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In three hours of absurd and crazy action, the Indian sensation demonstrates what cinema is larger than life - voila! culture


"RRR", the most expensive Indian film ever and a surprise international hit, adapts in the spirit of Tarantino the struggle against racist British colonialism. No wonder he conquered the world

In three hours of absurd and crazy action, the Indian sensation demonstrates what cinema is larger than life.

"RRR", the most expensive Indian film ever and a surprise international hit, processes in the spirit of Tarantino the struggle against racist British colonialism and along the way provides musical scenes, lots of computerized wild animals, a psychotic dance fight and blood that spills like water.

Although it is not an easy work, no wonder it conquered the world

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Tuesday, August 16, 2022, 00:10

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The trailer of the movie "RRR" (Red Cape)

Imagine an epic action film about the Mandate period in Israel, starring Palmach founder Yitzhak Sadeh and Hashomer organization hero Alexander Zeid. In this imaginative film, the two historical figures are revealed not only as powerful warriors with supernatural abilities, but also as soul mates. At the climax, Zeid is seen riding on his horse and carrying Yitzhak Sde on his shoulders, as he fires volleys at an endless stream of British troops.

And now meet "RRR", an Indian film that, since its premiere in March, has become one of the most talked about cultural phenomena of the year. The three R's are short for Rise Roar Revolt, and accordingly, in the second and a half of the film on the screens in Israel it was named "The Great Revolt". It is a story about two real freedom fighters who fought for India's independence from the British occupier, but this is about where the historical accuracy ends. It is said this way - throughout the film People beat each other with a motorcycle, a balcony railing and a tiger.

Blood of fire and changes of smoke.

From "RRR" (Photo: Red Cape)

"RRR" begins with a visit by a British governor (Ray Stevenson from the "Thor" movies) to a village in the middle of a forest, where his wife (retired Bond girl Alison Doody) falls for an Indian girl with a ringing bell and a knack for henna tattoos.

The innocent girl is tearfully torn from her mother and kidnapped to the palace of the cruel couple, but her tribe does not give up easily and sends after her a daring warrior, Bhim (NT Rama Rao).

While Bheem Rokam mounts a grandiose rescue operation, a British police officer named Rama (Ram Charan) is sent to the site and capture him without a shred of intelligence on him.

The two meet by chance and quickly develop a brave friendship, without knowing each other's true identity.

This synopsis doesn't give away even an iota of the action and trolling that this movie squeezes into just over three hours.

You will find here some of the most original and absurd action scenes of recent years, musical scenes, lots of computerized wild animals, a psychotic dance battle between the two friends and an arrogant Brit, countless extras, blood, fire and smoke transformations.

The violence is stylish but tough, every emotion is dramatic like no other, the laws of physics and anatomy don't exist and the only limit is the creativity of the team.

No means was spared to make this crazy vision a reality - it is the most expensive production in the history of India with a budget of 69 million dollars.

With revenues of over 160 million dollars worldwide so far, it is not only a victory for Indian cinema, but specifically for "Tollywood", a film industry that operates in southern India and has been challenging Bollywood's dominance for some time.

The laws of physics and anatomy do not exist.

From "RRR" (Photo: Red Cape)

"RRR" is not a film that flatters the international audience, on the contrary - it is aimed first and foremost at the Indian audience that recognizes the historical-mythological references and knows the tone and atmosphere.

All this is said to its credit, of course - it is a larger-than-life cinema, devoid of any reservation or refinement, in which anything can happen.

On the other hand, it has enough influence of Hollywood cinema to attract even unaccustomed viewers, from superheroes to the alternative history of "dishonorable bastards", which the director S.S.

Rajamouli cited as a source of inspiration.

As in Tarantino's film, Rajamoli recalls with one hand and processes with the other the true brutality of British colonialism in his homeland.

This trauma receives here a completely patriotic catharsis.

The great insult that floats here does not amount to abuse and robbery, but also to the deep racism of the government that did not even consider its "subjects" a creature worthy of wasting a bullet on.

To become a phenomenon outside of its homeland, the film needed a bit of luck and a lot of creativity on the part of its distributors, one of whom defined it as a "transcendent elixir" to the wonderful world of Indian cinema.

For example, on the night of June 1, the film was redistributed for one evening only, and screened at the same time in 123 theaters across the United States.

He even joined the Netflix library (not in the original language but dubbed in Hindi, for some reason) and gained more and more fans, among them well-known directors such as the Russo brothers, Edgar Wright and James Gunn.

On the website Rotten Tomatoes, which aggregates movie reviews, it has a 92 percent freshness rating, and the score from the audience is even higher.

The icing on the cake - the film even received a small tribute in the Google search engine, search and enjoy.

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To the full article

A film that does not pander to the international audience.

From "RRR" (Photo: Red Cape)

If all of this has made you want to jump in, we have a few warnings first.

It's still a 187-minute film, with very unrealistic effects and tricks that will strike the non-Indian viewer as complete kitsch, from long, pathos-filled montages to slow motion in dramatic moments.

However, the minutes pass easily and if you keep an open mind none of this really bothers you, maybe even adds to the general craziness.

Even at the level of content, this is not an easy work, which describes murder and cruelty towards innocents, pours British blood like water in a theater and puts its heroes through tortures that even Superman would come out bruised.

Still suitable for you?

We would recommend trying to catch it not on the home screen but at one of the special screenings that will be held this month at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque - also for some reason in Hindi and not in the original language - if only for the excited reactions from the audience who will not understand where this thing came from.

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