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"Trust Sol" season 6 episode 11: The visit we didn't need - voila! culture


The 11th episode in the sixth season of "Trust Sol" brought back a pair of faces that fans have been waiting for since the series began, but the truth is that there was no need for them. Spoilers

"Trust Sol" season 6 episode 11: The visit we didn't need

The 11th episode in the sixth season of "Trust Sol" brought back a pair of faces that fans have been waiting for since the series began, but the truth is that there was no need for them.

Nevertheless, in an overly explicit episode that is not typical for the series, an amazing and wonderful nuance was included.

Spoilers, including for "Breaking Bad" and "El Camino"

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Wednesday, 03 August 2022, 15:36 Updated: 15:46

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Promo for the last episodes of "Trust Sol" (AMC)

Please note, "spoilers" for "Trust Sol" season 6, episode 11, as well as for "Breaking Bad" and "El Camino"

in such a refined and nuanced series as "Trust Sol", in the third episode before the end such a striking moment appeared in relative bluntness His, such that it was difficult to mistake the symbolism he wanted to convey: the camera focused on the grave that Walt and Jesse had prepared to threaten Saul Goodman in "Breaking Bad", then embedded in this space the future character of Gene, just before moving us to the scene The next, where he is actually lying in his bed.

The series hints thickly: here is a man who digs his own grave.

Three episodes from the end, "Trust Sol" makes it clear to us that Jimmy/Sol/Jean hasn't changed.

After everything he's been through, after everything he's put others through, he's once again, well, breaking ranks.

He calls Francesca - and for the first time the black-and-white also goes to Albuquerque - for a conversation whose purpose on the surface is to understand which of the assets and money have not yet been seized, but is actually intended to connect the present to the past, and to the more distant past, to emphasize the hero's journey.

His journey through the place.

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They weren't really needed.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, "Trust Saul" (Photo: Sony Pictures Television & AMC)

In general, the episode parallels Saul's first meeting with "Heisenberg" and "Igor", the meeting that will lead to his downfall, and the events that take place years later in Omaha.

Will they also end badly?

According to these appearances, it can be assumed that it is.

It should be noted that it was certainly possible without the much-talked-about guest appearances, just as the scene with Walt was not required in the movie "El Camino" that dealt with Jesse.

So far the series trusted us to make the links even without being so visible and clear, whereas this time I felt like we were being spoon-fed - in the grave scene;

in Walt's bloody cough just before Gene meets with another cancer patient;

In the massager he buys, the exact same one he used when he was Sol, as the episode shows us with exaggerated interpretation;

In Sol's insistence to continue in the past despite the pleas of those close to him, and in contrast to Jin's insistence to continue this time.

The scene where Gene asks Francesca for information about everything going on in Albuquerque was also exaggerated.

It is indeed a bit of a parody of the fans who try to find out information about the fate of the characters, but in the bottom line it was also the thing itself - an unnecessary satisfaction of the fans' desire.

This is how we learn things we already figured out on our own or could have done without: Skyler took Walt's recommendation and got a deal with the federal prosecutors in exchange for Hank and Steve's burial place.

Authorities found Badger's vehicle at the Mexican border and believe Jesse crossed south, when he's actually in Alaska - meaning Skinny's El Camino scheme worked.

Heul was released from the safe house where he had been under agents of the Narcotics Division and returned to Louisiana.

In my eyes, the sum of all these things is a sin to the spirit of "Trust Sol" rather a step before its end.

One could certainly have been satisfied with the mention that Gene made in the previous episode to the chemistry teacher that he helped him become a very rich drug lord.

The history of Jimmy McGill - encompassing the history of the entire television universe - rises to present to us the final journey of a man whose repression brings out his worst sides.

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Too blatant.

Jimmy in the grave, "Trust Saul" (Photo: screenshot, Sony Pictures Television & AMC)

The episode nevertheless contained an amazing and wonderful nuance, which has nothing to do with "Breaking Bad" but with "trusting Saul herself. Our earliest introduction to Saul Goodman was in the fourth season. Chuck died, Jimmy didn't try to deal with it but suppressed To a dark drawer in his soul both the grief for his brother and the beatings of his conscience. Under the nickname "Sol Goodman" he started selling disposable cell phones, building himself a promising customer pool.

Even when he was already forced to confront his brother's memory in order to get his law license back, he did so from the edge to the outside, and accordingly as soon as it was over he devoted himself completely to his new professional name.

This penchant turned out to be a basic Jimmy McGill character trait.

The tragedies in his life were removed from his consciousness to the side, back, down, and turned him into a different character.

Just as he said to Kim after Howard's murder - "One day we won't think about it and then we'll know we can forget", so this time he tries to convince Buddy to rob the cancer patient anyway: "Please believe me, you'll forget all of this before you know it."

