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Automakers calling for proactive repair of their cars have become almost routine. Which manufacturers have the most failures?

Which manufacturers have issued the most recalls for their cars? (Photo: photo processing, manufacturer)

One day an envelope appears in your mailbox, or a new e-mail flashes in the box, the Ministry of Transportation or your car importer solemnly informs you that you must urgently go to the garage in one way or another to deal with an initiated call for repair or "recall" in English.

If you do not do this, you will not be able to take the annual "TEST" licensing test.

A proactive call for repair, or a recall is not a particularly unusual procedure.

In modern cars consisting of tens of thousands of mechanical, electronic and other components, working under loads and difficult conditions - malfunctions happen.

Obviously you don't have any item or device that works under the circumstances your car has to endure.

Sometimes it will be a repair, sometimes just a test, but at the expense of your time (photo: manufacturer website, manufacturer)

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, so such a malfunction, as far as it is discovered in the car, is not unusual.

Beyond that, the general attitude towards calls for correction is positive.

Nevertheless, a fault or serial failure has been detected, the manufacturer is the best source for handling it and takes responsibility.

Still, a particularly high incidence of recalls is already an interesting phenomenon.

A second point concerns the scope of models produced by a certain company and the number of affected units.

Naturally, a manufacturer with dozens of models and versions is more "exposed" to recalls.

In addition, as manufacturers use more and more parts that come from sub-suppliers, here too the risk of a malfunction that does not directly depend on the manufacturer, such as the case of the Takata airbags, increases.

The US Department of Transportation has released the automakers with the highest rate of repair calls in 2022 and those on the other end of the scale.

We checked what the situation is in Israel in this area.

Ford, the most recalls in the United States (photo: manufacturer's website)

In the United States, before the list, two interesting figures.

Ford is in first place, with 67 different recalls announced during 2022, these affected 8,636,265 vehicles.

It is in first place by a very large, significant gap over all other manufacturers both in terms of the number of recalls and the condition of the affected vehicles.

The second figure worth noting, that the number of recalls does not necessarily mean fewer cars, the number of cars affected by the recall of Volkswagen in second place is a third of that of General Motors, Tesla and FCA which are below it in the ranking.

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The top 10:

1. Ford - 67 recalls, 8,636,256 cars

2. Volkswagen Group - 45 recalls, 1,040,885 cars

3. Stellantis (Chrysler, Dodge, Ram) - 38 recalls, 3,041,431 cars

4. Mercedes - 33 recalls, 969,993 cars

5. General Motors - 32 recalls, 3,371,302 cars

6. Kia - 24 recalls, 1,458,962 cars

7. Hyundai - 22 recalls, 1,452,101 cars

8. Tesla - 20 recalls, 3,769,581 cars

9. BMW - 19 recalls, 1,000,455 cars

10. Nissan - 15 recalls, 1,568,385 cars

In the lower (or upper) part of the list there is a somewhat eclectic collection of manufacturers, those with a low sales volume or a limited number of models. The manufacturers whose oil had a single recall were Ferrari, Maserati, Polestar, Bugatti and most interestingly - Mazda.

Exceptional durability.

Mazda with the fewest recalls (Photo: Kenan Cohen, Yoel Schwartz)

And meanwhile in Israel, in 2022 no less than 413 vehicle recalls were published, 372 of which were defined as "serial safety failure" and to which this list refers.

We have also reduced from the recalls the cases in which a certain brand markets cars and motorcycles under the same name (BMW and Honda for example) as well as those containing private cars and trucks (such as Mercedes or Volvo).

A very interesting phenomenon that emerged from a perusal of the models themselves shows that quite a few of the cars that "earned" these manufacturers recalls are cars from personal or parallel imports, that is, those that are not regularly marketed here by the official importer.

In Israel, Mercedes leads the number of recalls in 2022 (Photo: Rami Gilboa)

The top 10:

1. Mercedes - 55 recalls 2.

Ford - 53 recalls 3.

Toyota - 50 recalls 4.

Subaru - 17 recalls 5.

BMW - 16 recalls 6.

Volkswagen - 15 recalls 7.

Opel - 13 recalls

8 Chevrolet - 12 (6 of which are for vehicles that are not imported by the importer at all)

9. Dodge - 11 recalls

10. Hyundai - 10 recalls

At the bottom (again, or the top) of the list with a single recall in Israel are Lexus, Geely, Cadillac, Suzuki, Renault and here in Israel Mazda with only a single recall.

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