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Gave his best: Omer Adam provided adequate compensation for the fans who were disappointed - voila! culture


The crowd was justifiably angry with him, so the big star of the Tik Tok generation provided a one-man festivity last night at Live Park in Rishon Lezion. A revolution of attitude

Gave his best: Omer Adam provided adequate compensation for the disappointed fans

The crowd was justifiably angry with him, so the big star of the Tik Tok generation provided a one-man festivity last night at Live Park in Rishon Lezion: he performed his best hits, curled the soul, danced, pizzed, danced, raised and lowered energies with the crowd, flirted with a gesture Zvika Pick and even apologized.

A revolution of attitude

Assaf Nevo


Friday, August 19, 2022, 09:20

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Omer Adam on stage in Park Yarkon First song "Cockadilla" (Hagit Novik Salomon & Yaron Cohen)

Omar Adam's performance last night at Live Park in Rishon Lezion, in front of about 12 thousand people, looked and felt like adequate compensation for those disappointed by the performance in Yarakon Park about a month ago, which ended in a tsunami of outrage on social media.

So Adam received criticism for the duration of the show which was shorter than an hour.

Yesterday he appeared for an hour and 44 minutes.

This is a rare event in Israeli music, perhaps unprecedented: some artists cancel shows for a variety of reasons and compensate the audience on another date.

There are rare cases when artists get off the stage because they feel bad, and after they come back to themselves, a compensation show comes.

A case where an artist gives the audience tickets to his shows for free, because the audience left his show disappointed due to its insufficient length, has not been remembered here for a long time, if ever.

Advocates will say that this is the right way to maintain good relations with the fans, whose trust in the singer and their love for him guarantee his continued success and career.

Caterers will say that this is a total addiction of an artist to his audience, of someone who is in a golden cage, afraid to disappoint the fans, and ready to do anything so that they don't abandon him.

On the question of who is right, the artist or the audience, it is clear that Omer Adam answered last night decisively: the audience is right, I was wrong.

A rare event in Israeli music.

Omer Adam, yesterday (Photo: Sharon Rabivo)

Wearing a shirt with the inscription "sun of a beach", accompanied by 13 musicians, a group of dancers and drummers from the band "Terram", Adam gave his best hits last night at Live Park, singing excellently as only he knows how, curling the soul at heights and with rare precision without Don't miss a beat, danced, pizzed, danced, raised and lowered energies with the audience as needed, gave a very good show and danced with two verses and a chorus from "Mary Lou" in honor of Zvika Pick, a one-man festival.

Theoretically, he could have given even more, if you take into account some of his big hits that he didn't perform, such as "Bucharest", "Way Lee" and of course "Muda Ani", the best song of his career so far.

And perhaps there is a statement here: because of the large amount of hits he has accumulated over the years, it is not enough for him to sing them all in one show and chooses to leave the audience with a taste for more.

Danced, pizzed, enjoyed.

Adam, yesterday (Photo: Sharon Rabivo)

Because of that mishap in the park about a month ago, from which he himself left disappointed and frustrated, last night Adam felt a real need to be close and connected to his audience stronger, perhaps more than ever.

That's why he tried and gave his best.

He repeatedly cut through the bridge (the cut walk) that was built into the audience in the orchestra and tried to be as close as he could, he tried as much as he could to excite the audience and repeatedly encouraged them to pick up the rhythmic songs.

So much so that on one occasion he perhaps felt disappointed by the insufficient intensity of the reaction and uttered a statement along the lines of "You annoy me", meaning you are not enthusiastic enough.

How the singer who trained his audience to share a story expects them to both take pictures with their cell phones and clap along to the beat at the same time.

Adam also knew how to apologize near the beginning of the show, between the second and third songs, and share with the audience the shame he felt after the too short show in Yarkon Park: "It didn't turn out the way I wanted, not the way you wanted, everything got a little rough like that. I saw a lot of your reactions."

The audience interrupted him with rhythmic chants of "E-V-M-R A-D-M", and he asked: "Before I open up and speak, give me five more seconds. It's important to me that you know that I felt exactly the same as you. It's important to me that you remember, now between us, that after every reaction of yours, in the end there is a human being, your faithful servant, and we are all human beings. And after thinking, really with myself, I realized that everything should be taken positively and everything for the better, and somewhere we just had to be more together, that's all. So this It made me happy, it made me feel good. I love you guys, I will never let you down and if you get hurt or something, after this show, we'll leave a complaint box outside for you," he finished with humor.

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Dancers also joined the celebration.

Live Park in Rishon, yesterday (Photo: Sharon Rabivo)

The audience, for its part, returned great love to him, sang the lyrics (often instead of Adam himself), carried him along with the high energies and turned the show into a kind of carnival.

There may have been those who suspected that this evening was also going to end in disappointment, because Adam took his time behind the scenes and went on stage only at seven minutes to ten, when the official start time was nine, but after almost an hour and three quarters, it was clear that this was a different and much more positive experience.

This is the same audience that was angry with him, rightfully so, after years of admiration and mutual fertilization.

It's been 13 years, since he burst into our lives from "A Star Is Born", that Adam maintains a special relationship with his audience apart from the media.

He was perhaps the first artist in Israel who decided to communicate with fans mainly through social networks and for a very long time avoided being interviewed by the media and playing the media game that most singers play.

Unlike Barry Sakharof, for example, whose traditional avoidance of interviews remained his own, Omar Adam's avoidance of interviews was followed by a phenomenon that the media was not prepared for - a growing group of singers, mainly of the younger generation, who do not give interviews, but communicate with the audience through the networks.

That's why at least part of the media waited for Omer Adam in the corner and celebrated in the last year on his back a number of mishaps and affairs that appeared in his career, such as the affair of the song "Cockadilla" and the climax came about a month ago with the farce of the Yarkon Park.

When an artist does not provide titles on his own initiative, in the end the titles will come at his expense.

It is not for nothing that he is the most popular singer of the Tik Tok generation.

Adam, yesterday (Photo: Sharon Rabivo)

Omer Adam is the Eyal Golan of the Tiktok generation, no matter what they say Tzvika Pic of the Tiktok generation.

The experience his music deals with is the experience of the Israeli youth of the last decade.

It is not for nothing that he is the most popular singer in the age group between 15 and 30.

He is their mouth, singing about them and their lives, or rather, about the lives they would like to live.

A life that has three states: love meaning falling in love and romance, a broken heart accompanied by depression or longing, and a party, a party, usually with the guys.

There are no songs about father, mother, and family, no songs about the place where you grew up, not the social situation, not current affairs, certainly not politics, here and there a song about faith.

But by and large, those who listen to Adam's songs can imagine themselves disconnected, on a never-ending vacation abroad: a song for a pool party in the middle of the day, a song for an afternoon cocktail, a song for a romantic dinner, a song for the cold of the night, a song for tears on the pillow just before sunrise the dawn

On the one hand, it's the best, because Adam's audience escapes with his music from the gray everyday life to that imaginary world of parties, falling in love, breakups and nostalgia, and it's an addictive drug that can keep his career high for a few more years.

On the other hand, after a decade of success, and as he learned himself in the last year, also failure, and when the next generation of Eden Hassanim is already here and big, maybe it's time that at the age of 28 Omer Adam asks himself what kind of singer he wants to be when he grows up.

Will he still want to sing the same hits about eternal youth at the age of 38 and 48?

For Zvika Peak, by the way, it worked most of the time.

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