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The 10 cars that beat the rise in fuel prices - voila! vehicle


You don't have to buy an electric car to avoid the damage to your pocket from the increase in gasoline and diesel prices: get the new and used cars that are significantly more economical than others in the group

As of today, there are already 39,000 people in Israel who drive electric cars, and the increase in gasoline prices is as interesting to them as a snowstorm in Turkmenistan.

But if you don't have the option of regular charging at home or in the office, your next car, new or used, will probably still be a hybrid, gasoline or diesel.

In every popular category on the market there are some cars that are more economical than others, which you should pay attention to now, the review is focused on new models from the nylons, but almost all of them have been on the used market for at least two years.

Choosing them is worth saving you several thousand shekels a year.


A light hybrid and not full, and still stays away from gas pumps (Photo: Keinan Cohen, Keinan Cohen)

Mini: Suzuki Ignis

A small car is usually more economical up front than others, but look at the differences.

The Japanese Suzuki Ignis, with a combination of an economical 1.2-liter engine and a mild hybrid system, comes with a manufacturer's promise of 22.3 km per liter. In reality, we would expect 18-20 kml, which is still very good.

Just for comparison, between the pair of popular small cars of the Hyundai concern that greatly improved fuel consumption with the transition from a 4-speed automatic transmission to a 5-speed single-clutch robot, but remained with regular gasoline engines, the Kia Picanto is 10% more economical than the Hyundai i10, with 15-16 km Combined with real life.


It will be easier to get it used (Photo: Keinan Cohen, Assaf Bar Shai)

Supermini: Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz

Hybrid drive is something that is usually hard to beat when it comes to fuel economy.

In this category there are two true hybrids: Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz.

Their manufacturers present official figures that approach 30 kml, but real life looks different, and is still very economical. The advantage is the Yaris, which currently achieves 20-22 kml, compared to the Jazz, which consumes about 10% more.

2008. Diesel gives way to hybrids (photo: Kenan Cohen)

Small Jeeps: Peugeot 2008 Diesel and Toyota Yaris Cross

The modern diesel engines pollute less than before and are even more economical.

Peugeot 2008 is the only one in the group that offers a diesel-sipping option in Israel, with a promise of 20.8 km per liter, and in real life you can expect 18-19 km per liter.

But the Toyota Yaris Cross, with the same drive system as the Yaris, promises 22.7 km per liter, and you can certainly achieve with it in real life 19-21 km per liter, excellent for a Jeep


The most economical hybrid family car (photo: Keinan Cohen)

Family: Hyundai Elantra Hybrid

The market group that proves how important fuel consumption is today: only hybrid families survive the tsunami of the transition to Jeeps.

The new Hyundai Elantra hybrid (manufacturer figure 22.7 kml, in practice (19-20 kml), has a slight advantage here over the Toyota Corolla (official 22.2 kml, 18-19 kml in reality), which shows a slight advantage On the face of the Hyundai Ioniq which is no longer sold as new but exists in tens of thousands on the used market (official 21.7 kml, 17-18 kml in reality).


The new Plus model is slightly less economical, but still does the job (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Medium Jeeps: Kia Niro and Toyota Corolla Cross

Sticking to hybrid drive continues to pay off.

The new Toyota Corolla Cross has an official figure of 20 km per liter, and from our tests we can estimate that 18-19 kml will be a realistic figure.

The Kia Niro was here before, and is now sold in the redesigned Plus version with slightly less good fuel consumption than the original due to the rear elevation, but you can still expect 19-20 kmpl in the used models of 2021 and below, and 17-18 kmpl in the models 2022 onwards.

5008. In the absence of 7-seater hybrids at its price, it takes the title of most economical for large families (Photo: Nir Ben Tovim, Rami Gilboa)

7 places: Peugeot 5008 diesel

Even the arrival of the new Chery Tigo 8 did not change the balance in the sought-after group in terms of fuel consumption.

Lots of gasoline models, even a hybrid and only two diesels, the Peugeot 5008 (with an official 18.5 km per liter) and the Skoda Kandiac (17.8 kml).

In practice, it is about 15-17 km for both, with the French not only being slightly more economical, but also cheaper, both new and used.

Those who know how to value usability at the expense of design, will find close fuel consumption in the 7-seat models of the trio of Citroen Berlingo, Opel Combo and Toyota City, which come with a 1.2 liter gasoline engine. It's a shame that the Toyota Prius Plus hybrid can currently only be found on the used market.

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