.

270 cm at the base of the wheels say a rear seat with space acceptable in small crossovers. The 350-liter trunk, so it is not very large, will suffice for weekly shopping or equipment for a compact family trip. It lacks hanging, anchoring or storage options.

Without an overhead display, you have to make do with the small dashboard (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

The electric motor and propulsion system here is the same as the version we drove.

This means that the front wheels go through 204 hp and 31.6 kg and these provide an official acceleration of 7.7 seconds when the maximum speed is limited to 160 km / h. The feeling behind the wheel is definitely of a vigorous car for its reference group in "ECO" mode and very vigorous the sports mode ", for use in the" ECO + "recommended to give up except in cases of critical need within.

even the rims 18 inches overstated car of its kind, comfort remains very good in terms of absorbing most of the disruptions. only the major fractures no suspension urban speed Produces full shock absorption.What impairs comfort is the tangible penetration of road noise (wind and tires) into the passenger compartment at a speed of 100 km / h and north.

Harmonious look, not particularly noticeable in profile (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

The road behavior here is also the same, the business has a very good grip, the low batteries bring the center of gravity down and this is evident in very restrained vehicle movements in changes of direction. The feeling here is mainly of a car that takes care not to get you in trouble, part of it is calming any desire for driving pleasure or connecting to the steering wheel and other vegetables.

The difference here in the 350 version is in the size of the battery. This is 53 kWh instead of the 70 kWh battery that serves the longer-range version. Here, with an average consumption of 16.2 kWh per 100 km, the real range was 310 km, the considerable part of the trip was done on highways that are known range killers. These are still very good numbers, less highways would bring It is already very close to the declared range, an incomprehensible matter of which in an electric

car.The driving conditions were not exactly the same, but in the version with the larger batteries we achieved in moderate driving about 410-420 km of range.

Behind the more unique look (Photo: Keinan Cohen)


So even after driving the 350 version of the Geometric C the conclusions about it are no different.

It is a complete and very worthy product, both as a tram and as a car.

As a tram with a nice and practical range of more than 300 km and fast charging. As a car that offers both what is important and worthy of a modern car in terms of quality of life (space and equipment) and in the sections of life themselves with a range of advanced safety systems. From the fact that it has not yet been tested by euro NCAP and its performance in this area has not yet been

tested.Although we still stand the view that a real electric vehicle that would be an alternative to an internal combustion car should offer a range of at least 350 km Not far from it - is definitely a product that deserves to lead the popular electric revolution in the local car market.

Strong entry into the local market and this time rightly so (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

On the technical side: Geometric Geely C 350

Engine, propulsion:

electric, front


50 kWh

Power / rpm (20 hp):


Torque / rpm (kg):



reduction gearbox, single gear


length (cc)




Width (cm):


Height (cm):


Wheelbase (cm):


Trunk (liters):



Acceleration 0-100:

7.7 seconds

Maximum speed:

160 Km / h


350 (declared), 310 (test)


MG ZS EV, Hyundai Kona, Peugeot 2008e


134 thousand shekels

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