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"We kept asking Zvika Pick 'how will you perform and last an hour?'. He ignored the difficulties" - Voila! culture


Erez Ben Harosh, who was in the midst of producing a docu-series about the life of Tzvika Pick for yes, told 103fm this morning about working with Tzvika Pick over the past year

"We kept asking Zvika Peak, 'How will you perform and last an hour?'. He ignored the difficulties"

Erez Ben Harosh, who was in the midst of producing a docu-series about the life of Zvika Pick for yes, told 103fm this morning about working with Zvika Pick over the past year and the maestro's insistence on not dealing with his health: "It was important for him not to try to see the problems, But we saw his difficulties"




Monday, August 15, 2022, 08:50 Updated: 09:11

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Tzvika Peak, "Fun Day" (Photo: Ido Shaham | Editing: Noa Levy)

Erez Ben Harosh, who was in the midst of producing a docu-series about the life of Zvika Pick for yes, was interviewed this morning (Monday) on 103FM following the death of the great musician and talked about working with the maestro and the surprise of his death.

"I'm a little shocked. Although his situation has not been easy in recent times, but yes it surprised us because next week we were supposed to record him working on his show. He had already planned work with a musical director and backing singers and we were supposed to come and record it, and of course make up with him A very long interview. Throughout the last year, we accompanied him and everyone who was around him in the good and the not so good years."

Ben Harosh said that they started working on the series a year ago.

"It's a three-part docu-series for yes that tells all the stages of his life. We're currently calling it the temporary name 'The Prince of Tides' and Zvika has really gone through ups and downs. In the last year, we've documented a lot of people who worked with him and archives and rare things that we were able to get and we also started borrowing He is in the process of reckoning with himself and with stations in his life, it was interrupted."

Ben Harush said that Zvika made him feel that he was getting back to business.

"He really tried to get back to business. For him, he got over it. I remember there was some conversation one day, we even had an argument, so I told him, 'Feel well and we'll talk, just health,' and he told me, 'I don't like it ', I said to him 'what do you mean?'

He said, 'I'm perfectly fine, you don't need to ask me what's going on and you don't need to wish me well,' I told him, 'Well Zvika, then you're not interesting, bye.' He called me after a minute and said, 'Erz, thank you.' I understood. that he doesn't like to be bothered with it at all. For him, 'Look at me, as if I were 4 years ago, 5 years ago.' It was very important to him, not to try to see the problems, but we saw the difficulties and understood that it was very complex, including the thought that he wanted to return to performing , and we kept asking him, 'Zvika, can you come back? Now hold for an hour?'. The audience really wanted to see him in concert. We saw that all the tickets were sold.

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did not give up.

Zvika Pick (Photo: Maariv, Yonatan Shaul)

However, despite his difficulties, Ben Harosh says that Tzvika did not give up.

"I would receive lineups and the songs he wanted to put on and he sent me demos of the backing singers and connected us to the musical director. The feeling was that we were supposed to come to record, although we had planned twice to go to Zappa and once to Gray and it was canceled, but the whole time it was 'Here it is happening.' I must say that within the system there were question marks. From our point of view, on the documentary level, we said 'It's interesting, let's come, let's see what happens'."

Ben Harosh also said that in the last year Zvika started to feel more and more the felt.

"In the last year, I have seen that little by little there is some insight that he is starting to get into trouble with himself. He started to feel the pain and that maybe he can't really do it, but it was so dissonant and that's the man. He has the parallel reality that he believes in, and I I think it's part of his strengths to overcome what happened to him. He had an impossible stroke and he overcame it with some crazy inner strength and I think that's what kept him going. He had strength, I don't know that about many people who have gone through such things of diseases etc. ', an impossible force, which is why, in my opinion, he somehow managed to convey that business is as usual."

Ben Harosh concluded by saying what made him such an important creator: "He is a melodist on space, I think on the most international level, on a genius level. I will say how at least in the last interview we also did with Mirit, his ex-wife and wife of almost 40 years, the one that even in the musical work between them, He would receive words from her and they wouldn't even say what the subject was about, that's how she describes it. In the morning she would give him the words, of course there is no discussion and no negotiation about 'shorten, add, etc.' , he doesn't fix anything and it's crazy. It's genius. We asked him, 'What kind of music do you listen to?'

So he said, 'I mainly listen to the band Abba,' we said to him, 'Why the band Abba?'' Winning melodies. He was an analytical person at a very high level and I think that goes together with crazy genius. At the level of a singer,

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Amitai Doak, fm103

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