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Haim Etgar's exposure of the Tinder con artist is not good, yet it's hard to take your eyes off it - voila! culture


The first part of "The Woman Who Brought Down the Tinder Scam" is neither good nor particularly innovative. It mainly serves as a teaser for the second part, and wonders if the crook's partner is a crook herself

Excerpt from "Exposure - The Woman Who Brought Down the Tinder Scammer" (Arch 12)

At a relatively early stage of "The Woman Who Brought Down the Tinder Swindler", Haim Etgar and Muriel Levy Pardis' film about Kate Conlin, the ex-partner of Simon Leviev/Shimon Yehuda Hayut/the one with whom it is better not to leave a checkbook, Keshet 12 Broadcasting merged with Ella of the shopping channel.

It happened when Etgar and Conlin go through the list of gifts the latter received from Pike to Babe, most of them jewelry, and she points out the price of each and every one of them.

Etgar, not exactly a nuanced type, goes back after the amounts to reinforce the (false) presentation to which Conlin was exposed - the necklace is one hundred thousand dollars and the ring is another forty thousand and this set is three hundred thousand in total.

I spent so many minutes staring at the jewelry that I myself was drawn to the kingdom of Instagram where Leviv allegedly seduced his victims.

When will I get my "Hey, how are you" message with heart and diamond ring emojis?

And will I know how to stop it in time,

The first part of "The Woman Who Brought Down the Tinder Scam" is not a good movie and not even a particularly good one.

In fact, it is mainly used as a teaser for the second part that will be broadcast later this week and in which, Etgar promises, a new truth about Simon Leviv will be revealed, one that we have not yet known.

And yet, like all the filmed and written reports that have been made about Leviev in recent years, and most notably Netflix's "The Tinder Scam", it was hard to take your eyes off this film as well.

Before I address the reasons that make this movie not good enough, it's worth addressing the fact that both we - yes, me and you who are reading this review right now - are victims of the Tinder scam.

All of us together feed the public relations monster created by Shimon Yehuda animals and help him stay sane.

We are not the only ones to blame, the combination of big money, beautiful women and a shameless crook is a mix that few people and/or the media can afford.

The fact that Leviv roams free is first and foremost a failure of the law enforcement systems.

And if the police do not do their job and allow Leviev to continue stinging, the gossip sections can celebrate the circus he provides them and turn a criminal into a star of the moment.

Since "The Tinder Scam" came to Netflix earlier this year, we've read items about Simon LeBev almost every week, most of which did not deal with legal proceedings against him at all.

Here it was reported about an event he was present at and there it was written about the film he claimed to be making about his life, those who watched the film and thought he would become a fugitive criminal, received him in the 'teenage star' version.

And what does this mean about us?

In fact, if the police want to get to Leviev, they can simply log into the celeb greetings app 'Cameo' and ask him to take a video.

For the price of about three hundred shekels and in no time she will receive a video from Leviev smiling, self-aware and celebrating life.

The same people who were horrified by the glorification of Jeffrey Dahmer's character following the series on Netflix, can be doubly worried about what is happening around Leviev.

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We'll be back even though it's likely we won't get answers.

"The woman who brought down the Tinder scammer" (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

Summary of the previous episodes: Kate Conlin, the beautiful model who was interviewed yesterday by Etgar, we knew as the one who was in a relationship with Leviev when "Tinder Scam" came out.

She left millions of viewers shocked and asking themselves - 'How could it be that another one fell into the trap?

And now, when all the evidence about Leviev is one click away.

So that's it, Aliba DeConlin, back when "The Tinder Scam" went up on Netflix, she knew that the luxurious life she and Babe share on Instagram is worth no more than a diamond ring bought at the bazaar.

In practice, already at that time she was up to her neck in loans amounting to hundreds of thousands of shekels that she took out for Leviev and he, being the cruel crook that he is, promised her that if she stood by him and went against the women who appear in the film, he would return her money.

Beyond the big shadow cast by the "Tinder scam" on their relationship, the acquaintance between Conlin and Laviv is no different from Laviv's other relationships with women.

We hear from Conlin exactly the same material temptations that we heard from the other girls - from private jets, luxury hotels, luxury apartments, luxury cars and many other uses of the Y.K.R. root.

Unlike them, and probably as a refinement of his tactics, Leviev also told Conlin real details about his life - among other things, that he was a troubled boy who stole checkbooks and that his family wanted nothing to do with him, but he also added that the rest of the details that appear in the public are lies of the media.

Because even when you're the most well-known crook in the world, there's no factor that's easier to hit than 'the media'.

To add a human layer to Conlin's story, we also meet her mother and hear about her difficult childhood, including a violent father who is no longer in her life.

According to her, the lack of paternal warmth is among the factors that strengthened her connection to Leviev.

The interesting questions that arise in the first part of "The woman who brought down the Tinder scammer" do not receive an answer.

For example, who is that mysterious man who financed Leviev's extravagant lifestyle?

And also - what is the secret about Leviev that Conlin knows and may finally lead to his capture and the end of my international scam?

We didn't get answers, but a new and big question opens towards the end of the film when Etgar talks to Cecilia and Fernilla, Leviev's victims who appeared in "The Tinder Scam", and they tell him that they don't trust Kate.

So is Kate Conlin the woman who took down the Tinder scammer or is she a scammer herself?

A wizard's challenge in creating dramatic moments, also and especially when they feel like emotional manipulation of the participants themselves.

There is some kind of emotional sting here, it is clear to me that I will watch the next part of the investigation even though I already know that I probably won't get the answers I was promised.

Looking at the glass half full, at least I didn't give anyone access to my bank account.

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