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What do you complain about "bullying" in the "Big Brother" house? Have you seen what your children do? - Walla! culture


Do the fights in the Big Brother house bother you so much? So you're a bunch of hallucinators. Instead of sending complaints, you may start by choosing sane people to represent you

What do you complain about "bullying" in the "Big Brother" house?

Have you seen what your children do?

Do the fights in the Big Brother house bother you so much?

So you're a bunch of hallucinators.

Instead of sending complaints, you may start by choosing sane people to represent you, and you may also consider educating your children not to throw chairs at people's heads along the way.

Karin Arad


Thursday, 07 July 2022, 09:30 Updated: 09:44

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The morning after the big smokers' quarrel (I want cancer! No! I want cancer first!), A song by Ron Shoval throws the tenants out of bed for another day of trolling at the fireplace.

As part of the general "storm" outside - in which hundreds of complaints were sent about the lost behavior of tenants and fashion companies "condemning" their models, as if their personality was a weighted parameter when choosing to be photographed in the catalog - the production realizes it has gold in hand, and decides, of course, to ride the wave This murky and add oil to the fire in the form of a light, and supposedly harmless game.

The house enters the "truth or duty" mode.

Every time we hear the song, everyone has to run to the living room and stand in a circle around a huge bottle that was apparently lent to us from "Big Brother Portugal", and whoever the bottle is pointing to will have to choose truth or duty.

If you choose the truth - the person on the other side of the bottle should ask you a question, and if you choose a must - the big brother gives you a task.

For some reason, no one chooses truth - which means that as much as they are afraid of Big Brother's missions, which always involve minor to moderate abuse, it's even more frightening for them to be asked a question and answer the truth about it.

very interesting.

This is idiotic, of course, because what is truth?

There is no such thing.

Truth is always subjective, and my truth is not the truth of anyone else.

Besides, if you chose the truth - who will be able to judge whether you performed the task correctly?

You can choose the truth, say what you want to say and close the corner.

But the Big Brother cast does not necessarily choose people because of how rational they are, how to say, and for some reason "fate" wanted and the bottle did not point to the more considerate occupants present in the circle, but rather to those in conflict who wanted to annoy, separate or push them. Them to one corner or another for them to erupt.

In short, those who needed a psychological treatment session were given tasks.

Except for Marina, who still did not understand exactly what she was missing (except for Hebrew - "What is a bully?") - the task she was given was to recreate ticketing videos of herself, probably so that today she would sing 'Let's see what you missed' in a heavy Russian accent.


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It was an amazing moment.

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I care about a teddy bear.

Kazem and the Sweetness (Photo: Screenshot, Network 13)

The first "duty" goes to Kazem, who is required to begin each conversation with sweet and loving words while wearing a box of chocolates.

He makes himself resentful, and says the sweet words in a spoken venomous gay.

But it's just out of embarrassment.

Personally I suspect that at his heart Casem is actually a medical clown, cute and fluffy, who just wants to be nice and cuddle with the world.

Life has taught him that this is interpreted as a weakness, but now that he has no choice but to be “forced”, he can finally let go of the fake evil and act like the teddy bear I care he is dying to be.

The second round of the bottle stops at the anxious Dina who does not like lack of control, and prefers the known and the heavenly.

And what does Dina know and is boring?

Tu Tovu - Israel Railways has atoned for you.

Since Sheldon Cooper I have not seen anyone so enthusiastic about chariots.

It's simple - if in the first seasons you gave the tenants sedative pills and then realized it was not a sound - now you just calm them down with familiar objects from the house.

On the same principle that babies are allowed to take the stinky blankets with them everywhere, they brought Dina her boutique from the Israel Railways as a transitory item, and ordered her to sell tickets to all the rooms to the occupants of the house.

Did that make sense?


Was it helpful for the interaction?


Does it matter to someone's ass?


But Dina is there to give a comic break and fly a tenth before the end, and she does her job faithfully.

After Nathaniel's daily outburst you will hold me Rudnicki, this time about Daniel, who is starting to turn out to be no small fox that I have a feeling we will learn to loathe soon, Big Brother calls Nathaniel and explains to him that this behavior did not fly in the fireplace and calm down quickly.

Maybe to see if he understood very well what he was told, the next time the bottle stopped he pointed to Diane who was asked to choose the tenant she had the hardest time with right now (surprise - Daniel), and was given her task - to cling to Daniel anywhere for two days or get an electric shock And disqualification.


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And the evictee from the Big Brother house is ...

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Do not disturb him to eat.

