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This car is so cheap, why isn't it a crazy deal? - Walla! vehicle


Dacia has a cheap 7 seater in a market where the prices seem to be only going higher and higher. The price: you will have to compromise on safety, a manual transmission and a weak engine

This car is so cheap, why isn't it a crazy deal?

It's been a long time since we've seen such a cheap car in the local market due to the distortion of our taxation and demand.

But the Dacia Jogger is more than 7 seats at a price starting at NIS 105,000

Kenan Cohen


Wednesday, 03 August 2022, 11:52 Updated: 12:04

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A handsome appearance with characteristics "like a terrain" (photo: Keinan Cohen)

One thing cannot be taken away from Dacia in general and Jogger in particular - time and time again this company puts things on the table as they are.

We produce simple, basic means of transportation and this is the price for them.

Just like a low-cost flight - what do you want, sir, to get to Budapest or relax on the plane?

Budapest right?

So be quiet and eat your omelette sandwich from home.

And the jogger with the price that the importer was able to attach to it is one of this year's surprises in this field.

In the reality of crazy prices and even crazier demands, where a new 7-seater car costs NIS 180,000 and up, to discover one that starts at NIS 105,000 and reaches NIS 120,000 is unusual.

unusual and sets us off, for her local test.

The materials are simple, the storage compartments are sparing (Photo: Kenan Cohen)

The exterior shows an effort to match what is a small minivan at its base, a tough and adventurous look.

The black wheel arches, roof rails, dark windows, decorative stripes along with an exterior color that is not the local and depressing white-black-gray work quite well here.

The dominant color of the passenger cabin is black, the dominant material is hollow, hard and grainy plastic.

There's no more "sparing flight" feeling than this, including black cubes that cover places where buttons should be.

The Jogger is based on the Sandro, and the narrow body of a super mini car dictates a not very impressive space.

The lady thought I was going for a touch when all I did was shift between 5th and 6th gear.

Despite basic steering options, it's easy to find a good driving position and outward visibility is very good.

Basic or not, the seats themselves are comfortable and support the body well.

On very long drives, we would have liked a little more lower back support.

More in Walla!

The taps are opened: Yatbata's "chocolate tap" is back

in cooperation with her

Very good spacing in the second row (photo: Keinan Cohen)

From the point of view of the importer, the required comparison is not to the modern standard, but to a 5-year-old used one. Will she do a better job?

Not sure.

Some people will buy it, we think that the ambition of the manufacturer and the customers should be forward and up, not back and down

Without too many accessories, human engineering has no choice but to be fine.

It's easy to feel at home here very quickly, there are no unusual quirks.

Dacia recovered from the problematic tendency to put the cruise control buttons between the front seats, the air conditioning controls are large and easy to use and if they have to be small, then it's a shame there is no volume control button.

As a family-oriented minivan, it has two additional problems in the passenger compartment - an insufficient amount of storage compartments (which are small in themselves) and a puzzling matter of a single USB socket in the entire car, which is also located between the dashboard and the multimedia screen.

in a 7-seat configuration (photo: Keinan Cohen)

in a 5-seat configuration (photo: Keinan Cohen)

The tested trim level "Comfort Plus" is the most equipped in the Jogger's offer, equipped in Dacia terms.

There is an 8-inch multimedia screen with Apple and Android compatibility, rear camera and front and rear parking sensors, climate control, keyless entry and drive, 16-inch rims and more.

And those who complain, should be honored to take a look at the basic essential version where you will give up a significant part of this beauty and things like an armrest for the driver, pockets on the back of the seats, electric windows in the back, electric parking brake, climate control and more.

In terms of original safety systems, there is automatic braking and vehicle detection in the "dead zone".

Lane deviation warning, pedestrian detection and speed signs in a local MOVON installation.

And above all this a single star rises in the European crash tests.

From the point of view of the importer, the required comparison is not to the modern standard, but to a 5-year-old used one. Will she do a better job?

Not sure.

Some people will buy it, we think that the ambition of the manufacturer and the customers should be forward and upward, not backward and downward.

