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Rinat exposed the eating disorders and suddenly we saw Daniel in a completely different light - Walla! culture


No matter how many manipulations will load on the frames of Rinat and Daniel, romance is not there. Meanwhile. This is exactly what the story of Nir and Hagar looks like, and today they are in a happy relationship

Rinat exposed the eating disorders and suddenly we saw Daniel in a completely different light

No matter how many manipulations will load on the frames of Rinat and Daniel, romance is not there.


This is exactly what the story of Nir and Hagar looks like, and today they are in a happy relationship with each other.

So who knows.

And also: Katya is as stressed as an emergency room, Lior is as confident as Cebus.

Well, there is potential here

Ofir Sagarsky


Wednesday, 18 May 2022, 08:14 Updated: 08:34

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Wedding Promo Season 5 (Rainbow 12)

Is this another Calcalist anti-high-tech abusive article?

No, this is the identity card of Lior Oren, 32, a walking computer that proves itself that he was educated to see everything as a formula and to succeed.

It is soon revealed that the appearance of the tin man hides a vibrating heart beneath it, but at the moment he is not yet ready to admit that he has a superfluous organ like this.

If once men had to sacrifice their lives in battle, then the new Israeli alpha male is debugging software.

He also writes codes, but harshly.

Lior is the same twin, and notice the twist: unlike his very religious brother, he is just a little religious.

A band caught him on the street, and Lior as a man of faith saw it as a sign from heaven.

It's a sign - to run away, but Lior, who is used to high-tech recruiters, will not be moved by the predatory hands of wedding bands that can break out of your phone screen while wandering around on Tinder and pull you out for an audition.

Katya Averbuch, 34, is paid to hire a prince on Tesla, pays rent in Tel Aviv to work in Be'er Sheva, a decision that was probably made after a 26-hour shift in her work as a doctor specializing in Soroka.

"Two accomplished, competitive people" - conclude the experts, who over the past five seasons have introduced us to two types of people so far: "Achievement" and "Family".

More on Walla!

Rinat entered the canopy and saw Daniel.

It's only a matter of time before its volcano erupts

To the full article

A walking computer.

Lior (Photo: Screenshot, Keshet 12)

My "wedding" name is becoming clearer, and even in the seasonal disaster-matching sector, warming is evident.

After winning in the previous episode the most horrible confession you can hear from a romantic object - "You're not my tapecast, I would go out with men who look really good" - Daniel gets up for another morning on his honeymoon, optimism on his face.

"I gave Rinat a good morning kiss on the cheek, smiled a little," he reports.

To remind you two episodes ago she suffered a kind of similar insult, only mixed with a dose of sensitivity and honest attraction.

Unlike her, Daniel absorbed all the truth in her face, wiped it off her glasses and stayed with them for the foreseeable future.

They are both impressive in their survival in the face of rejection, and both decide to swallow the frog and move on, indicating an amazing ability to put their ego aside, or to be trampled.

Maybe it's basically the same thing in a different terminology.

Daniel, who is celebrating Rinat's consent to curl her mouth up, is determined to get the stars on the right track.

You can see that she has already been influenced by the world of her images, but I'm not sure how much she will identify with the "proactive" view - as Daniel likes to say - towards astrology.

The passion culminates when they discuss a figurine of a pinecone, also about which Daniel demonstrates proactivity when he goes down to explore its meaning in a conversation with a local waiter.

For Rinat, of course, it's interesting to the ass, but it turns out that the pinecone carries in the eyes of the Italians a virtue for luck, luck that Daniel will need.

In perfect symbolism, while swinging a smartphone for a selfie, she hits a pinecone that shatters into his bitter luck.

Her feverish preoccupation with documenting the trip is reminiscent of Hagar's behavior from the surviving duo Nir and Hagar.

Respectively, Daniel also mentions Nir in his tendency to please the infinite capacity for inclusion, which is currently in his favor but may come at his expense.

On the other hand, when everything is already in its infancy, what does it matter.

From here you can only ascend.

Mention Nir and Hagar.

Daniel and Rinat (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

"Where would you know girls?", Rinat asks, in her eyes will she know if she actually knew a girl ever.

"On the street," he replies, memories of the school of seduction float in his head.

The obsession with looking into his eyes rises a step, and now Rinat is committed to the captivating look with each raising of a glass from the table.

To break the ice she has no choice but to continue filming memories for Tinder.

As a kidney subject Daniel immediately set about the task, learning the secrets of shooting angles and the timer, which is enough for Rinat to sum up, "A good partner for me."

As Yael said, an essay based on common values.

From there they go for a walk in the pastoral markets and in the background an Italian version of "Stand by Me" is playing, but no matter how many manipulations they put on this frame, there is no romance in it.


This is exactly what the story of Nir and Hagar looks like, and here today they are in a happy relationship with each other and especially with Rainbow 12 forever and ever.

Another meal befalls them, it also includes food for Daniel and water for Rinat, and the eating disorder that screams from her is finally declared out loud as she tells of her bulimic past.

