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The Corolla is on the heels and the price jumps too - voila! vehicle


The Toyota Corolla Cross enters the field of crossovers/Jeeppons and positions itself between the CHR and the Rav4 at a price that starts at NIS 169,000

The Corolla is on its heels and the price is also jumping

A draft from France is a new competitor to the exploding market of crossovers, this time with a well-known name - Toyota Corolla that adds a cm to the height and the nickname Cross to the name. What is its unique offer?

Kenan Cohen


Thursday, September 29, 2022, 6:51 p.m. Updated: 7:42 p.m.

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Toyota Corolla Cross (manufacturer)

Importer Toyota is expanding its range of crossovers-Jeeppons-SUVs and other station wagons and hatchbacks, when it adds the Corolla Cross to its showroom, which will be positioned between the CHR and the Rab4 in terms of dimensions and price range.

The Corolla Cross is not a new model, but it took a very long time to get from the Eastern markets and the United States where it has been marketed since its introduction in 2020 until it got its chance to be sold in Europe.

Israel, by the way, is the first Toyota-Europe market to receive the model.

Despite being based on the GA-C common floor, the Corolla Cross cuts sharply from the Corolla's design and presents a look that is closer to the Rab 4, including all the necessary trimmings.

Wheel arches, ventral "shield" and roof rails in the high level of finish.

A large and new multimedia system (photo: manufacturer's website)

With 446 cm from bumper to bumper, the Corolla Cross is positioned between the CHR from which it is longer by 10 cm and the Rav 4 from which it is 14 cm shorter. But despite its establishment and the name "Corolla" its wheelbase, from Derived interior space is 264 cm, 6 cm less than the Corolla and the same as that of the CHR. The volume of the trunk is 403 liters, also 70 liters smaller than that of the family car. In terms of height, it registers 162 cm , rises 18.5 cm above the Corolla.

In the passenger compartment, the Corolla Cross is equipped with the central component of a modern vehicle - a multimedia screen that sticks out from the dashboard. Here it is 10.25 inches and connected to a 12.3 inch dashboard with the possibility of adjusting the color display.

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264 cm in the wheelbase, smaller than its competitors (photo: manufacturer's website)

The Corolla Cross will be marketed in three trim levels, the basic one called ACTIVE is intended mainly for fleets and receives split climate control, 17-inch rims, push-button drive, LED lighting, air conditioning vents for those sitting in the back, compatibility with Apple and Android, and more.

The safety systems include 8 airbags, automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure correction, sign recognition and a reminder to prevent children from forgetting.

The trim level above it will be the DINAMIC and will add 18-inch rims, tinted windows, LED lighting also includes high beam, keyless entry, roof rails and the spare wheel is replaced with a repair kit only.

The highest finish level is the ADVENTURE, completing the list with a panoramic roof, automatic braking even in reverse, heating for the front seats, combined leather-fabric upholstery, wireless charging surface.

The safety systems include the following systems: vehicle detection in a "dead zone", warning system from a passing vehicle when exiting the vehicle, detection of vehicles crossing from behind.

403 liters in the trunk (photo: manufacturer website)

The Corolla Cross is powered by Toyota's 1.8 hybrid engine, which we know from the regular Corolla, but with some improvements such as Toyota's 5th generation hybrid drive system.

The combined power is 140 hp (122 in the Corolla), the gearbox is continuous and the drive is front only.

As you can understand and with 1,405 kg, although these are better than the Corolla, the performance is not its strong point - the acceleration to 100 km" Q takes 9.9 seconds in ACTIVE and 10 seconds in the other two trim levels. Top speed is 170 km/h.

The drive system, like the safety and multimedia systems support over-the-air updating.

Smaller than its competitors, but at prices close to theirs (photo: manufacturer's website)

On its face with the names Toyota, Corolla, Cross and with a hybrid engine - the Corolla Cross is a sure bet for success in the market.

But if there's one thing that could challenge this serving proposition, it's the price.

At 169,000 shekels for the entry level, it competes head-to-head with the amounts that larger vehicles cost in terms of dimensions, stronger than it and more established in the local market such as the Kia Sportage, instead of competing more relevant to its dimensions such as the Kia Seltos, Mazda CX30, or if you take into account the drive The hybrid against its direct competitor - the renewed Kia Niro Plus.

The higher trim levels - DINAMIC and ADVENTURE raise the price even more to the realms of the equipped versions of its competitors with price tags of NIS 175 and 185 thousand.

We have a feeling that his potential customers won't really mind.

The importer who is equipped with a first shipment of 1,000 units and assumes that she will be able to bring a similar amount here by the end of the year is definitely determined to finish these two without making any effort.

How is it in the Israeli road test?

We will know soon.

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