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"Criminal and killer of Palestinians": Guy Hochman cut short his stay at the World Cup because of a video against him - voila! culture


Comedian and network star Guy Hochman, who went to film videos at the historic and festive World Cup in Qatar, had to postpone his return to Israel for fear of being harmed


Comedian and network star Guy Hochman, who went to film videos at the historic and festive World Cup in Qatar, had to book a lightning flight back to Israel this evening - for fear of being harmed after he found himself causing a stir.

The videos that Hochman uploaded to the web were of course also exposed to the Arab audience and they received hateful reactions and threats.

The Palestinian-American journalist Samar Dhamesh-Jara, for example, recently uploaded a video to her Twitter account with 170,000 followers under the title "Expose them. They are criminals", in which she presents Hochman's past as a soldier in the "Israeli occupation army".

The video opens with the question: "A peacemaker or a murderous soldier?".

Immediately afterwards, the video states that Hochman presents himself in the videos as a "peacemaker" when in fact he is a "soldier killer".

Later, the journalist - a former editor at CNN - publishes details about Hochman, according to which he is 34 years old and formerly a commander in the 932nd Battalion of the Nahal. It is later written that Hochman served in a unit "that killed thousands of Palestinians during the first and second intifadas" and also that his unit participated in wars during which it killed Palestinian families It is also written in the video that he presents himself as a "peacemaker" even though he is a soldier in the army. At the end it is written: "This is the face of Israel in the World Cup."


Guy Hochman (photo: screenshot, Twitter)

Some of the responses to the video posted by the journalist stated that he is a Mossad agent.

Others wrote to her that it was only a comedian and that he was laughing at everyone.

Guy Hochman's public relations person said that the comedian, who was supposed to stay in Qatar until the end of the week, booked himself a lightning flight back to Israel already this evening.

In recent days, the issue of harassment of Israeli journalists in Qatar has hit the headlines.

Messenger and voila!

Sports for the World Cup, Paz Hesdai, wrote yesterday in his column: "From the outside, it looks a bit like the whining of Israeli journalists, who look for trouble and create Guy Hochman-style provocations and then are surprised that they are greeted with anger and are beaten. Perhaps an impression is created that Israeli journalists are looking for headlines, and are happy to get into trouble to say" We told you" about the violent Arabs, and about the way to be brave thanks to their commitment in their dangerous work in the enemy's rear, all in order to bring a reliable report to the people of Zion.

"But unfortunately, you don't have to provoke anyone to feel threatened. You don't have to climb on tables and scream. It's enough to stand with a microphone that says "Walla!" in Hebrew, and the problems come on their own. In the mild case, it's a few guys with Palestinian flags who interfere with work. In the least case Kalil one of them also gives a little flick on the neck with the cap. The phenomenon has already become a hobby of the locals, in the fields you see more and more Palestinian flags, and on the Internet there are videos full of pride about the way they interfere with the Zionists' broadcasts. Not terrible, but also unpleasant. The photographer of Wynette advised me to do as he did and remove the identifying sponge from the microphone. This is probably the solution - to hide the identity, to hide."

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Guy Hochman's video that upset Arab surfers:

News 12 reporter Ohad Hamo also referred to the hostility felt by Israeli reporters in Qatar: "What we are experiencing here, in short, is "TikTok shaming", and that is a big part of the story. There is, for example, the Lebanese who confronted me (an opportunity to note that I immediately mentioned my origin because transparency is something It is important when you are interviewing someone that there is a chance that they will not want to be interviewed. Just think of the reaction of such a person who will feel cheated if he finds out only at the end of the interview that he gave it to the Israeli media without his knowledge.) This video is widespread all over the Arab world with millions of views, virality at its best, centered on the young Arab Tells an Israeli the truth of many of them. And you see guys who recognize you, raise a camera and enter this confrontation with the hope of becoming patriotic network stars, all in one video and in a few seconds. What's wrong?!

"And above all, one word floats here, the open abscess of the Arab world. It is called "Tatve" or in Hebrew translation: normalization. My presence here as a journalist, not as a private person, is an expression of the signs of normalization for many of the Arabs (even if it was imposed on Qatar "Y FIFA) and hence the desire to disturb us, to tell their truth, to confront.

"The excessive media preoccupation with this issue in the last week may intensify perceptions that have already grown stronger in recent years in Israel of "Am Lebedad Yishkun". Everyone is anti-Semitic, no matter what we do - the Arab world will hate us, etc. In this context I say this: yes, there is Certain parts of the Arab world will not accept Israel as an existing fact under any conditions. But in my opinion they are a minority. In the end, the attitude towards Israel was and will be a derivative of the cornerstone: the conflict with the Palestinians. For years there has been no dialogue, no discourse, no hope. If the World Cup in 1994 For example, if it had been held here and not in the United States, when the hope of a normal common future hovered over us, one can assume that the experience would have been completely different."

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