It turns out that when a person regularly dulls his conscience about the things he has done and experienced, he also dulls his conscience regarding everything and everyone else.

Turns into a foreskin monster, like a twisted and sad version of the green giant stuck unable to go back.

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At the beginning of the fifth episode of that fourth season, the series suddenly jumped several years into the future.

It introduced us to Sol frantically packing all the money hidden in his office while Francesca shreds all the documents, then calls the vacuum cleaner man to retrieve it.

On that occasion, we also learned that Sol arranged the conversation with Francesca, the one we saw in the new episode, which takes place on November 12.

"I'll be there, but if the phone doesn't ring at three past two, I'm going," she told him then.

The conversation between them is a direct continuation of that scene, which is so easy to forget, and we learn a lot from the connection between them.

First, what happened then is closely related to what happened afterwards and what is happening now.

There's a reason why while Jimmy ignored his brother's grief, Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan chose to jump forward in time and introduce us to Saul Goodman's legacy.

Second, although we knew from the newspaper in the previous episode (and other hints even before that in Gene's stories) that the date of his future plots is 2010, but the connection between the scenes makes it clear to us that we are still in the same year in which he escaped, about six months after he left Albuquerque.

I mean, all his longing for the past, the videotape he's watching, is that of a man whose memory of those glory days is still very fresh in his mind.

Most importantly: he is still the same person.

There are no lessons learned here, no truly new identity, but simply a flimsy cover that is easy to crumble.

It's still Saul Goodman, albeit without his gloriously ridiculous loan-and-savings hairstyle, which was presented to us in all its glory in episode nine, but one that is forced to repress his most immediate instincts.

Not always with success, said the young man in the mall whom Gene urged to get a lawyer. As such, it didn't take much for him to relapse into his worst habits.

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poignant and tiresome

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Expressive but beautiful.

Gene at the Crossroads, "Trust Sol" (Photo: Screenshot, Sony Pictures Television & AMC)

Just as earlier in the season Kim made a fateful U-turn - giving up an important meeting to return and assist in the defining moments of the sting operation against Howard - so Gene stands at a crossroads, again articulate, but with a beautiful whip, then retraces his steps to the payphone to call her.

If we thought there would be a happy ending for these two, this episode takes us very far from that option.

Kim is not at all in Nebraska, her home state where Gene is now, but in Florida, working at a company or store called Palm Coast Sprinklers.

For some reason we don't hear this conversation from Gene.

It is not clear if he is talking to her or is still trying to reach her without success, but according to his reactions it seems that he is talking to someone he knows.

He reaches levels of turmoil and rage that once again cause him to once again embark on "the path of bad choice", as he previously called it after the conversation with Mike following their joint adventure in the desert.

As after the death of Chuck, and as after the death of Howard and the breakup with Kim, Gene devotes himself to Sol again, this time in a more destructive and evil way than ever before.

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Trust Sol Season 6 Episode 11 (Photo: Sony Pictures Television & AMC)

It doesn't seem that Gene really needs money - from the first scene with him in the first episode of the series we know that he has diamonds worth a fortune, and there is probably quite a bit of cash left over that he packed with him in that scene, even if most of it went to pay for the disappearance.

And even if it was indeed about money, Buddy in an argument with him points out that they are already rolling in cash.

In an episode where the parallels are explicit, these moments make it clear that it is not just a comparison between Sol of then and Sol of today, but also between him and Walt.

Or as he put it, "someone with a mustache like that probably doesn't make too many good decisions in life."

Just as Walt became an unstoppable ego machine under the pretense of making money for his family after his death, so Gene, for his own reasons, is now focused on his ultimate goal and runs over everything else in the way.

The name of the episode where Saul Goodman appeared for the first time in "Breaking Bad" was "Trust Saul."

The name of the episode where Walt and Jesse first came to "Trust Sol" is called "Breaking Bad".

A perpetual cycle of broken people, peripheral damage and blood.

Three chapters before its end, "Trust Sol" surprises and detracts once again, and even more so, from the humanity of the hero at its center.

It is not clear what fate awaits him in the remaining time, but it seems that Jimmy McGill is getting further and further away from the possibility of redemption.

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Trust Sol Season 6 Episode 11 (Photo: Sony Pictures Television & AMC)


The next episode in the series is called Waterworks, and since we now know that Kim works for a sprinkler company, and given the pun that is also related to tears, will it be all dedicated to her?

Appropriate, given that she is the most significant character in the series after Jimmy.

Otherwise it is not impossible that the case of Jesse Pinkman will happen again - Gilligan will realize that he neglected the important character in the last episodes and will decide to dedicate her own movie to her.

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