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Living the dream: these are the 20 songs that made us 2015 - voila! Tarbut


Nono conquered Tik-Tok and Usna, Anna Zak and Margie went up a grade, Tuna, Jimbo J and Rabid Plotnik led hip-hop forward and Eden Ben-Zakan was the bomb again. And who are our people of the year?

Living the dream: these are the 20 songs that made us the 2015 festival

Nono conquered the Tik-Tok and us, Anna Zak and Margie went up a grade, Tuna, Jimbo J and Rabid Plotnik led hip-hop to new achievements, and Eden Ben Zaken bombed again with a hit that we couldn't get out of our heads.

These are the 20 songs that made Walla!

Culture the year, and our three people of the year

Nadav Menuhin


Thursday, September 22, 2022, 8:39 p.m. Updated: Saturday, September 24, 2022, 10:54 p.m.

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They almost entered

: Shuli Rand and Amir Banyon's "Rediscovered", Kors Bismuth's "Heart", Hanan Ben Ari's "In the end, this is the melody", Kobari's "Breaking it down", Shlomo Artzi's "It does not come easily".

20. "I got up to dance" - Ninet Taib

One of the best singles of Ninet Taib ever, with the help of friends Gilad Kahane and Dodo Tesa, is at the same time a song about a party and what prevents us from joining it.

We also feel like moving our hands a little and legs a bit.

More in Walla!

In the final of the next star, Eliav Zohar also fell into the cult of Ninet Taib

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19. "Moving in a glance" - Alon Adar and the band

In 2022, Alon Adar is no longer a promise: he is one of the most respected, popular and prolific creators out there, and he makes sure to provide receipts in the form of excellent choruses in rich and harmonious arrangements.

The trump card of "Yes Yes Yes Yes!", his latest album, is "In Motion in a Look" with the Arspoetic text and the moving chorus behind it.

More in Walla!

Alon Ader: "It's more pleasant for me that my disease is exposed than not. I'm always in favor of disclosure"

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18. Bokhbot Lake, Shahar Saul and Nowruz - Dobshaniye

Sleazy, stupid, superficial - say what you will about it, but "Dubshaniye" is a song that gets stuck in your head from the first listen, without any intention of leaving it.

He is the highlight of a breakout year for Bohbut Lake, which seems to have been everywhere this year all along.

More in Walla!

"No concept", you will dance: welcome to the sad party of Bohbut Lake

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17. Cohen - eights

After many years in the industry as a rapper and producer, Michael Cohen found his element in his first solo album, "What is possible with what remains".

Along with funny and catchy songs like "Why not" or "On the silence", a hit that you can't help but dance along with stood out in particular.

More in Walla!

Israeli hip-hop celebrated with a magnificent victory party.

When the power was already gone, the climax finally arrived

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16. "My new dress" - Ran Denker

After we left the insane asylum, Ran Denker proved that he is not just a one-hit wonder, and much more than that: "My New Dress" is the queer disco anthem that Israel needed, which positions the new judge of "The Next Star" as one of the most original pop artists in Israel .

More in Walla!

"I ride the wave of success with joy. If I get tired, I will surely find another beach"

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15. "Between the Branches (Lost in Japan)" - Oli Danon

The Israeli indie album of the year is signed by a young singer-songwriter, one of the biggest promises Israeli rock currently has.

"Between the Branches (Lost in Japan)", one of the melodic gems of it, is a song that simply drowns in beauty, created in the background of a world that has stopped, and at the center of it is the moving mantra "Don't be afraid", which repeats itself over and over again.

14. "Karma" - Echo

Eko, the first lady of the current generation of the Hebrew groove has long been unknown to those who know nothing, and her hit in Hebrew shows exactly who runs this business.

We will see you stay seated.

13. "Three girls" - Noa Kirel and Gigit Fisher

This year, more than ever, there was a flood of broad hits in honor of Pride Month, and among them, a song with a deliberate linguistic mistake, a cult figure, a whistle, one noa kiral and above all the addictive shout: "They say three noa!" shined more than all.

Well, when is the drop?

More in Walla!

Statika and Bat El also came: the countless songs of pride are good news for all of us

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12. "Need a little" - Teddy Ngusa

Teddy Ngosa is a superstar, and 2015 is the year his explosion began. From an addictive, spicy, kicking and original album, a very addictive song came out, and the whistles are just the icing on the cake. Actually, "need a little" is all that is needed.

11. "What at night" - Bar Sabri

Not only "Johnny": Bar Tzabri, one of the most intriguing creators in Israeli music, reached another peak this year when he played the up-and-coming singer Gili Hadad in the musical drama "Playing and Singing".

The winning ballad written and composed by Avi Ohion for the series is so appropriate for the television character, but also for the sensitive and intelligent creator who sang it.

More in Walla!

The new yes series is one of the best seen on the screen this year

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10. "Heart too golden" - Or Amrami Brockman

I'm not sure you know the most magical ballad of the year, but really it would be a great shame if it stays like this.

Amrami-Brockman, from "The Next Star", sings the song created for him by Shlomi Shaban as part of his role as Kalni Shimar in one of the key moments of the "Echo of Your Voice" series, and tears the heart apart.

More in Walla!

"Play and sing" and "Echo of your voice" proved: there are wounds that only songs can heal

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9. "Kokoriko" - Ravid Plotnik

Don't turn it on!

In another second he turns over everyone here!

