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Do you pay a car license fee? Why actually? - Walla! vehicle


Every year millions of car owners in Israel pay the annual license fee. About what exactly? No one knows, not even the ministries of transport and finance

Do you pay a car license fee?

Why actually?

Alex just wanted to get the discount from the active reserve serviceman on his license fee, but where the conversation with the representative of the Ministry of Transportation led him, no one was ready

Kenan Cohen


Thursday, August 18, 2022, 1:22 p.m. Updated: 1:30 p.m.

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Laying down the reserves is not the issue, really not (Photo: Keenan Cohen, Alex Shultz/Kenan Cohen)

We know it's hot, and hard, and time off with the kids and there are no more summer camps and you're just looking for a place where you can deposit your brain for a few weeks until our lives and the temperatures get back on some sort of track - but stay with us for a moment.

do you have a car

Nice, do you pay her license fee?


Some of you are entitled to a discount on this fee, disabled people for example, or active reserve servants - of course no one will contact you on their own initiative and inform you that you are entitled to a discount.

Because for some reason the state knows a lot about you and everything only when it works towards collection, but that's another story.

Back to the license fees, if you have a disabled license for example, your license fee will be only NIS 26, not NIS 1,226, not 1,520, nor NIS 2,407 and the other license levels, only NIS 26.

Serve in the reserves?

You have a discount of between 60 and 179 shekels.

But even though the ministries of transportation, security and finance know who serves in the reserves and how much, who has a disabled card and a car registered in the name of this disabled card, this discount, if you find out, you will have to find it yourself and go ask for it.

If a business did this we would call it a successful method.

When the state does this to its citizens, it's more of a stinking method.

What are we paying for?

No one knows (Photo: Kenan Cohen, Yoav Falls)

One of the people who wanted to realize this reserve discount is Alex Schultz, a content creator and creative at Radio Haifa, whose conversations with the representative of the Ministry of Transportation regarding receiving the discount is perhaps the best demonstration of the situation in which a civilian, a combat reserve serviceman who, after all, wants to receive the little discount he deserves, out of several He is small in front of a mighty system that cannot walk without tripping over itself.

In the conversation, the representative explains to him that although the law that allows him to receive the discount as an active reservist after 15 days of reserve service and not 20 days has already passed, it has not yet been updated in the various government ministries, so he cannot exercise it.

good to know (in advance)

Do not compromise on unsatisfactory sex: this is how you will improve performance - with an exclusive discount

Served on behalf of "Gabra"

@alex.shults Why are the reservists being beaten?

#مشرولة #IDF #laws #reserves ♬ Original sound - Alex Shults

And if the story about laying down the reserves can fall on a simple and technical bureaucracy, it is his previous conversation with the representative of the Ministry of Transportation that is the funnier or the more unfortunate, depending on how you look at it.

In the conversation, which Alex himself admits was more intended to troll the system than to find out the story about the fee, he asks the representative a very simple question - what do we pay the license fee for?

Her answers in the beginning and even more so after the clarification - pretty much prove what you all feel but didn't know how to put into words - about nothing.

And it is fine that the state collects tax, it is also its right to collect a lot of it, much more than in other countries.

But one can expect that for this payment there will be at least a detail or an explanation, we are not even talking about actual compensation.

@alex.shults I called the Department of Transportation #license #vehicle ♬ Original Sound - Alex Shults

And just to make sure we don't miss something, after we couldn't find any explanation, clarification, detail or orderly document, we turned to the Ministry of Transportation and asked a simple question: what exactly does the car license fee include, for what services provided to the car owner is it paid for?

The ministry's answer was that the taxation policy is determined by the Ministry of Finance, so they are the addressee.

We contacted the Ministry of Finance who replied that the Ministry of Transport was the address.

We returned with this answer to the Ministry of Transport, where the communication stopped.

So the next time you pay the license fee, in full or in part - remember, you are paying it to no one for something that no one knows what it is.

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