Nathaniel Hold Me Rudnicki (Photo: Screenshot, Network 13)

Speaking of painful electric shocks, relationships at home have risen another notch.

Shahaf admits to Kazem that he is a bit attracted to Talia and therefore protective of her, and finally the horror triangle of the house, Bar, Eliav and Talia, gets a fight from a new love story - the horror square.

Ladies and gentlemen, accept Shahaf, Talia, Ofek and Sharin.

And what do the two alleys have in common?

That's right - Talia.

I still do not understand why, but Talia is the one that Eliav can not forget, this is Talia that Ofek is in love with, this is Talia that Seagull is passionate about, Shevar and Sharin are jealous of her, and that no one understands if she is from the neighborhood or at all a member of the ha-society Fracture invented especially to insult competitors.

The mysterious Talia, Helena of Troy, the woman who is at the center of every verbal fecal dumping contest at the fireplace house, is somehow the only one who manages to always come out fragrant from the other side.

Too bad Diane, Nathaniel and Weber do not learn from her instead of hating her, because this trio, even if you put her in the Hermes perfume factory in Paris, will somehow manage to fall into a pit of shit and wallow in it.

We will return to the task.

Diane is Diane, and she does not tend to show up when she gets fucked.

In fact, the harder it is for her she giggles louder and the less the connection, but somehow Nathaniel did not understand it about her.

Maybe because he is so engrossed in his pain, or calculating how much time he has left until he eats again.

In my opinion the man is trying to break a Guinness record by cutting the waste of time between bites.

He eats with a haunted look in his eyes, and I have noticed that he tends to erupt faster in time in Lisa than at any other moment.

Instead of realizing that Diane now needs him by her side as she stands beside him in fire, water and screams, he falls in his usual approach, enters a mode named after him "Eat me drink me, move me Diane", curls up in bed and smiles at anyone who is not yet tired of looking at him , Wonders how she could have done this to him and plans a Sicilian vendetta on Daniel's family.

Then Big Brother did the best he could for Daniel, henceforth called Natanah - pinned him to Ilana and sentenced him to speak only rap from now until a new post, thus forcing him to connect with the bead god, who employed him and helped him pull his head out of the dramatic ass of himself.

A few rhyming sentences later he was already able to smile and realize that everything was fine, that the world was not plotting against him, and even stepped up to do so and apologized to Diane for moving away from her.

Then in bed, he tells her he loves her, and she replies "I love you too," and if that didn't make you want to hug those two defensive kids, then you have a heart of stone.

Anyway - relax, okay?

Nathaniel is not a bully, Diane is not vicious, and Bar is not freaked out over the head (well, a little) - all of these behaviors are defensive that have been learned the hard way, become a way of life, and are now a little hard to get rid of and give other, less exhausting methods of survival.

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Helena of Troy.

The Mysterious Talia (Photo: Screenshot, Network 13)

And hundreds of complaints to the other authority?


The "bullying" in the fireplace house is so hard for you to watch?

"Adika" shuns Diane Schwartz because of a quarrel over the queue for a cigarette?

Your expectations of three children imprisoned inside a house in Nachlaot are a bit high I would say.

What is the difference between what Rachel said to Riva and what Eli Cohen said to the Arab Knesset members: "Go to Gaza!"?

What is the difference between Nathaniel who tells Daniel "you will progress zero" and Orit Struck who told Orbach "I am against you you are a bunch of zeros. Orbach you are zero!", Or Dudi Amsalem "Orbach you are less than zero, you are nothing"?

Not to mention Ben Gvir, who said without shame "he is my hero" in the context of Kahana, about massacring dozens of innocent people.

And let's not forget "even if they take me out a hundred times, I will not stop telling them the whole truth inside."

Reminds you of someone?

(Sorry Shai Chai, I do not really compare between you).

There are dozens more such quotes, which are heard daily in your House of Representatives, yes - even on TV during peak viewing hours.

Do the fights in the Big Brother house bother you so much?

So let me tell you here and now, you are a bunch of hallucinators.

Instead of sending complaints, you might start by choosing sane people to represent you, people who can be looked at and talked about without snatching a cringe attack, and you might even consider educating your kids not to throw chairs at people's heads along the way.

And know what?

You might even say thank you to programs like Big Brother - which reflect your Israeli reality and help focus on what needs to be addressed in this country, and not - boycott a 20-year-old girl because bypassing a cigarette queue is not the right way to fight barbaric discourse, it's just a super cowardly and ugly PR trick Her account.

Mike Drop.

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