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"I'm not afraid to perform in Israel. The opportunity to sing with you is a blessing" - Walla! culture


We watched Sarah Correa in an exciting show in London and talked to her about the excitement before arriving in Israel: "I heard about Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and know Idan Raichel"

"I'm not afraid to perform in Israel. The opportunity to sing with you is a blessing"

Singer Sarah Correa, one of the hottest names in the Portuguese fado music genre, is coming to perform at the Mediterranean Festival in Ashdod next month.

Before that, we watched her exciting show in London and talked to her about the excitement before arriving in Israel: "I heard about Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and know Idan Raichel"

Nir Yahav, London


Tuesday, May 10, 2022, 3:00 p.m.

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The only dream was to sing.

Korea (Photo: pedro)

Portuguese singer Sara Correa is only 28 years old but behind her is already a rich and long musical career.

As the daughter of a family of singers and musicians, Corya was born into the sounds and songs.

"I started at the age of nine," she says in an interview with Walla!


"My aunt was a famous singer, my family kept singing, and from a young age it was clear to me that I was going to be a singer. When I told my parents I was going to be a singer, they just congratulated me on it."

Was there a particular moment when you realized you had to be a singer?

"I don't think there was a moment when I even wanted to be anything else. My only dream since I can remember myself was to sing."

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Not many people still know the name of Sarah Correa, but fans of the Portuguese fado genre know very well who it is and some claim that it is the hottest name in the fado worlds.

With immense talent, endless charisma and wonderful music - Correa has managed to conquer a place at the pinnacle of fado music.

She has appeared in series, starred in films, recorded two acclaimed albums, won awards, collaborated with the greats of the genre (among them Celeste Rodriguez and Maria de Nazra) and filled halls in Portugal.

In recent years she has also performed overseas at world music festivals - and in about a month she is also expected to attend the Mediterranean Festival - a festival of music, film, art and flavors from Mediterranean countries - to be held at the Performing Arts Center in Ashdod for a one-time show on June 14.

The festival itself will take place from June 10-18 and in addition to Korea, Yehuda Poliker and Gidi Gov will also perform in their joint performance "Face to Face", Miri concludes that she will host Amir Dadon and Glikaria with the Israeli Chamber Opera Orchestra, Jasmine Mualem, Mark Eliyahu will host her sons Barbie, guitarist Flamenco Antonio Ray, a tribute show to Stratos Dionysio with the participation of his three sons, Ziv Yehezkel who will sing songs by 'Abd al-Khalim Hafez and more.

In addition, 12 films will be screened, including premieres of films from Greece, Egypt and Macedonia.

A month before coming to Israel, we went to London to see Sarah Correa in a show held in one of the magical places in the city, Union Chapel Church.

Even those who are not involved in the fado genre fall in love with songs quickly.

Even those who do not understand the words are moved by the thrilling submission of Korea.

The songs are laden with addictive beauty and melodies, and the lodge where the show takes place only intensifies the charm.

It was an hour and a quarter show where we did not know any songs, but still we could not take our eyes off the wonder that takes place on stage.

Before the show we caught up for a short chat with the excited Correa, who was mostly stressed that she was due to be interviewed in English.

"I became an artist after being influenced by giants like Amalia Rodriguez and many others," she said.

"The thing that defined my career was that I was born in Lisbon and grew up into fado music."

What do you think is so special about fado music?

"There's a lot of emotion in this music, a lot of nostalgia. By the way, for anyone who thinks it's just sad music, then there are also a lot of happy songs. Of course, most of the songs are about love, you could say dark love."

How do you manage to connect the younger generation to fado music, which is considered traditional music?

"For me it is completely normal music, it is not necessarily considered old music. The situation today is different than before. Young people listen to this music. Fado is old music but appeals to universal emotions. Emotions have no age limit, and young people also feel melancholy and longing for what and who is not. Many young people We discover the fado music and it makes perfect sense to me. "

Are you afraid to come to Israel in light of what you hear in the news about the conflict?

"Absolutely not. This is the life I have chosen for myself and the opportunity to sing in Israel is a blessing for me. Of course I long for world peace, because art and culture thrive in a peaceful environment where people can imagine without fear."

Will this be your first time in Israel?

"Yes, I'm very excited. I do not know much about Israel, of course I heard about Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and the warm character of Israelis, but I do not know more than that. As for Israeli music, I do not get too involved, I only heard about Idan Raichel because he He recorded a song with fado singer Anna Moreh. "

We're after two years of Corona.

What did you do instead of performing?

"It was very difficult for me not to perform. I felt the need to sing and could not realize it. Instead, I recorded a lot and performed on social media."

Is there a difference between the treatment you receive in the world and the one you receive in your native Portugal?

"There is no significant difference. I believe everyone understands the message, the feelings."

What is your dream?

"I want to sing forever. That's my dream."

Maybe a duet with Beyonce?

"Oh, clear. Clear. But my biggest dream is to sing forever."

Portuguese music gained fame mainly after Salvador Sobral won the Eurovision 2017. Did you follow the Eurovision?

Have you ever considered participating in the Eurovision Song Contest yourself?

"Of course I watched the Eurovision then. We were very happy and proud of Subral, the language of music is an international language. Subral's sister, by the way, is a talented musician in her own right and even wrote one of my songs for me. If I participate in the Eurovision? Who knows, maybe one day ".

Shall we talk a little about politics?

"Oh My God".

Do you think an artist should express a socio-political position in his songs?

(Thinks) "Yes, artists should talk about politics."

Have you already received pressure from various BDS organizations not to come to Israel?

Korya's manager intervenes and replies in her place: "We have not received it yet, but we will surely receive it soon."

Finally, what is the most exciting or surprising response you received at the show?

"I once finished a show and a woman came up to me and said 'you're a rare diamond. Please never stop singing.'"

The writer was a guest of the show's production

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