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An uncooked egg yolk makes a mockery of the modern world. This is the most amazing thing right now on Netflix - voila! culture


The series "Godtama: Yolk Adventure", starring a lazy yolk and a determined chick who are both extremely cute, presents a defiant and original stance towards the current noisy era. Do not miss

Trailer for the series "Godtama: Yolk Adventure" (Netflix)

Here is a sentence I never thought I would write: the voice of the generation is an uncooked yolk.

Meet Godtama - the bread of the words lazy egg in Japanese: a relatively young comic character, created less than a decade ago by designer Emi Nagashima and quickly becoming a popular icon in the land of the rising sun.

He came into the world from a broken egg and looks indifferently but sharply at the world around him, with only his desire for soy sauce overcoming his laziness.

Now he is conquering another pan - a short series on Netflix, with the wonderful name "Godtama: Yolk Adventure".

In English by the way, it sounds even better: "Gudetama - an eggcellent adventure".

Right now, this weird creation is one of the weirdest, wittiest, and most amazing things on the streaming service.

The voice of a generation.

From "Godtama: A Yolk Adventure" (Photo: Netflix)

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In the series, intended for children but also winking a little at adults, Godtama teams up with Shakipio - an innocent and cute but also brave and determined chick, who has decided that they are brothers and strives to find their mother hen.

The two escape from the sushi restaurant where they were born and from the cruel food industry, and embark on a journey around Tokyo in a race against time, before Godtama rots (the miracle cure is of course the same soy sauce).

Along the way, they encounter a variety of human and less human obstacles: ridiculous TV producers who want to film the talking egg, politicians who have rotted themselves, the underworld of eggs, and more.

In ten episodes, the average length of which does not exceed 12 minutes, Shakipio and Godtama get caught up in these threatening encounters but also get out of them with surprising ease, mainly thanks to the connections they made with other eggs.

It should be said: the plot, which is quite silly and random, to be honest, is not really the point here - but the mindset.

Beyond the fact that these are two extremely cute and terribly entertaining characters, what is really special about the yolky adventure is their unique attitude towards the environment.

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Unexpected and touching friendship.

From "Godtama: A Yolk Adventure" (Photo: Netflix)

Godtama has become a symbol of millennials in Japan, which is embodied in a deep contempt for the accomplished rat race.

Faced with the enslavement to work, the despair, the anxiety and the lack of taste of modern life, he prefers to take a nap, swing, lie on his stomach and not be moved by what is said about him, showing indifference towards meaningless grades.

When he encounters, for example, the Japanese Prime Minister, who complains that his approval rating has fallen to the lowest level, he becomes difficult and asks why it even matters and affects him, and when the politician explains that it is as if he is being told that everything he does is worthless, Godtama wonders: "Who has the right to determine what your value is? ".

Between one strange adventure and another - nothing really stresses Godtama or shakes him out of his stoic serenity - he also finds time for existentialist discussions about the yolky existence.

In the second episode he even talks with other foods about individuality and social norms (of sushi with seaweed).


Compared to the passive Gudtama, the hasty and good-natured Shakipio, who instead of pants has a shell, is the engine behind the mission, and no challenge - neither descending dozens of floors in a skyscraper nor climbing a bird's nest on an electric pole - will make him abandon his uncooked friend.

This unexpected partnership warms the heart, and along the way is also a wonderful parable about how values ​​such as friendship, solidarity and separating the main caregiver are the basis for rebellion in the noisy age in which we live.

Godtama's defiance towards this exhausting existence, precisely from his helpless position and his predetermined destiny, is an original, amusing and captivating position against a repressed and predatory world.

And since it is the egg that tells the truth, the society has to ask itself who is the one who is scrambling.

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