This story is not healthy for the seat belt, pay attention when opening and closing the seats in the second row (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

A wheelbase of 290 cm gives the Jogger plenty of room in the second row of seats. But that's the only crowd here, because in terms of the other parameters, there aren't many attractions here. The upholstery materials are cheap, without air conditioning outlets and with not very impressive finishes. The third row does here What the third row is supposed to do is excellent - seat two children with a good level of clearance, in fact it will seat even two unspoiled adults. The operation of the transition to the rear seat is not brilliant, because at any tilt of the second row of seats, the seat belt rests exactly on the anchor ring of the seat and is caught under it When

folded back.

With all the seats in use, you'll have to make do with 160 liters in the trunk up to the height of the shelf or 212 up to the ceiling. With the third row folded, you free up another 400 liters for a total of 565 liters or 631 liters up to the ceiling.

Beautiful space in the back seat (photo: Kenan Cohen)

The Jogger has a 1.0-liter, 3-cylinder turbo engine with 110 hp, and if that sounds too little for too many vehicles, you're right. But it's not just the chronic, annoying, and sometimes critical lack of power (when going overtaking) - it's also its character. Weak and thin In the lower part of the rpm, noisy in the high rpm. Driving on a hilly road or with medium load requires patience or constant work on the transmission. And I like manual transmissions, but this one is just not good. The selector travel is accurate, but too long between gear positions The clutch is very light and takes time to get used to its exact friction point, when it is connected to such a weak engine it is very annoying especially in tight maneuvers and uphill jumps and this is where the uphill jump assist system comes in handy.

If you dig deep enough, you find that he is sitting on a super mini platform (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Its soft dampers and 16-inch rims with chunky 60-section tires give it a comfortable ride when it comes to shock absorption.

Since the expectations in advance and the actual abilities on the dynamic side are low, it is definitely left to appreciate the fact that the Jogger does well with broken roads, bumpy roads, gravel paths and in general, it will probably cope well with hardships on poorly paved roads.

The noise insulation is medium or below, especially when speeding up north of 110, then very noticeable wind noise penetrates.

The rest of the time it exhibits good grip, you have to be really terrible to bring it out of composure and even the drum brakes at the back which caused an eyebrow lift proved to be effective, thanks to a low curb weight of 1,280 kg.

In summing up the test days, the Jogger achieved fairly average fuel consumption for a car with a small engine - 11.6 km per liter, evidence mainly of the need to harness each and every horse for its work of driving at a proper pace.

Is it just me or is there something from Volvo in the back? (Photo: Kenan Cohen)

Jogger is thrown into the market with two distinct advantages - it has 7 seats and those of the third row are really useful and not the crap de la crème of the big crossovers.

Oh, and it's really, really cheap.

From then on, the business adds several sections that will already make it difficult for it to find a place in the parking lot of too many families.

We will start with the manual gearbox which will already be rejected by most customers, we will continue with mediocre impressions of the accessories, the refinement of the ride and the fuel consumption and some that are disappointing such as the performance, the quality of the materials and of course the level of safety.

At the moment it can only be a recommendation for those who are tight on the budget and the alternative is a 4,5,6 year old 7 seater vehicle that will not come with the peace of mind of a warranty and with a lack of acknowledgment of the level of maintenance by the previous owners.

Next year, a hybrid, automatic version will arrive, and if there is an improvement in the level of equipment and finish - we can definitely reopen our evaluations page.

Jogger has a joker in the form of the price (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

On the technical side: Dacia Jogger 1.0 liter manual

Engine, drive:

gasoline, 3 cylinders, turbo, front

Volume (cc):


Power/rpm (hp):


Torque/rpm (kgm):


Gearbox :

Manual, 6 gears


Length (cm):


Width (cm):


Height (cm):


Wheelbase (cm):


Trunk (liters):

212 (used in all the seats, up to the height of the roof)/631 (folding the third row)


acceleration 0-100:

11.2 seconds

maximum speed:

183 km/h

fuel consumption (test):

11.6 km per liter


none direct


NIS 120,000 (test), NIS 105,000 (base)

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