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"Gileine Maxwell: Horrible Wealth" does a service to the criminal: he allows her to be forgotten - voila! culture


When two docu-films fail to crack Guillen's character, when half of the documentation is even her father's, and when extensive parts were taken from the series about Jeffrey Epstein, the result is very unsatisfactory

Trailer for the docu "Gillian Maxwell: Horrible Riches" (Netflix)

In May 2020, "Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich" aired on Netflix, a four-episode docu revealing the horrors of Jeffrey Epstein, perhaps the greatest sexual predator in modern human history.

The main goal of the series was to shed light on over two decades of law enforcement turning a blind eye to criminal acts, all under the auspices of the money and power of a filthy rich banker.

At that time Epstein was no longer alive.

The account with him was never closed, but everyone who watched the series couldn't help but wonder how Gillian Maxwell, the tycoon's partner and partner in crime, was still walking around free.

It was outrageous, or as one of the interviewees in "Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich" says: "It's hard to understand why she wasn't arrested with him."

"Gillian Maxwell: Horrible Riches", which appeared on Netflix last weekend, is a 101-minute long sequel to the series about Epstein.

The film tries to follow her footsteps and analyze the mystery: how the daughter of one of Britain's richest people in the past became a super-prostitute of minors.

He also tries to provide the answer to the question asked above: why in real time the entire spotlight was cast on Epstein and not on the person who was the executor of the moves that ruined the lives of dozens of girls.

To be precise, the investigations and searches against Maxwell were already underway when Epstein was arrested.

In July 2020, about a month and a half after "Horrible Wealth" aired, she was located and arrested in New Hampshire.

And yet, contrary to the harsh prosecution against Epstein, the real-time feeling was that Maxwell might come out of this unscathed, either by illegal means (escape and finding refuge in a place that would not allow her extradition) or by legal means (dropping from the public agenda under the auspices of Shlomo people from positions of power) .

One way or another, she was found, tried and today spends her time behind bars.

The lioness who brought him the prey.

Gillian Maxwell with Jeffrey Epstein (Photo: GettyImages)

The film tries to solve several questions - what is Maxwell's personality made of?

How did she become the billionaire's wife?

Why did she not only stay with him after "being too old for him", but also happily satisfy his boundless urge?

And there is also a philosophical question to which the answer is not clear: which of the two is the real monster - the predatory lion or the lioness who provided him with the hunt?

A year ago, while the legal proceedings against her were still ongoing, a three-part series appeared in Israel: "Gileine Maxwell: The Shadow of Epstein".

Like the current one, this was also a doco trying to crack Maxwell's image, without much success.

The inherent advantage of "Horrible Wealth" over "Epstein's Shadow" lies in the fact that it came out after her trial was over, meaning a more complete result could be achieved.

Unfortunately, he is also not up to the task.

It is boring, almost devoid of visuals, decorated with interviewees who occupy long minutes of the frame as talking heads and do not provide any essential information,

If it walks like a duck and looks like a duck, it's probably the boring personality of that duck.

When two documentaries fail to crack Guillain's character, when half or more of the visual documentation belongs to her father, the tycoon Robert Maxwell, and when large parts are recycled from the original "Abominable Wealth", the result is very unsatisfactory.

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No information we haven't come across before.

Gillian Maxwell with a picture of her father, the tycoon Robert Maxwell.

"Gileine Maxwell: Horrible Riches" (Photo: Netflix)

As always, the question arises here as well, where is the point of balance between the important and the interesting.

Isn't the fact that Maxwell's terrible actions are enough to justify such a film, or must it be spiced up with juicy details?

And what happens if there are no such juicy details, and Maxwell, whether consciously or not, managed to escape the limelight despite her pedigree, status and influence?

This is the biggest problem with this movie - it has no trigger or spark to make thinking interesting.

From a legal point of view it may have meaning, but from a television point of view it is a missing document with little content.

And yes, it came up exactly on the day of the international fight against violence against women, and yes, it was a woman who committed serial murders for the lives of young women.

All of these are only supposed to enhance the importance of the series and of this specific day of the year, but the main victory recorded here is actually for Maxwell herself, who was by choice a marginal character in real time and will be a forgotten character in the future as well.

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