Today she seems to have settled around a neat and rigid menu, but the compulsive preoccupation with weight is still present.

Daniel recognizes the pattern from "full of girls" he knew from the world of artistic gymnastics, an area I never expected to meet girls and certainly not full, but he continues to surprise, and also shows interest and proficiency in eating disorders.

His sensitivity to this confession makes me see it in a completely different light.

Whoever is perceived in my eyes as tactless and inattentive in his feverish embrace under the canopy, is re-enacted as a sensitive and considerate guy, with an obvious discernment.

I may be taking here in the misandria of low expectations, but most of the straight men I met would deal with eating disorders in the obscure proposition “just eat healthy and do sports,” with no ability to grasp the psychological complexity behind it.

Within this dialogue, it is important to say, Rinat's sincerity is also noteworthy.

Well, given the previous episode, honesty is not something she is missing.

The colens is just the outer layer of the need to be in control.

Katya (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

"I feel very comfortable with him, we'll see where it develops," Rinat tells the camera.

Sparks of hope are beginning to flicker, she says, and she still takes care to mention that attraction is not, was not and probably is, 99 percent, without a vow, but with a fairly stable promise - that it will not be either.

"In character this is exactly what I asked for," she continues to sprinkle salt on the wounds.

They go to the sea, so the sea is salty.

Daniel continues to restrain himself on ringing slaps, and opens the "Where shall we live" discussion.

Again he demonstrates an impressive emotional intelligence when he offers to live with her, assuming it makes quite a lot of sense that she will feel more comfortable there.

He gambles on the whole pot, and it can be a dizzying success or a glorious failure.

Based on the need to play Dudu Tessa's "Practitioners for Everything" at least once a season, the statistics tend to the second answer.

And back to Katya and Lior: a time for gift exchange, and Katya gives her future groom a picture frame and a bottle of wine, some of the more legitimate gifts seen in the program's history.

In return she receives a "breathe" necklace that sends her thoughts to a monk from the Himalayas, a relatively flattering association to the real market of the product, caregivers without Insta certification.

At the moment she claims that there is no trace of excitement in her, a familiar chronicle from the Karin case, season 4, and like her it seems that Katya Coulins is also just the outer layer of a tremendous need for control.

On the other hand, on his way to the wedding, Lior actually hears a "boom boom" and is forced to acknowledge the existence of a heart in his body.

The wedding morning is coming.

It turns out that the groom guessed correctly when watching a bride doctor or lawyer, an intelligent guess given that lawyers are more or less the only two professions in the universe of a groom.

The bride's parents come to greet her, they are both older and very excited, and older parents and excited with their signatures pinch my heart every time again.

If they've survived so many wars in history to get to this trash, it's probably really, really burning for them to see their daughter get married.

All out.

Katya and Lior (Photo: Liron Saar)

After closing the final details with the 8-year-old bridesmaids and their rented dresses and a meeting of the sweet parents that was seen - you can start.

Katya for her part is already an "all in", a weird thing to say even before you meet the guy and sounds more like a wedding tic than a meaningful statement.

And really, from the moment she enters the canopy she is all out.

Meanwhile, it does not seem to be as related to Lior as to her general emotional state, out of a sudden understanding given by her consent to participate in a deranged troll.

Katya is a fourth-generation physician, an impressive commitment to someone who fails to maintain relationships.

"Excessive, bro," the groom's friends whisper to each other, and I agree with them.

Who are you, people who want to be their parents?

The healthy aspiration of every boy and girl is to want to run away as far as possible from those who gave birth to them, to make a whole round and find out that they accidentally murdered Dad and fucked Mom or worse, eventually became them.

But it happens by mistake.

No sane person wants to become his mother or father on purpose.

This choice alone, makes me think that there is a lot below the surface that we do not currently see, a lot that is going to float.

Lior's canopy speech manages to loosen it up a bit.

how can you not?

He has a lovely smile, he inspires confidence and looks like Lucy Job in a son.

And yet, from her direction, the words sound like a broadcast segment by Miri Nevo.

From the friends' point of view, it appears that Lior winks at another material, to which Katya is less attracted, and that is - "light and fun".

Hidden are the ways of human attraction.

"I'm really glad it's you," Lior shares his fun, only to receive a testicle-chopping answer: "Thank you."

After trying to leave him alone to spend time with the photographer, she succumbs to a set of photos, agreeing to hold his hand from a distance as if they are measuring two preventative meters to the corona.

The true passion, unfortunately, is currently erupting among all their non-family members.

"And the zealots will die," Katya's grandmother twice greets, an elderly militant attitude accepted towards joys.

Upon arrival at the hotel, perhaps by the power of Lior and perhaps by the power of a glittering wedding ring, Katya's smile spread wide.

She's as stressful as an emergency room, he inspires confidence like Cebus - this adjustment can take them far.

At the moment, Katya is content with the impression that "there is such a pleasant atmosphere with him, not like strangers," but if I caught the climb correctly, that's how she goes out of her way.

On the face of it, there is potential here.

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