Ravid Plotnik, the greatest Israeli rapper of all, took the lead in the new album and is full of his quotes, and the most exaggerated song of it is also the most absorbing, with excellent background vocals by Sima Nun and Aya Zahavi Feiglin.

More in Walla!

With any other artist, such a move would have been seen as impudence.

Not at Ravid Plotnik's

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8. "Malibu" - halo of spirit

Out of the many excellent songs on the third album of Hila Roach, the queen of Israeli indie, "Malibu" is the most polished diamond - one that demonstrates once again how wonderful a singer Roach is when she dwells on every syllable, and a talented writer who is able to say so much in just a few words.

We can listen to it over and over and over again.

More in Walla!

"At the launch I started singing and the whole audience joined in. It's one of the most exciting moments I've had"

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7. "What you see now" - Assaf Amdorski

Assaf Amdorski, the rocker we've been admiring since the nineties, reinvented himself again in a magical journey album, in a completely different atmosphere than what we're used to.

"What you see now", Amdorski and Mati Caspi, opens it with a wonderful enthusiasm for the beauty of the world and the way - while we, the listeners, marvel at the beauty of the song.

More in Walla!

"I feel that the profession chose me so that I would add beauty to the world. It's a role I have to persevere in"

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6. "WTF" - Eden Ben Zaken

There were those who raised an eyebrow at this song, but they missed a big deal: Eden Ben Zaken is a phenomenon, a singer who exudes character and humor, who is so far from the general banality of the Israeli mainstream, and the catchy "WTF", the "hit" of the year, is further proof that this is a unique figure in Israeli pop.

More in Walla!

Aden Ben Zaken and Nuno have something important that sets them apart from the rest: character

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5. "Stalbat in the Kibbutz" - Jimbo J and Paul Trunk

Courtesy of Jimbo J, one of the most sophisticated and witty rappers in Israel, the new anthem of the kibbutzniks swept an entire country completely contrary to all expectations or the spirit of the time, perhaps as a protest against the new pop or against the hysterical pace of life in Israel, the job market and the news.

Beyond its addictive chorus, the success of this hit is the result of hard work and a long journey by all involved, who built themselves up with another song and another song until they reached the top.

Now you can enjoy the stele.

More in Walla!

I have a fondness for the following sound: Jimbo J peaked at Shuni, and whetted the appetite for more

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4. "Not to be alone" - Margie

The biggest star of Israeli pop right now went up a notch in 2015, with wall-to-wall compliments along the way, English singles and simply great songs that are burning up the radio. Let's face it: "Don't Be Alone" is an exciting pop bomb from the eighties that suddenly landed in Israel, with a clear feeling that as far as Margie is concerned - the future is still ahead of him.

More in Walla!

Margie like you haven't heard yet: all the great moments from the special show in the studio and voila!

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3. "Sahara" (in concert) - Tona and Yasmin Moalem

The biggest hit from Tuna's "Wild East" is actually a performance version, stunning in its beauty, in which another one of the biggest stars of the era is a guest.

As far as Tuna is concerned - this was the year when he really found himself: the songs shone, the audience fell in love, and even out of his corona wars he managed to get out safely.

But even regardless of the superstar behind it, "Sahara", especially in the minimalist performance version, simply turns out to be an original and wonderful love song in its own right.

Tuna is also one of Walla's people of the year!

Culture in music

More in Walla!

"I was afraid of getting pregnant soon after I broke out, but all my fears disappeared"

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2. "Go to sleep" - Anna Zak

The most played song on the radio this year is also the moment when Anna Zeke suddenly moved into the league of the greats: with smart and well-produced pop, amusing lyrics, and a music video that seems to illustrate how capable she is of working - Zeke proved that she is no longer a banal imitation, but a real force on the field, what which was also expressed in her next huge hit "Who is this?".

With its funny and unconventional chorus, "Go to sleep" has become a cultural phenomenon, including an imitation in "Aretz Fahadrah", and one of the strongest hits of Tashpav.

Anna Zak is also one of Walla's People of the Year! Culture in Music

More in Walla!

"Go to sleep" by Anna Zak is the most played song in 2015

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1. Nuno - Living the Dream

We don't care what happens in other charts: for us, Nono is the discovery of the year, the singer of the year, the writer of the year and the phenomenon of the year all together.

Naomi Aharoni Gal already won our hearts with "Boys", but "Living the Dream" has already turned her into a monster that conquers the children on Tik-Tok and the hipsters on Twitter as well.

Nono has created her own ironic language, which mixes Hebrew and English, everyday and online, humor and a broken heart, and with each listening one discovers another brilliant wordplay or hidden layer.

It is much more than a joke: there is a rare and original personal voice here, and character in abundance.

More in Walla!

Fire Fire Fire: Nuno's talent burned the barbie - and that's just the beginning

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Her big catchphrase - "Where are you, are you here? No here here no here here" - may be borrowed from another song, but in "Living the Dream" all of Nuno's talent came together in a miraculous way.

It's all here: an unbelievable chorus - "A clean and clear morning" etc.;

A house that tears apart Yair the arrogant and yet expresses love towards him;

The ending "I lived without you, I lived in Ramot", which is perhaps the phrase of the year;

And especially an excellent and addictive processing.

There's nothing to say, she's in Ramot.

Nono is also one of Walla's People of the Year!

Culture in Music

Assisted and participated in the ranking: Nir Yahav

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