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Even if Maor Bozglo has already retired from football, how fun that "the Bozglos" are still here - voila! culture


Even in its seventh season, when the focus has finally moved from the pitches to the internal dynamics, the docu-reality series manages to entertain with many funny moments and fantastic characters. Review

Maor Bozaglo announces his retirement from football at the age of 34 (Photo: Niv Aharonson. Video editing: Nir Chen)

So how is it correct to say - "New Born" or "New Bone" photos?

If you ask Essi and Adi Bozglo, the power couple of the seventh season of "The Bozglos", you will be surprised to find out that the answer is not clear-cut.

Make no mistake, the Buzaglu family did not change professions and switch to English studies, but in the spirit of the patriarch Yaakov Buzaglu, you will find that there is no issue that cannot be debated.

From English, through Shabbat meals, marriage therapy and career changes - in the Bozaglo family, about the parents (Yaakov and Hani), the four sons (Ohad, Assi, Maor and Almog), the wives (Adi, Miren and Natalia), the divorced (Fanni) and concubines (Ohad's partners that they are not really a couple but actually are), everything is on the table and everyone gets to have an opinion.

It's not by chance that the docu-reality about the footballers' family became one of Yes's successful original productions - the BuzzGloss are content producers who don't take their foot off the gas for a moment.

And to use a more appropriate analogy - in this family they always rise to the attack.

Yes, even at the price of absorbing goals.

Maor Bozaglo (photo: screenshot, courtesy of yes)

The new season of the show finds the family in a rather new status, with Maor's retirement from football and the acceptance that Almog won't really become a star anymore, "The BuzzGloss" feels more like "The Kardashians".

If in the first seasons there was still an attempt to play on the sports field and show us the behind the scenes of the industry, this season it is already clear that the viewers come to see the family dynamics.

Quite ironically, "Habozglos" does not stop engaging in another reality show - "Survival" of course.

Since Assi won the first place in the show, the balance of power between the brothers has changed: a deep rift has emerged between Assi and Maor, and no less so between their wives Adi and Miren.

Ohad, the eldest brother and a bigotry complex, tried to ride the bandwagon - but after being eliminated first in the season in which he participated, he remained a bench player even in his reality show.

On paper it sounds ridiculous - two brothers, mature people, who stop talking after one of them wins a reality show.

In practice, this is a real crisis within the family, which has always been very competitive.

As far as the creators of the program are concerned, these dramas are pure pleasure and excellent television and they continue to poke at the wounds, whether it is by sending the four brothers to a formation workshop in the mountains or Jacob's initiative that every Shabbat evening one of the brothers will host all the family members in his house.

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Esi and Adi Bozaglu (photo: screenshot, courtesy of yes)

If the crisis surrounding "Survival" doesn't produce enough drama, there is also the famous "eyebrow incident" that has been with us for two seasons.

Since Adi did not really recommend Miren's cosmetic treatments, the two women have not spoken again and you can say that they are even real rivals.

Asi and Maor, who seem to have accepted Father Yaakov's big ego, may think they can guide the girls to a regional peace agreement, but it seems they are the ones guiding them to continue the family power struggles.

Maor's retirement from football and his attempt to rediscover himself as a DJ also raise the question of whether the "BozGloss" should hang up his shoes, say thanks for a beautiful career and move on.

If we rely on the episodes that have been broadcast so far from the seventh season, the answer is unequivocally no.

It's not smart or challenging TV, but as a reality show that comes to entertain, it provides great lunchtime viewing.

This is one of the funniest shows on the screen, with lots of funny moments, fantastic characters that no screenwriter could write (like a fan), and even some art.

And if it's about art, pay attention to the unimaginable amount of paintings that Shani Bozaglou produces every episode.

This is a power that would put any factory in China to shame and all this while she has enough time to make couscous and bread for an entire battalion every lunch.

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